BIG Announcement Tomorrow – Mike Tate

Which will come first? Taking bets

After nearly a year of protests, demonstrations, and even a historic state senate recall election, finally the tables are starting to turn. The ball of tightfisted power grabbing is finally beginning to unravel. Now, the conjecture is: Which shoe might drop first?

Announncement Tomorrow

I am willing to bet that the announcement by Chairman of the Democratic Party Mike Tate will be that enough signatures have been gathered to force a recall of Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch.

However the plot thickens as just yesterday the first arrest was made in the John Doe investigation that has been on going since May.

Another major shoe has dropped in the John Doe investigation of Gov. Scott Walker’s current and former aides.

On Tuesday, authorities arrested Andrew P. Jensen Jr., a commercial real estate broker with Boerke Co. and a past president of the Commercial Association of Realtors-Wisconsin.

Fran McLaughlin, spokesman for Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., confirmed that Jensen was behind bars Tuesday night. But McLaughlin said no one had filed a criminal complaint against the 50-year-old Milwaukee resident. Fist Arrest

Now we may wonder, as Walker is being pressed from all sides while the chickens come home to roost, which shoe will drop first?

Will, eagle scout, Walker be able to dodge John Doe allegations of illegal campaign tactics long enough to allow the people of Wisconsin to oust him in a recall election? This is a joyous turn of events in a year where new allegations of power grabbing and rule changing has greased the way for the passage of fringe conservative legislation, week after week, since the original bomb last February; the curtailment of collective bargaining rights for most public workers. The Walker administration guided by the Fitzgerald brothers appeared unstoppable through the long year of passage of bill after bill that threatened working families, teachers, public workers, children and, well nearly everyone who could be defined as a member of the 99%. Yes, this is a joyous turn of events at an appropriately joyous time of year.

Taking Bet Giving Odds

I am willing to bet that a recall election will not happen and the John Doe investigation will be the force to undo Scott Walker. Of course, the bet is a playful one. The vital outcome is the exit of the most ineffective leader in the history of Wisconsin politics – Scott Walker.


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