Walker's Domain Bought with Stolen Money

Timothy Russell used some of the money stolen from the families of fallen veterans of the Iraq war to buy Scott Walker for Governor web domain

A screen shot of a paragraph from page 19 of the Criminal Complaint against Timothy Russell

Criminal Complaint – Timothy Russell

The money was used to buy web domains with variations of SCOTTFORGOV, so it is safe to assume it was used as a campaign “tool” for Walker’s bid for governor. In effect, Walker’s web message to the people of Wisconsin was bought and paid for by money that was taken from the hands of families who had lost a loved one in the Iraq war.

Are we to assume that Walker had no knowledge of what Russell was doing? The purchase of a web domain is not a difficult or expensive undertaking, but what’s more telling, is the connection of Walker and Russell in his campaign for governor. In effect, Walker was a client of Russell and some discussion of plans for a SCOTTFORGOV web site would have occurred. Most often, the client will want to know how the domain and web development will be paid for, especially from a client like Walker who is so concerned about money, taxes, and state budgets. So, what did Russell tell him? What did Walker say?

From Criminal Complaint Appendix B Scottforgov and Scott4gov domains

The People of Wisconsin Deserve Better…Much Better

The web domain SCOTTFORGOV underscores the deeper issue. Little did any visitor to SCOTT4GOV know that they were being lead into a stolen domain. Just as when people voted for Walker to lead Wisconsin, little did they know that his ideas and agenda were not generated for the good of the state. Little did most people know that they were being lead into a legislative agenda that was generated as part of a national effort to control the legislation, not only in Wisconsin, but other states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Maine, and New Jersey. Many of the very same issues facing Wisconsin like voter ID, cuts to education and lack of transparency are being foisted down the throats of the people of other states in an attempt to remove the local discussion of issues out of the hands of the people to replace it with legislation derived by a think tank in Washington.

The point is that this is about much more than Walker and Wisconsin, but Wisconsin has historically been a leader in protecting the rights of the people.

“They shall no longer seek to destroy the equal rights and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by the constitution, and not seek to corrupt but to obey the government which guards and protects it’s rights” Robert La Follete


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