Walker's Christmas Message

Almost Made Me Lose My Oysters

Oh, Walker’s message was so warm and fuzzy as he and Tonette lopped a spoon of stuffing on a plate held by some anonymous hand; the faces of the real people they were serving never appeared. Of course not, the message was all about them. In Walker’s mind the governor’s residence would occupy at least 50% of the total mass of the state. He wasn’t serving any real people in the video any more than he is serving the real people or the real problems in the state of Wisconsin.

The real Scott Walker is serving out the fringe, right-wing agenda with a dump truck the size of his ego. The real people of Wisconsin are choking on the slimy, uncooked oysters harvested from the sea of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Counsel). The ALEC ocean is all the separates the continents of Privatization and Plutocracy. The Koch Brothers and Grover Norquist seek to create a singular continent where the Bill of Rights, the Constitution, and Democracy itself is subject to the needs of the wealthiest 1%. The people of Wisconsin have been victimized by a Governor and legislature with a plan that is active and ever-encroaching on our most basic freedoms and pursuit of happiness.

Christmas Message

The Walker message struck like getting a fruit cake from a nasty, old uncle.

Santa had a few questions for Scott that were not included in the Walker Christmas Message.

“Yet today, we are faced with a impending crisis as menacing as any in our nation’s history. It is a call for patriotism and higher ideals in citizenship. The patriotic citizenry of the country must take a stand to wealth, to demand it conduct its business lawfully.” Fighting Bob Lafollette


2 thoughts on “Walker's Christmas Message

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  2. When I heard the governor speak about his family tradition of serving the poor on Christmas, I thought about this quote:https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash4/196018_201148019920200_100000750116994_601162_1403132_n.jpg

    (I wonder if it will work to put that here.) Do you think a question crossed their minds as the homeless walked by, asking themselves if there wasn’t just a little more they could do in the system, by the government, in Madison, with the Legislature, in the halls of power, with political will, to REDUCE OR END HOMELESSNESS? Thank you.


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