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Want to steal an election? Mount a frivolous law suite? Do you want to BE somebody? Drink the Waukesha KOOL AID!

Where did Prosser go to find 7,000 votes when he was in danger of losing the Spring Supreme Court Election? Where will you find a County Clerk who stole an election and remained in office? Where would you go to find Judge J. Mac Davis to challenge Walker’s recall? Welcome to the Branch (as in Davidian) Club System in Waukesha County!

The birth of the Branch Club system over 40 years ago was an innovation and a departure from established political procedures. It came about because Republican leaders recognized the need to expand the base of the party and to bring the Party closer to the precinct level.
Waukesha GOP

The latest offer to drink of the Waukesha Kool Aid comes from Judge J. Mac Davis. The judge is one of those who likes to hide his face from the public on the net, but that is the judge pictured left.

His background would suggest that he might just have it “in” for any and all Democrats. Davis was a Republican state Senator over 20 years ago, and during the final years of the Bush administration, he was nominated for a federal circuit judgeship, but the nomination was never taken up by the Democratic-controlled Senate. Perhaps, his loss of a federal judgeship that ended his rise in the judiciary might be a reason to preside over a frivolous lawsuit presented by Walker stating, of all things, that Walker’s 14th Amendment Rights have been stomped on. After all, the governor is just a poor, powerless, citizen without voice or resource to protect his right to foist the wishes of the Koch Bothers, ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) down the the throats of the families of Wisconsin.

Once you drink of the Waukesha Kool Aid, this kind of justice will make perfect sense!

When asked for comment, the state GOP sent TPM this comment from communications director Ben Sparks: “The Republican Party of Wisconsin is committed to ensuring that Wisconsin electors are not disenfranchised during this recall process. The Democrats have shown they are committed to preserving the status quo, where a man is able to sign a recall petition 80 times, and their frivolous attempt to intervene in this lawsuit only reinforces their willingness to force this baseless recall on Wisconsin voters at any cost. TMP Article

The word “Disenfranchised” induced a Waukesha KOOL AID Overdose Flashback

During the recount in Waukesha the “disenfrnachised” word was repeated by the attorney’s representing Prosser, who went to Delafield to find out “what the hell was going on”. It was argued that the votes in ripped, torn, and mis-labeled bags should be counted so as not to “disenfranchise” Republican voters.

Evidence and documented proof of election fraud was ignored or dismissed by Tim Verhoff, who was given full and final say over the fate of Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nicholaus. The following account is just one of many of the blatant anomalies that were dismissed by Verhoff.

The reoccurring pattern of open, winged, and improperly marked bags became a disturbing merry-go-round, time after time, in the Waukesha recount. Each time the an objection came around retired Judge Mawdsley (the replacement County Clerk for recused Nickolaus) gave the brass ring to Prosser and ordered the votes to be counted.

Item C

Friday 4/29
Town of Delafield Wards 3 & 4

2 Ballot bags were placed on the ballot counting table.
Bag 1 of 2 was closed, tagged and labeled on the inspector’s Statement with seal #3167633.
Bag 2 of 2 was closed, tagged and labeled with seal #3164850. Seal #3165447 was originally listed on the inspectors’ Statement. See picture.

The Chief Inspector who signed the document, testified that she “just wrote the ‘wrong number’ down on the Inspectors’ Statement” and then corrected it.

We objected to the ballots in bag #2 being counted; the BoC determined that the Chief Inspector had given sufficient enough explanation for the overwrite and proceeded to open and unpack the ballots. Our objections were noted and the report was entered into the record as an exhibit.

Saving the best Delafield example for last. The Bag Within A Bag story.

Item D

Town of Delafield Wards 7 & 8

When this bag was placed on the ballot counting table, it was immediately apparent that the original seal number – #3166588 – had been crossed out on the label. The new tag seal #3165444 closing the bag matched the new number on the label, initialed by Town of Delafield municipal clerk Mary Elsner.

However, the Inspectors’ Statement originally showed Seal tag #3167090 (not # 3166588) crossed off and replaced with #3165444.

The Municipal Clerk offered the following written explanation:

“When the Chief Inspector delivered the ballot bags to the Town Hall on the evening of

4/5/11, it was discovered that the weight of the ballots caused a slight tear in the bag. We [she and her deputy town clerk] replaced the seal, crossed out the original seal number, initialed the cross out and entered the new number on the ballot bag and resealed it with the new number.”

She submitted a written statement to that effect, for the record. But that statement, made no sense for two reasons:

1)it did not explain why the original seal #’s were 3166588 on the bag, but 3167090 on the Inspectors’ Statement, and

2) it did not explain how or why the actual ballots were found in a clean ‘extra’ ballot bag inside the original ballot bag.

So the JK recount team asked the Town Clerk to explain how that could happen. Upon further questioning, she settled on the following story:

A ballot bag was prepared, filled and sealed at the polling place on election night. When it was delivered to the Town Hall, the Municipal Clerk decided that it had been improperly sealed (the edges had not been folded under.) So she cut off the tag, folded the bag properly, and attached a new seal.

Before she could write the second seal # on the label and the Inspectors’ Statement, she decided the bag was too heavy. So she clipped the second tag seal, took out all the ballots, repackaged them into a clean, unused ballot bag and placed that back into the first (original, supposedly torn) ballot bag. She then sealed and put a new, third seal tag on the original bag, duly noting the number on the label and the Inspectors’ Statement.

So, Prosser’s “what the hell is going on in Delafield” begins to take the shape of a tampered ballot bag

Through all tragi/comedy of bag errors – ballots appear to be stuffed. What does all this Delafield stuffing have to do with the 14,000 votes “found” in the City of Brookfield? You know the old adage about a skunk does not scent it’s own hole? It would be too obvious to ransack the bags in the ward where the votes were “found”, but it might serve as a diversion for all the the activity in Genesse and Delafeild. New Spring Election Fraud Details

Occupy Waukesha KOOL AID PARTY

What are you doing on Friday, January 6?
Go to Albanese’s Roadhouse and drink the KOOL AID!

Attention: All Waukesha County Republicans
Join us for January’s’s Pints & Politics

Friday, January 6, 2012

Albanese’s Roadhouse

2301 Bluemound Road
Waukesha, WI 53186

Time: come on over any time from 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Statewide Offices and US Senate/Congressional Office Holders:

Governor/Lieutenant Governor:
Scott Walker
Rebecca Kleefisch

US Senate:
Ron Johnson

Attorney General:
J.B. Van Hollen

State Treasurer:
Kurt Schuller

Congressional Seats:
District 1
Paul Ryan

District 5
Jim Sensenbrenner

State Legislature:

5th Senate District:
Leah Vukmir
8th Sentate District:
Alberta Darling
11th Senate District:
Neal Kedzie
13th Senate District:
Scott Fitzgerald
28th Senate District:
Mary Lazich
33rd Senate District
Rich Zipperer
14th Assembly District:
Dale Kooyenga
24th Assembly District:
Dan Knodl
31st Assembly District:
Steve Nass
33rd Assembly District:
Chris Kapenga
38th Assembly District:
Joel Kleefisch
83rd Assembly District:
Dave Craig
84th Assembly District:
Mike Kuglitsch
96th Assembly District:
Bill Kramer
98th Assembly District:
Paul Farrow
99th Assembly District:
Don Pridemore


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