Fitzgerald has that Kapanke LOOK

This IS What Democracy Looks Like

Dan Kapanke is one of the former senators from Wisconsin. He was recalled from office in an special election last summer. Kapanke appeared angry, shocked, and bothered that he should face a recall election. He held the composure rather like a bear awaken from hibernation on a cold January night.

A few weeks ago, it was thought to be ill advised to attempt a recall against Scott Fitzgerald. After all, Sen. Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau) has served District 13 – an area encompassing Dodge, Jefferson, and a small corner of Dane County – for 17 years. Yet today, Fitzgerald has that same “Kapanke” lean and hungry look. It is today, and against all odds, that more than 16,000 signatures have been gathered or the number required to trigger a recall election.

Fitzgerald is now running scared. We know what happens when he gets insecure. He begins to use his position and power to work to change the rules in his favor.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald says petition circulators hoping to recall him from office have been given too much time to gather signatures.

Fitzgerald on Thursday filed a complaint with the Government Accountability Board, saying the 60-day window for signature collection ends Friday at 5 p.m.
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The deadline had been believed to be Tuesday Jan 17th, until the angry bear was awaken from hibernation.

How Did It Happen? How was Fitzgerald Pushed to the Edge? It’s an inspiring David and Goliath Story

Lori Compas never planned to become a one-woman political committee. A freelance photographer and writer originally from St. Louis but now a resident of Fort Atkinson to become the David to take on Goliath.

Lori inspired hundreds of people to join her in a canvas for signatures to recall Walker’s henchman, the Speaker of the Senate – Scott Fitzgerald. One of those people is a young woman who has become an inspiration to the whole recall effort Jenna Pope. Jenna has singly and solely filed some 500 signatures in the recall effort.

Below is a message from the “Fitzgerald Recall Office:

“Mere passive citizenship is not enough. Men must be aggressive for what is right to protect the government from those who are aggressive for what is wrong.” – Robert La Follette

“Please come help out these next few days and help push us over the top!”
– Jenna Pope


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