Top Story 2011 – Deep Throat Speaks

This was the most read post on the “Free Wisconsin” blog last year.

It was posted Saturday, June 18, 2011 and was read by 2,898 people. The issue of mis-dated poll tape was not addressed by Tim Verhoff, whose opinion was the sole basis for the determination that Waukesha County Clerk, Kathy Nicholaus was innocent of any wrong doing in the Spring Supreme Court Election. She remains in her position today.

A slip of paper is the “deep throat” of the Supreme Court Election Fraud

It is peculiar how the smallest, most innocent, observation can become the “straw that breaks the camel’s back”.

Barb With was volunteering as an observer at the Waukesha recount when she made a glaring discovery. The poll tape that was being counted and matched for votes cast in the April 5 election for Supreme Court Justice was dated March 30, 2011. When she brought the suspicious date to the attention of election officials, they could not come up with any reason for the mis-dated poll tape.

Weeks later Barb appeared before the Assembly Committee for Election and Campaign Reform. This is a portion of her testimony:

An observer of the Waukesha County recount noticed such a small, innocent piece of paper that was spit out of a voting machine in Pewaukee. It was a poll tape from a voting machine on which is recorded your vote. But what caught her eye was the date at the top of the tape: 03-30-2011 or March 30. That was six days before the Supreme Court election of April 5!

I recall the face book messages in the group Election Integrity as she communicated the finding to the group. “Get a picture!”, and she did.

Probably a test?
Ok. You must admit this is well…..suspicious. Her first inquiries about what it was, what it was doing there, and how it came to be in the official recount material, was met with the response, “It was probably a test.” I guess this goes along with the “human error” defense of all that is Waukesha, but look the time stamp on the tape Mary spotted was: 01:40 a.m.!

I know there are dedicated election officials out there, but who would run a test of a voting machine in those wee hours of the morning? Can you imagine the scenario? A person leans over to his/her mate and says: “Honey, I can’t sleep. I’m going down to the Court house and do a quick test of the voting machines”.

No such machine in Pewaukee

The other explanation for the poll tape was something like, “There were no electronic votes cast in Pewaukee,” Response? “Oh. Ok. My mistake. I must not be seeing a poll tape from a voting machine that clearly says, “Pewaukee”. “I must change my medication.” Come on. If there are no such machines in Pewaukee, how did such a poll tape record materialize?

Trying to bury the photos

The people in the Election Integrity group have posted and shared the photos with friends, newspapers, and media and have found something fishy. The links and posts have been deleted from postings or reported to the face book admin as being “inappropriate”. Is someone pulling a “Scott Walker stealing all the papers from his College election” action? There seems to be an attempt to keep the photos out of view and the story hushed.

When this story was first shared on face book – 3:15 p.m. May 26 it was blocked.
The message below appeared on a Bloggers Link:

We are on to something……..????

Another Unanswered Question

To date, no one has come up with a plausible explanation for the poll tape that appeared during the recount process in Waukesha, not even the Government Accounting Board GAB (That is BAG backwards!) See GAB Behind the Curtain post.

So why hasn’t the GAB demonstrated some concern in the highly irregular March Poll tapes findings?

It turns out that any questions about the integrity of the Wisconsin electronic voting system strikes deep into the heart and history of GAB Director Kevin Kennedy.
Jim Mueller has been looking at the integrity of Wisconsin elections for many years, and had this to say about GAB’s Kevin Kennedy.

“The fear is that these companies throw money around is such a way that we do not know that people who are in positions of trust have been compromised. Since the Accenture deal occurred, I haven’t felt good about Kennedy’s performance”

The Accenture Deal

Article By Mike McCabe

November 26, 2004

Can you believe it?

They want to privatize our highways, our university, our museums and now our elections. Egad! Kevin Kennedy, executive director of the state of Wisconsin’s Elections Board, signed a contract with a multi-national calling itself Accenture (it was part of Enron-tainted Arthur Anderson) to create “a total management package to run our elections.” Hello? See Bill Lueders’ column in Isthmus for the full, disturbing story, and then ask, What in the world is wrong with Kevin Kennedy?/

No public hearings were held on the outsourcing of our elections to a company–one that is based in Bermuda to avoid taxes in this country. When I called the Elections Board on Wednesday, I was told that it is, in essence, too late to complain because the contract has been signed. Really? Is it too late to fire Kennedy, appoint a new board, and cancel the contract? I don’t think so.

Call the elections Board and demand that they cancel this contract. Believe it or not Mr. Kennedy, the citizens of Wisconsin are quite capable of managing our own elections.

