Occupy Rose Bowl – 1890

Members of Pasadena’s Valley Hunt Club first staged the parade in 1890

Since then the parade has been held in Pasadena every New Year’s Day, except when January 1 falls on a Sunday. In that case, it is held on the subsequent Monday, January 2. Like today.

The Pride of Wisconsin is on Parade Today

The Badgers and the Packers have arrived at the top of their game in the same year at the same time. Only in the background are the whispers of the turmoil and crisis that haunt the people of Wisconsin in their real and everyday lives. How ironic is the appearance of an article by Mike Tate bearing bold type heading of this whispering discontent:

Walker agenda has been destructive for Wisconsin

Wisconsin suffered through one of the worst years in her history in 2011 as a direct result of Scott Walker, the most divisive political figure here since Joseph McCarthy.

The radical Republican agenda, which is salting the earth for jobs-creation and blowing a hole in our budget, included never-before-seen cuts to education and health care. They attacked those supporting institutions that had over decades and in bipartisan fashion been built up to create to high standards of living for everyone in Wisconsin, as well as world-class universities and trade schools that led to job growth.
Milwaukee Biz

Occupy Rose Bowl

The discordant blend of Wisconsin football and politics will be on parade this year. It will be blogged, tweeted, and live streamed for you. You will find all the links and updates on
Blue Cheddar Blog

The Progressive Fight is Now

Nothing happens in the past. When Robert La Follette was fighting for the people of Wisconsin in the early 1900’s he was addressing what he called, “an impending crisis as menacing as any in or nation’s history”. Of course, he was speaking to the people before him, and was not using flowery language or dressing in period clothing to impress or charm; he was speaking in the “now” of that time.

If ever there was a time when his now and our now – is well…now. The Occupiers at the Rose Bowl could take any one of many quotes of Fighting Bob and write them on signs and be close in character. In the past decades we have lost track of the progressive energy and integrity of Fighting Bob; until now. Today, as the Rose Bowl and the birth of the Progressive Movement share an anniversary of date of origin, is a good time to appreciate both.

From the Appendix of “A Persona Narrative of Politcal Experiences” by Robert M. La Follete. Copyright 1911,1913 – The Homestead Printing Co., Des Moines, Iowa.

The Third Period – The Combination of Corporations

The evil hour was come upon us. Daring, unscrupulous men plotted in violation of the common law, the criminal statutes and against public right to become masters of that market and take what toll they pleased. To do this thing it was necessary to set aside, abrogate, nullify the natural laws of trade that had ruled in business for centuries. Production was to be limited, competition stifled and prices arbitrarily fixed by selfish decree. And thus we entered upon the third period of our business and commercial life.- the period of a combination of the corporations under a single control in each line of business. It was not and evolution; it was a revolution.

And yet certain economists set it down in the literature of the day that the Supreme Ruler of the universe reserved in His great plan a divinely appointed place and time for a Rockefeller, a Morgan, a Carnegie, a Baer, to evolve this new law, which should enable them to appropriate the wealth of the country and Mexicanize the business of the people .

The combination became supreme in each important line, controlling the markets for the raw material and the finished product, largely dictating the prices of everything we sell and the price of everything we buy – beef, sugar, woolens, cottons, coal, oil, copper, zinc, iron, steel, agricultural implements, hardware, gas, electric light, food, supplies.

Monopoly acquired dominion everywhere.

It brought with it the inevitable results of monopoly – extortionate prices, inferior products. We soon found shoddy everything we wear, and adulteration in everything we eat.

Did these masters of business stop there? By no means! “Increase of appetite had grown by what it fed on.” The floodgates of fictitious capitalization were thrown wide open. These organizations of combinations overcapitalized for double purpose. The issue of bonds and stocks in excess of investment covered up the exaction of their immense profits, and likewise offered an unlimited field for promotion and speculation.

The establishment of this third period was the beginning of rapidly advancing prices, increasing the cost of living upon people of average earning power until the burden is greater than they can bear.

Go Badgers
Go Packers
Recall Walker


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