Walker Supporters Liable for Cleaning Capitol

Over $500,000 Owed to Taxpayers

Walker owes Wisconsin taxpayers over $500,000 in fines for failure to report campaign contributions.

Remember when the Walker Administration estimated a cost to taxpayers of $270,000 the physical wear and tear on the Capitol due to occupation by protesters? This was for unintended damage such as nicks and chips to stone as well as stains to stone from the skin oils from brushing hands, residues from tape used to hang signs, and a few isolated marker stains. The Capitol lawn and a few shrubs also need work after being trod on by the massive crowds.

$500,000 Owed Taxpayers

The $270,000 was the estimated cost (reduced from several million) to repair the physical damage to the Capitol building. Walker now owes twice that! Taxpayers are owed over $500,000 dollars for damage to the rule of law that the Capitol Building was built on. The protesters may have damaged surfaces by skin oil, but Walker has scared the very foundation of Democracy by snake oil.

Nicks and Chips Mar Wisconsin Statutes

Madison – As Milwaukee County Executive Scott Walker violated the state of Wisconsin’s campaign finance laws 1,115 times since 2009 by failing to disclose information about contributors who donated more than $100.Walker Goes Over $500,000 in Improperly-Reported Contributions!

Walker’s serial offenses include 456 contributions filed in the last 72 hours totaling nearly $284,000. The total contributions in violation of Wisconsin statute 11.60(1) total $518,096. One Wisconsin Now previously filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board in September when Walker’s improperly-reported contribution tally was $235,000 half of what it has risen to in the last several days.
A copy of One Wisconsin Now’s previous complaint is available here.

So, the national press was consumed with reporting the visually obvious damages to doors, windows, and marble, yet is all but blind to the real damage to the laws of Wisconsin, the subjugation of the state supreme court, and the rules of the legislature. If the state statutes were a door, we could see more than a bent hinge; it would be pulled from its frame and left ignored for months. If the supreme court were window, it would be blackened by the choking smoke of Gableman’s deals with the Michael Best Law firm. If the rules of the legislature were a shrub, it would be pruned with the Fitzgerald chain saw within an inch of its life.

In the case of Walker’s unreported campaign donations, it is a law; not a suggestion, a guideline, or an item in the eagle scout motto. It is a Wisconsin Statute. It is the law.

This Is the Law of Wisconsin

11.001? Declaration of policy.
11.001(1) (1)?The legislature finds and declares that our democratic system of government can be maintained only if the electorate is informed. It further finds that excessive spending on campaigns for public office jeopardizes the integrity of elections. It is desirable to encourage the broadest possible participation in financing campaigns by all citizens of the state, and to enable candidates to have an equal opportunity to present their programs to the voters. One of the most important sources of information to the voters is available through the campaign finance reporting system. Campaign reports provide information which aids the public in fully understanding the public positions taken by a candidate or political organization.
11.60? Civil penalties.
11.60(1)(1)? Any person, including any committee or group, who violates this chapter may be required to forfeit not more than $500 for each violation.
11.60(2) (2)?In addition to the penalty under sub. (1), any person, including any committee or group, who is delinquent in filing a report required by this chapter may be required to forfeit not more than $50 or one percent of the annual salary of the office for which the candidate is being supported or opposed, whichever is greater, for each day of delinquency.
11.60(3) (3)?Notwithstanding sub. (1), any person, including any committee or group, who makes any contribution in violation of this chapter may be required to forfeit treble the amount of the contribution or portion thereof which is illegally contributed.

Walker is Now Over $500,000 in Improperly-Reported Contributions


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