Kennedy’s Vested Interest

Kennedy has a long history of chummy ties with the Accenture and Electronic Voting Systems. He pitched the system to the legislature. Do you really think he is going to be fair and impartial in answering questions about poll tapes?

The Brad blog has been investigating elections in the country for years, and this is what Brad has to say about the pesky poll tape.

“Worse, if the results printed on the poll tapes are the ultimate proof of the accuracy of results, what happens when — as discovered among poll tapes from the City of Pewaukee in Waukesha County late last week — the “recount” uncovers “Official Results Report” poll tapes dated a full seven days before the actual election was held?’

Prosser was the certified winner of the Supreme Court election and cast a deciding vote on the decision to end collective bargaining rights for workers and families in Wisconsin.

He was certified as the winner before evidence from the recall was published.

1) To date, the GAB has not published the court reporter minutes of the Waukesha recount.

2) The GAB has not published the number of total votes cast in the Supreme Court election.

3) The GAB will not acknowledge whether there is an on-going investigation of the events leading up to the “found vote” by Kathy Nickolaus. They cite the need for confidentiality since Kloppenburg filed a formal complaint. Confidentiality or hiding behind the curtain?

4) The GAB has never said what happened to Kathy Nickolaus’ private computer that held the official vote tabulation for Waukesha County.

5) The GAB has not explained why it gave Kathy Nickolalus “special software” to tabulate the Waukesha County vote.

The information for this post has come through intensive hard work and investigation by the people of the Election Integrity Group, many of whom have been advocating for fair “every vote gets counted ONCE” elections in Wisconsin for years.

Look at the Wisconsin SC Recount BALLOT / POLL TAPE Anomalies

A permanent, online web cache of photo stills revealing just *some* of the GLARING and ALARMING ballot “irregularities” recently seen during the STATE WIDE (VIRTUAL) HAND RECOUNT of the SUPREME COURT ELECTION, held on April 5th, 2011. The following was recently compiled through the collective efforts and shared documentation from many wonderful citizen observers from all over the Great Badger State of WI. The Election Integrity community commends them for all their diligence, tenacity and hard work, and thanks them for the important contribution it’s lending to *all* American Voters. This kind of real time photographic documentation of evidence in real time is, to our knowledge completely unprecedented. EI can use all the Facebook love we can muster…thanks!

The WI Citizens for Election Protecion will deliver a petition to the Government Accountability Board to demand a hand-count of the upcoming recall election votes. It is the Board’s current policy to dissuade clerks for counting ballots by hand. Help protect your vote.

Please sign petition link

Please share this. Please demand an independent investigation of the GAB and Kathy Nickolaus. Another election is right around the corner, just waiting to be stolen.

The Wisconsin ACLU mission

As part of its mission to ensure the integrity of individual ballots as well as election results in Wisconsin, the Board continues its commitment to working with municipal and county election officials and local and statewide law enforcement agencies to prevent errors and opportunities for voter fraud and to detect and prosecute cases of illegal voting which may occur.

ACLU—–207 East Buffalo Street
Suite 325 Milwaukee, WI 53202

Phone (414) 272-4032
Fax (414) 272-0182

Wis. GAB

Office Hours: M-F, 7:45 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Call us at (608) 266-8005 for general inquiries. Call our Help Desk at (608) 261-2028 for technical assistance.

Call us toll-free at 1-866-VOTE-WIS

E-mail us at or visit our G.A.B. Staff page for a directory.
web mail GAB
Send us a fax at (608) 267-0500.

Department of Justice

E-mails to the Department of Justice, including the Attorney General, may be sent to

Department of Justice Main Switchboard – 202-514-2000

Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line – 202-353-1555

Walker's Joe McCarthy Award

Apparently the Press has been Duped

If you google the Governor of the Year award received by Scott Walker, you will find page after page of news organizations that have picked up the story.

The WSAU site identifies the source of the publication

The Governors Journal is a one-year-old online publication from Pagani Public Affairs of Washington. It said Walker was “the embodiment of the state-by-state battle to balance budgets, and the best symbol of the struggle between the two political parties about how best to meet those fiscal challenges.”WSAU

If you google Pagini Public Affairs of Washington, you will find little or nothing about the organization except a reference like this:

Company Overview

Pagini Aurii SA, a subsidiary of VNU N.V., is a telephone directory company in Romania.Pagini

HERE is the link to the site of the AWARD GIVER…just about as impressive as the governor himself.

