Santa's Last Interview

Santa’s last interview with Andrew Revels in December 2009

A story of an interview with Santa
It was I who transported Santa to the interview in La Crosse, Wisconsin. It was a cold – below zero night- as I pulled into a parking space with Santa. When what to my wondering eyes should appear but flashing police cruiser lights behind me so near. I did not think I had done anything wrong…but it just so happen that my license plate tags had expired in October.

The officer asked me where I was going and I said…”Well, I am about to be Santa for an interview show”. He glanced back and saw the red and white suite dangling from a hanger in the frosted rear window. As you may imagine, he settled on giving me a “Warning”.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!
PRTV – Episode 33 from Andrew Revels on Vimeo.


The Parting of Andrew Revels


From the La Crosse Tribune| Posted: Monday, August 2, 2010 12:00 am?

After Revels fell off his board, he tried to swim back to the boat rather than let his friends pull him in, his cousin Donna Overson said.

He had been boating and “hanging out” with friends on Crater Island, across the main channel from Lawrence Lake, said a friend, who declined to be named.

A small crowd of family and friends grew throughout the evening at the marina. Assisting the search at the scene were: La Crosse and Winona counties’ dive and rescue teams, Houston County Sheriff’s Department, Brownsville Fire and Rescue and Tri-State Ambulance.

“He’s a good kid,” said the friend, who attended Logan middle and high schools with Revels.

About 10:30 p.m. the news made its way to Bucky’s Burger Barn in La Crosse, where Revels was a bartender and did promotional work.

In addition to publishing “Games Poor Kids Play,” a collection of short stories about growing up on French Island, “32 Reasons I Need a Helmet”, and “Belly of the Beast,” Revels hosted an online show called PRTV-Planet Revels.

According to his Twitter account, he launched a new podcast Friday at Bucky’s.


So, above is an interview Andrew did with Santa this that Christmas from his “32 Reasons I Need a Helmet” – “Planet Revels” PRTV video series.

You can click at the upper left “PRTV” icon to see more of the series.


“Where are the clowns when we need them the most?” The people who live to show us the lighter, lifting and laughing rainbow that is always so present to them – and they only work and wish to share the color.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!


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