Walker boasts of Silencing Obama

Governor Scott Walker gave the keynote address at the Conservative Political Action Conference last Friday. He said that he silenced Obama’s comments regarding collective bargaining. He boldly claimed that he was responsible for Obama’s silence regarding the governor’s move to curtail collective bargaining rights in Wisconsin.

I am sure the president must know that the vast majority of the federal employees do not have collective bargaining for wages and benefits. I know he must know this. And I know the president must know that the average federal employee pays 28% for their health insurance premium which is double what I am asking for from state and local employees in Wisconsin. I am sure that the President of the United States is not getting his talking points from the big union bosses in Washington. I think Hannity ran that quote a dozen times that night and that’s the last we heard from the President.

Obama is coming to Wisconsin tomorrow Guess who is meeting him?

Republican Gov. Scott Walker will greet President Barack Obama in Milwaukee on Wednesday and accompany him on a visit to Master Lock in Milwaukee’s central city.

Walker’s spokesman Cullen Werwie (who has been granted immunity in the John Doe investigation) said Walker will meet the president at Mitchell International Airport and join him on the visit to Master Lock. Walker is not expected to make any remarks during the Master Lock visit.

JS Online

RNC Spokesman Ryan Mahoney. “We think having Governor Walker with the president will provide a stark contrast between Walker, who’s willing to make the tough decisions to get Wisconsin back on track, and President Obama, whose decisions seem to be solely based on what’s best for his re-election chances.”

The president has not been in Wisconsin through the whole year of protest and strife. His last visit was on Jan. 26, 2010, a day after his State of the Union address. President Obama visited the headquarters of power technology company Orion Energy Systems, Inc. in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. It was only a few weeks after that visit when Walker “dropped the bomb” curtailing collective bargaining rights for most public workers on February 11. Tomorrow will be his first
visit to the state after a year of protest and turmoil over labor issues, the voter ID Law, the refusal of Affordable Care funds, and most recently, using federal funds targeted to help troubled home owners to bring a shortfall in the budget back to balance.

President Barack Obama plans to talk about the importance of American manufacturing when he visits Wisconsin next week. The White House has announced he will be at Master Lock on Wednesday, talking about the need for companies to invest in American manpower. Obama singled out Master Lock in his State of the Union address last month, pointing out the Milwaukee company had returned about 100 jobs to Milwaukee from China since the middle of 2010. The company has said that decision was at least partly-driven by the rising cost of labor in Asia and the more expensive logistics of doing business from that far away.


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