Whoever awarded Walker is so well established and prestigious that it is difficult to trace who, where, or what they are.

It seems Politiscoop got it right. If this on line, untraceable, “Governor’s Journal” awarded Walker with “Best Governor” than it only follows that Politiscoop’s award to Walker of the “Joe McCarthy Renaissance Award” is even more news worthy.

Madison — Scott Walker has earned the prestigious “Joe McCarthy Renaissance Award”, an award given out by Walker can now place this award next to his “Governor of the Year” award he recently received from the “Governors Journal”.

While “Governor of the Year” sounds impressive and is certainly an outstanding achievement, if you are a fan of the “Governors Journal”. The mainstream media certainly took up the proclamation, hook, line and sinker. The JSonline, TMJ4, Fox6now,and Gannett Newspapers tripped over one another to be the first to announce it.

But wait, Governors Journal? Is that as well respected as Time Magazine (incidentally, Time named the protestor as person of the year) or Forbes? The Liberal Blog “Root River Siren” looked into the Governors Journal (the website) and found this:

Given the enormous amount of exposure by the media given to this award, I think it’s fair to question their motives for giving it so much weight, especially when the Governors Journal publication has only been in business for such a small amount of time. Therefore, I demand that the MSM proclaim Walker has earned the award, “Joe McCarthy Renaissance 2011 ” for the following reasons.

1. Corporate Give-a-ways while cutting Badgercare for kids.

2. Destroying Collective Bargaining so he can access public employee pensions.

3. Walker’s quest in social engineering, in order to create Stepford citizens.

After winning the Joe McCarthy award, what would Joe have to say to Scott via Dickens?

Waukesha KOOL AID

Want to steal an election? Mount a frivolous law suite? Do you want to BE somebody? Drink the Waukesha KOOL AID!

Where did Prosser go to find 7,000 votes when he was in danger of losing the Spring Supreme Court Election? Where will you find a County Clerk who stole an election and remained in office? Where would you go to find Judge J. Mac Davis to challenge Walker’s recall? Welcome to the Branch (as in Davidian) Club System in Waukesha County!

The birth of the Branch Club system over 40 years ago was an innovation and a departure from established political procedures. It came about because Republican leaders recognized the need to expand the base of the party and to bring the Party closer to the precinct level.
Waukesha GOP

The latest offer to drink of the Waukesha Kool Aid comes from Judge J. Mac Davis. The judge is one of those who likes to hide his face from the public on the net, but that is the judge pictured left.

His background would suggest that he might just have it “in” for any and all Democrats. Davis was a Republican state Senator over 20 years ago, and during the final years of the Bush administration, he was nominated for a federal circuit judgeship, but the nomination was never taken up by the Democratic-controlled Senate. Perhaps, his loss of a federal judgeship that ended his rise in the judiciary might be a reason to preside over a frivolous lawsuit presented by Walker stating, of all things, that Walker’s 14th Amendment Rights have been stomped on. After all, the governor is just a poor, powerless, citizen without voice or resource to protect his right to foist the wishes of the Koch Bothers, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) down the the throats of the families of Wisconsin.

Once you drink of the Waukesha Kool Aid, this kind of justice will make perfect sense!

When asked for comment, the state GOP sent TPM this comment from communications director Ben Sparks: “The Republican Party of Wisconsin is committed to ensuring that Wisconsin electors are not disenfranchised during this recall process. The Democrats have shown they are committed to preserving the status quo, where a man is able to sign a recall petition 80 times, and their frivolous attempt to intervene in this lawsuit only reinforces their willingness to force this baseless recall on Wisconsin voters at any cost. TMP Article

The word “Disenfranchised” induced a Waukesha KOOL AID Overdose Flashback

During the recount in Waukesha the “disenfrnachised” word was repeated by the attorney’s representing Prosser, who went to Delafield to find out “what the hell was going on”. It was argued that the votes in ripped, torn, and mis-labeled bags should be counted so as not to “disenfranchise” Republican voters.

Evidence and documented proof of election fraud was ignored or dismissed by Tim Verhoff, who was given full and final say over the fate of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nicholaus. The following account is just one of many of the blatant anomalies that were dismissed by Verhoff.

The reoccurring pattern of open, winged, and improperly marked bags became a disturbing merry-go-round, time after time, in the Waukesha recount. Each time the an objection came around retired Judge Mawdsley (the replacement County Clerk for recused Nickolaus) gave the brass ring to Prosser and ordered the votes to be counted.

