Rumor Has It 1,500,000 Signatures!

Scott Walker won the 2008 Governor’s election with 1,128,941 votes or 52.3%
Tom Barrett lost the 2008 Governor’s election with 1,004,303 votes or 46.5%

Rumor trended on twitter #wisconsin last night -1,500,000 signatures collected to force a recall election

The First Lie

124,638 votes difference or a 6% margin is hardly a mandate, yet Walker turned Wisconsin inside-out and upside-down championing an ultra-conservative agenda, the specifics of which were never mentioned in his campaign.

Just a year ago, few people were privileged to the workings of a secret conservative legislative agenda being covertly implemented in several states including New Jersey, Michigan, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The national consortium with no real roots or connection to the people of any of these states, is now known as the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC was formed with the specific intent to gain control of state houses and to write legislation to be passed by Scott Walker and Scott and Jeff Fitzgerald to further changes in state law in favor the most ultra conservative goals of wealthy and privileged Americans.

Big money has always been a factor in state politics. However ALEC, in the hands of Walker and the Fitzgerald brothers represents a new and insidious threat to working families and children of Wisconsin and U.S.. Never before has such an attack been specifically orchestrated and launched on the people through their own local and state government.

Have you noticed that republicans are no longer republicans?

This De-republicanism is most obvious in national politics and especially in the primaries and the U.S. Congress. The primaries are divided between Romney and non-Romney, with the non-Romney candidates representing the fringe conservative agenda of the Koch Brothers and ALEC. The House of Representatives is split in just the same way as most recently exposed in the attempt to hold the vote for the tax break legislation before the holiday break, when Rep Hank Johnson of North Carolina spoke on the House floor after the vote:

It happened on the shortest day of the year. The Koch Bros. usurp the power of the House, the Senate, the President and the People of the United States.

The video begins with a cut from the bogus,chummy phone call to Scott Walker from David Koch last February.

The Koch Brothers Ended Up in Control of Congress – AND WISCONSIN

Scott Walker and the Fitzgerald Brothers are working to DE-republicanisation of Wisconsin as are their counterparts on the campaign trail and the Congress. These men actually represent a third force, or a third party hiding behind the republican party. Democrats can work with Republicans, they have for years. Progressives can work with Democrats. This new power grab of De-republicanism is a threat to all parties and to all people, and represents a covert take over of all political interests and a re-interpretation of the Constitution according to the untested philosophies of Ayn Rand, Austrian economic theory, and objectivism as legislated by ALEC through the mouths of Scott Walker, Jeff and Scott Fitzgerald, plus other de-repulicanized members of the Wisconsin Legislature.

A Walker/Fitzgerald Forced Recall is a VICTORY to be Celebrated!

All politics is local. The forced recall of Walker is Wisconsin’s local, grass-roots, bi-partisan reaction to ALEC, the Koch Brothers, and the fight to prove – Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, New Jersey – the United States Is Not For Sale.


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