Got Signatures? – Recall the Recall

Senator Dale Schultz has the answer! Stop the Madness!

Dale Schultz stands high on the palace steps before 2 million people and issues his decree, “You made your bed, now lie in it!”. He finds the Wisconsin recall process inconvenient, confusing and costly, and seeks to end the process, as we know it, by introducing legislation to amend the state constitution.

Sen. Dale Schultz, R-Richland Center, told members of the Juneau County Republican Party at the party’s caucus that when recall efforts against Gov. Scott Walker and state legislators are finished, he will seek to “end the insanity” by amending the state’s constitution. Stop the Madness – Juneau County

Schultz was first elected to state government 30 years(first elected to Assembly in 1982) ago and has been the good old boy from Richland County for three decades. He served during the long reigning Governor Tommy Thompson, and he and Tommy draw words from the same old watering trough that Ronald Regan was eventually buried in. Old politicians never die, they just find their younger constituents to be insane.

The tired words describing the recall process came out of Schultz, to echo those delivered by Thompson at a tea party rally in Waukesha a few weeks back. The event billed as “Tommy Thompson: The Mad Hatter of Hart Park’s “Celebrate Walker” Rally,” was embarrassing as the Governor of old slurred his words and stripped off his sport coat to reveal his red underside. (See video satire at bottom of post).

Schultz “I think recalls should be about malfeasance, about whether legislators are doing their jobs responsibly or not.”

Like the careers of Schultz and Thompson, the word “malfeasance” was more familiar in another era, and was used in a threat delivered to Jimmy Steward in the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

It may be a “Wonderful Life” with simple solutions to Thompson and Schultz, but time has shifted. As they turn the dials of the etch-a-sketch pretending it is an “I phone”, the world has changed. Call it mad. Call it insane, but the social network is the engine behind the recall, and revolutions for freedom worldwide.

Good luck, Senator Schultz with your anti-malfeasance bill.

Just remember

Every time an “I phone” rings, a politician loses their wings.

Former Wisconsin Governor – On politically motivated elections. If you can’t say anything sober, don’t say anything at all. Thompson embarrasses himself and Wisconsin through slurred words and false bravado at a “Stand with Walker” rally in Wauwatosa, Wis..


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