Item C

Friday 4/29
Town of Delafield Wards 3 & 4

2 Ballot bags were placed on the ballot counting table.
Bag 1 of 2 was closed, tagged and labeled on the inspector’s Statement with seal #3167633.
Bag 2 of 2 was closed, tagged and labeled with seal #3164850. Seal #3165447 was originally listed on the inspectors’ Statement. See picture.

The Chief Inspector who signed the document, testified that she “just wrote the ‘wrong number’ down on the Inspectors’ Statement” and then corrected it.

We objected to the ballots in bag #2 being counted; the BoC determined that the Chief Inspector had given sufficient enough explanation for the overwrite and proceeded to open and unpack the ballots. Our objections were noted and the report was entered into the record as an exhibit.

Saving the best Delafield example for last. The Bag Within A Bag story.

Item D

Town of Delafield Wards 7 & 8

When this bag was placed on the ballot counting table, it was immediately apparent that the original seal number – #3166588 – had been crossed out on the label. The new tag seal #3165444 closing the bag matched the new number on the label, initialed by Town of Delafield municipal clerk Mary Elsner.

However, the Inspectors’ Statement originally showed Seal tag #3167090 (not # 3166588) crossed off and replaced with #3165444.

The Municipal Clerk offered the following written explanation:

“When the Chief Inspector delivered the ballot bags to the Town Hall on the evening of

4/5/11, it was discovered that the weight of the ballots caused a slight tear in the bag. We [she and her deputy town clerk] replaced the seal, crossed out the original seal number, initialed the cross out and entered the new number on the ballot bag and resealed it with the new number.”

She submitted a written statement to that effect, for the record. But that statement, made no sense for two reasons:

1)it did not explain why the original seal #’s were 3166588 on the bag, but 3167090 on the Inspectors’ Statement, and

2) it did not explain how or why the actual ballots were found in a clean ‘extra’ ballot bag inside the original ballot bag.

So the JK recount team asked the Town Clerk to explain how that could happen. Upon further questioning, she settled on the following story:

A ballot bag was prepared, filled and sealed at the polling place on election night. When it was delivered to the Town Hall, the Municipal Clerk decided that it had been improperly sealed (the edges had not been folded under.) So she cut off the tag, folded the bag properly, and attached a new seal.

Before she could write the second seal # on the label and the Inspectors’ Statement, she decided the bag was too heavy. So she clipped the second tag seal, took out all the ballots, repackaged them into a clean, unused ballot bag and placed that back into the first (original, supposedly torn) ballot bag. She then sealed and put a new, third seal tag on the original bag, duly noting the number on the label and the Inspectors’ Statement.

So, Prosser’s “what the hell is going on in Delafield” begins to take the shape of a tampered ballot bag

Through all tragi/comedy of bag errors – ballots appear to be stuffed. What does all this Delafield stuffing have to do with the 14,000 votes “found” in the City of Brookfield? You know the old adage about a skunk does not scent it’s own hole? It would be too obvious to ransack the bags in the ward where the votes were “found”, but it might serve as a diversion for all the the activity in Genesse and Delafeild. New Spring Election Fraud Details

Occupy Waukesha KOOL AID PARTY

What are you doing on Friday, January 6?
Go to Albanese’s Roadhouse and drink the KOOL AID!

Attention: All Waukesha County Republicans
Join us for January’s’s Pints & Politics

Friday, January 6, 2012

Albanese’s Roadhouse

2301 Bluemound Road
Waukesha, WI 53186

Time: come on over any time from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Statewide Offices and US Senate/Congressional Office Holders:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor:
Scott Walker
Rebecca Kleefisch

US Senate:
Ron Johnson

Attorney General:
J.B. Van Hollen

State Treasurer:
Kurt Schuller

Congressional Seats:
District 1
Paul Ryan

District 5
Jim Sensenbrenner

State Legislature:

5th Senate District:
Leah Vukmir
8th Sentate District:
Alberta Darling
11th Senate District:
Neal Kedzie
13th Senate District:
Scott Fitzgerald
28th Senate District:
Mary Lazich
33rd Senate District
Rich Zipperer
14th Assembly District:
Dale Kooyenga
24th Assembly District:
Dan Knodl
31st Assembly District:
Steve Nass
33rd Assembly District:
Chris Kapenga
38th Assembly District:
Joel Kleefisch
83rd Assembly District:
Dave Craig
84th Assembly District:
Mike Kuglitsch
96th Assembly District:
Bill Kramer
98th Assembly District:
Paul Farrow
99th Assembly District:
Don Pridemore

WARNING – Walker Badger Care LIE

Make No Mistake About It- Scott Walker and Health Secretary, former Heritage Foundation Official, Dennis Smith did all they could to protect the profits of Insurance Companies over the health of Wisconsin’s families and children.

On January 3, 2011 Just hours after Scott Walker became Governor, Dennis Smith was appointed to serve as Secretary of the Department of Health Services . Dennis G. Smith, a consultant with (ultra conservative) Leavitt Partners, is a former (Koch supported) Heritage Foundation Senior Fellow and former Director of the Center for Medicaid and State Operations at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (Under Bush/Cheney). Read More – Let Him Die – Ayn Rand

The Walker/Smith Plan to Protect Insurance Company Profits

Smith (pictured right holding viagra “waiver” capsule) wanted Wisconsin to be exempt from a federal requirement on how much health insurers have to spend on patient care. Officials are seeking a waiver to what’s known as the “medical loss ratio.”

The “medical loss ratio” required under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is 80 percent of premiums. The act required that 80% of consumers money went to health care as opposed to administration, buildings, and comercials on PBS. Walker/Smith asked to keep the state’s ratio at 71 percent this year and gradually increase it to 77 percent over the next three years so the money would be kept in the coffers of insurance companies. Read Take Action Against Dennis Smith

If the waiver were not approved with 90 days – insurance companies would get to keep the profits. Smith/Walker played a political hour glass game with the health of Wisconsin families. This is the kind of ploy that is taught to legislators through the covert conservative organization ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council). Smith was confident that any review by the Feds would take longer than 90 days, and he would get his way to preserve insurance company profits. Read Wisconsin Death Panel

The Walker Lie

Now Walker and Smith make it sound like they deserve the credit for Badger Care (Family Care) expansion!

For Immediate Release
Wednesday, December 28, 2011
Governor Walker Announces Plan to Lift Family Care Enrollment Cap, Expand to New Counties
Legislative action needed to lift cap and expand long-term care program

Madison–Earlier this year an enrollment cap was placed on Family Care in response to a Legislative Audit Bureau (LAB) evaluation which found a number of areas the program could be improved and made more efficient. After a briefing on the hard work done by DHS over the past couple of months, today Governor Walker announced a plan to lift the Family Care cap. Governor Walker’s plan also calls for Family Care to be expanded to additional counties.
Walker Press Release

Just for a Laugh – Read This Sentence from the Release

A very critical issue raised in the report was that the cost effectiveness of Family Care was difficult to assess. Because the Department was able to take the time to strengthen the program, Wisconsin now has the detailed data needed to develop solutions to ensure Family Care is on sound financial footing for those in the program now and for future enrollees.

The Critical issue – “Cost effectiveness was difficult to access” – yet they strengthened the program? No! They desperately used every deceitful trick like seeking a waiver to protect Insurance Company Profits!

Will Walker/Smith take full credit for Obama’s 23.1 Million Bonus?

Note the Bonus was a reward for children enrolled BEFORE Walker/Smith worked to CUT 35,000 families from the program:

“number of children enrolled monthly in Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) increased by 121,000 between 2007 and 2010. Wisconsin received the second largest bonus in the country.”
Wisconsin Receives $23.1 Million Performance Bonus for 2010.

Great News for the Children of Wisconsin – NO THANKS TO WALKER/SMITH

MADISON—Increased access to health care services for children through the BadgerCare Plus program qualified Wisconsin for a federal bonus of $23.1 million for this year, federal officials announced today. The Children’s Health Insurance Program Reauthorization Act of 2009 (CHIPRA) provides performance bonus payments to encourage states to enroll more uninsured Medicaid-eligible children and help offset increased enrollment costs.

Wisconsin received the bonus from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) because the average number of children enrolled monthly in Children’s Health Insurance Programs (CHIP) increased by 121,000 between 2007 and 2010. Wisconsin received the second largest bonus in the country.

Read Reauthorization Act Reward Document


Wisconsin DOJ Privatized

The Michael Best Law Firm is deeply entwined with Walker and the GOP agenda, to a point where it appears the Wisconsin Department of Justice has been privatized. The influence of this one Law Firm, working outside the checks and balances of state statutes, is an affront on Democracy and a real threat to the welfare of the people of Wisconsin. The Michael Best Law Firm is paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to litigate, research, and defend the GOP agenda across all three branches of state government. The lawyers of Micheal Best are not elected by the people, yet they exert more influence on the Governor’s Office, the Supreme Court, and the Legislature than any interpretation democratic governance should allow.

The tentacles of Michael Best are entwined around all of the numerous and major political and legislative issues that have arisen since Scott Walker took office including all the familiar and most controversial issues – the Judge Gableman’s ethics charges, the Spring Supreme Court Election, Voter ID laws, the John Doe investigation, and the gerrymandering of voter district lines. In other words, this private law firm is being paid huge sums of money to affect public policy and legislation, and as a result, has exacted more power and influence than any single department or agency in the legitimate state government – all with no public transparency or oversight. If you have begun to feel like Wisconsin politics is beginning to feel dictatorial and unresponsive, you can look to the offices and follow the money to the Law Firm of Michael Best.

Michael Best Law firm and has been privately engaged by Walker and the GOP in a host of controversies.

Michael Best’s Hand In Collective Bargaining Decision

Do you RECALL (and I use the word assertively) The controversial, preconceived, and even physically choking decision of the Wisconsin Supreme Court on June 14?

One of those was a high-stakes case this June that allowed Gov. Scott Walker to implement a law that all but eliminates collective bargaining for most public workers. Gableman was in the 4-3 majority that allowed Walker to prevail. Michael Best & Friedrich – the firm that defended Gableman for free in an ethics case – worked for the state and Walker’s administration in the collective bargaining case.

In addition to the collective bargaining case, Gableman supplied the deciding vote in an opinion he wrote this March that sided with a Michael Best client against the City of Milwaukee over tax assessments.
WSJ Gableman Ethics

These are the faces of the four Wisconsin Supreme Court Judges that denied collective bargaining rights to workers and families in Wisconsin in an order issued June 14, 2011.

They are from left to right
David Prosser elected with “found” 14000 votes last Spring.

Pateince Roggensack Her current term expires July 31, 2013.

Justice Michael J. Gableman His current term expires July 31, 2018.

Annette Kingsland Ziegler Her current term expires July 31, 2017.

Michael Best attorney Eric McLeod defended Gableman against the ethics charges and also assisted in the defense of Governor Walker’s collective bargaining law, which the state Supreme Court upheld with a single vote in a controversial June decision. Gableman voted with the majority in the 4-3 decision.

Gableman is being investigated for ethics violations since State law bars public officials from receiving anything of value for free because of their position. Separately, the state’s judicial ethics code prevents judges from accepting gifts from those who are likely to appear before them. Michael Best defended him.
The firm has not stated the value of its work for Gableman, but charged charged taxpayers between $275 and $300 per hour for its work defending the Walker bill. Other attorneys have said Gableman’s representation was likely worth tens of thousands of dollars.

PR Watch Ethics Supreme Court

Michael Best’s Hand in Redistricting Controversy

Lawmakers billed taxpayers $400,000 for the use of two law firms for their work on redistricting, Michael Best & Friedrich and the Troupis Law Office. Legislators have not said how that money was used.
Activist Judges

Republican lawmakers have been secretive about the process they used to draw the maps. Fitzgerald and his brother, Assembly Speaker Jeff Fitzgerald (R-Horicon), so far have not told the Journal Sentinel what Handrick’s duties were or how much he was paid. Judicial Panel Redistricting Setback

Michael Best’s Hand In John Doe Investigation

Attorney Steven Biskupic was retained by Walker in matters concerning the John Doe investigaton. You already know the ethical void of the Walker administration, but wait until you get a peek at the attorney who is set to defend him. Biskupic has been described as “one who has lived in the amoral arms of the GOP for years”.

U.S. Attorney Steven Biskupic Joined Michael Best & Friedrich LLP December 15, 2008 (pictured right – joined at the hip with Walker)

Biskupic comes to the Governor from Michael Best, a law firm that has already been the beneficiary of legal battles arising from miscalculations of policy decisions from collective bargaining to redistricting.

The Troupis Law Office and the firm of Michael Best & Friedrich, with partners who include Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, have received special counsel contracts from Walker paying up to $300 an hour along with legislative contracts worth up to $395 an hour.

So, Walker has bought a lot of candy from Best, maybe the lawyers can figure out how to work a deal for his litigation sweet tooth. Read Sexually Active Conjugal Machines post for more about the play between the Walker administion and Micheal Best Law Firm.

Read this description of his 2007 prosecution as a U.S. Attorney
2007 Biskupic prosecution

Walker's Christmas Message

Almost Made Me Lose My Oysters

Oh, Walker’s message was so warm and fuzzy as he and Tonette lopped a spoon of stuffing on a plate held by some anonymous hand; the faces of the real people they were serving never appeared. Of course not, the message was all about them. In Walker’s mind the governor’s residence would occupy at least 50% of the total mass of the state. He wasn’t serving any real people in the video any more than he is serving the real people or the real problems in the state of Wisconsin.

The real Scott Walker is serving out the fringe, right-wing agenda with a dump truck the size of his ego. The real people of Wisconsin are choking on the slimy, uncooked oysters harvested from the sea of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Counsel). The ALEC ocean is all the separates the continents of Privatization and Plutocracy. The Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist seek to create a singular continent where the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Democracy itself is subject to the needs of the wealthiest 1%. The people of Wisconsin have been victimized by a Governor and legislature with a plan that is active and ever-encroaching on our most basic freedoms and pursuit of happiness.

Christmas Message

The Walker message struck like getting a fruit cake from a nasty, old uncle.

Santa had a few questions for Scott that were not included in the Walker Christmas Message.

“Yet today, we are faced with a impending crisis as menacing as any in our nation’s history. It is a call for patriotism and higher ideals in citizenship. The patriotic citizenry of the country must take a stand to wealth, to demand it conduct its business lawfully.” Fighting Bob Lafollette

Wisconsin – Walker Storefront

Notice how often Walker is out of state?

Many of Walker’s out-of-state trips across the country are kept secret from the voters. The people of the state know nothing of his travels. No one finds out he has left the state until his presence in D.C., California, New Jersey, or some other distant state, is reported on twitter or face book as in the example below.

The tweet went out from Washington, D.C., earlier this month, a fairly innocuous note from a blogger at the Christmas party of conservative power broker Grover Norquist.

“Gov. Scott Walker just left ATR/Norquist Xmas party.”

The governor has refused to keep the public informed as to his comings and goings. His presence in New York, or Texas or Washington has been learned after the fact and almost always tipped off by a blogger or a website listing.Where has Walker Gone?

“Not only does this supposed governor of Wisconsin refuse to let people know when he is leaving the state, he also does not reveal what he is doing in his secret travels. Well, it isn’t too hard to guess. Walker just completed the single most lucrative period of fundraising for a candidate in state history; almost half of the $5.1 million he raised since July came from beyond our borders.”

Why are all these deep pockets so interested in Wisconsin? They’re not!

The donors to Walker are not looking to benefit the seniors, children or families of Wisconsin. They are not interested in your child’s school, or Grandmother’s nursing home, or your family’s home mortgage. They are donating to Walker in order to further a fringe right-wing agenda. They have been working covertly for years to exert their control on government, and they are donating to Walker and other governors of other states to institute this control through the state legislatures. This is not about Wisconsin, New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio or any other state. This is about using these states a guinea pigs to orchestrate a conservative agenda that is way to the right of the values of most people in any given state.

In other words, Walker is using the people of Wisconsin in an experiment. Wisconsin has become a sort of storefront to do the bidding of conservative wealthy elites like the Koch Brothers, and Grover Norquist (Walker secretly attended Norquist’s Christmas party as found out in the quote above).

“Norquist officially replaces the Koch brothers as the great malevolent manipulator that controls the republic by pulling unseen strings on behalf of the plutocracy.”

Washington Post Opinion

The Recall of Walker is a fist step against this covert, fringe right wing manipulation that could alter the voice of the people in our democracy, to a mere whisper.

Santa's Last Interview

Santa’s last interview with Andrew Revels in December 2009

A story of an interview with Santa
It was I who transported Santa to the interview in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was a cold – below zero night- as I pulled into a parking space with Santa. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but flashing police cruiser lights behind me so near. I did not think I had done anything wrong…but it just so happen that my license plate tags had expired in October.

The officer asked me where I was going and I said…”Well, I am about to be Santa for an interview show”. He glanced back and saw the red and white suite dangling from a hanger in the frosted rear window. As you may imagine, he settled on giving me a “Warning”.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
PRTV – Episode 33 from Andrew Revels on Vimeo.


The Parting of Andrew Revels


From the La Crosse Tribune| Posted: Monday, August 2, 2010 12:00 am?

After Revels fell off his board, he tried to swim back to the boat rather than let his friends pull him in, his cousin Donna Overson said.

He had been boating and “hanging out” with friends on Crater Island, across the main channel from Lawrence Lake, said a friend, who declined to be named.

A small crowd of family and friends grew throughout the evening at the marina. Assisting the search at the scene were: La Crosse and Winona counties’ dive and rescue teams, Houston County Sheriff’s Department, Brownsville Fire and Rescue and Tri-State Ambulance.

“He’s a good kid,” said the friend, who attended Logan middle and high schools with Revels.

About 10:30 p.m. the news made its way to Bucky’s Burger Barn in La Crosse, where Revels was a bartender and did promotional work.

In addition to publishing “Games Poor Kids Play,” a collection of short stories about growing up on French Island, “32 Reasons I Need a Helmet”, and “Belly of the Beast,” Revels hosted an online show called PRTV-Planet Revels.

According to his Twitter account, he launched a new podcast Friday at Bucky’s.


So, above is an interview Andrew did with Santa this that Christmas from his “32 Reasons I Need a Helmet” – “Planet Revels” PRTV video series.

You can click at the upper left “PRTV” icon to see more of the series.


“Where are the clowns when we need them the most?” The people who live to show us the lighter, lifting and laughing rainbow that is always so present to them – and they only work and wish to share the color.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

And the Government Shall be

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tri wishing star
椺²°`constellation one
椺²°`椺²°`swish wish afar
椺²°`椺²°`椺²°`sap root scents

silent winter breath¯¯`°²º¤æ-`°²º¤æ-`°²º¤æ-¯¯`°²º¤æ-`°²º¤æ-¯¯`°²º¤æ-`°²º¤æ-¯¯`°²º¤æ-`°²º¤æ-
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Tear rain on cheek

woe with a moan
of lush givery
seed love sown

…………………season ………………………….shift as …………………………………..season do

……………………………………laugh …………………to tear………………………………….. tickle and tattle

"The KOCH Brothers Now Control Congress"

The KOCH Bothers Stole Christmas

Scott Walker, Kleefisch and the Fitzgerald Brothers came to power in Wisconsin through the money of The Koch Brothers and their front organizations; Americans for Property and the Tea Party. This isn’t a narrow liberal opinion of lefty bloggers or recall activists. The quote and title of this post was spoken on the floor of the House of Representatives just days ago – Dec. 20. The words were spoken by Rep. Hank Johnson after a long day of “debate” on the tax holiday extension. He came forward and spoke for a full hour before the final gavel of that days business.

Like many of the actions of the Koch Brothers, a historic session was closed without exciting headlines or a “breaking news” reaction from the media or the notice of most voters. The move to buy power and control of the Supreme Court, 26 State Houses, and the United States Congress has been insidious and slow and covert. Dec. 20 was a historic victory for the Koch Brothers power grab; they got the United States Congress for Christmas.

Another Institution on the Koch Control List

The fringe right faction of the Republican Party acted for the Koch Brothers to usurp the power of the House, the Senate, and the President of the United States.

On Dec. 20, 2011 the Congress of the United States was delivered to the Koch Brothers in a box – just in time for Christmas.

Below is a short excerpt of the words spoken by Hank Johnson Dec. 20.

You can watch the full video of Rep. Hank Johnson by scrolling all the way to the end of the Dec. 20 House Session at the link Cspan Chronicle House

Walker Recall is Bigger than Wisconsin

The tentacles of the Koch Brothers not only reach into the Congress, but into the smallest towns and villages of the country, as demonstrated in Crawford County Wisconsin during the Senate Recall Elections last Summer.

Rolling Ground Resident Displays Fraudulent Mailing
Lamar Janes holds the suspicious absentee ballot application received by his wife on Saturday. Neither Janes nor his wife Lynda Shaller are members of American For Prosperity as the accompanying letter states. The application he’s holding states clearly absentee ballots must be submitted to “city clerks” by August 11. However, absentee ballots cannot be submitted after the election, which is scheduled for this Tuesday, August 9.

This Fraudulent mailing showed up in county after county throughout the state of Wisconsin in a attempt to suppress the vote for the recall elections.

Vote suppression actions such as misleading mailings, passage of voter ID laws, and gerrymandering legislative districts are all part of the Koch tentacles reaching to control our democracy and way of life, and not just in Wisconsin, but in state after state and nation wide.

The Recall of Scott Walker is About Stopping the Koch Brothers

Anyone – Democrat, Independent, Republican – who is aware of the Koch Brother’s attempt to buy the United States Government, will understand the overwhelming effort to recall Scott Walker. The legislative agenda was set by the orchestration of the Koch Brothers, long before the 2010 election. The survival of representative government hangs in the balance of the Walker recall.

“Mere passive citizenship is not enough. Men must be aggressive for what is right, to save the government from those who are aggressive for what is wrong.”
Fighting Bob Lafollette.