Scott Fitzgerald is Recalling Sour Grapes

Speaker of the Senate, Scott Fitzgerald, swallows a taste of his own medicine

It was Valentines Day, and the anniversary of one of the darkest moments in Wisconsin’s legislative history when Scott Fitzgerald orchestrated a controversial, late night session to pass the law that curtailed collective bargaining in Wisconsin.

The stage was set. The bill under debate was destined to relax rules regarding wetland development, and Democrats took to the floor of the murky bill, as if standing in the back water of a year past, to underscore the cesspool in which Fitzgerald had plunged democracy to arrive at the brink of fascism.

Fitzgerald responded with words that brought to mind one of the commercials run by Scott Walker in defense of the recall effort launched against him. The add ran before a million signatures had been collected to trigger a recall election. Scott Fitzgerald was also the target of a grassroots recall action, which the Democratic Party would not align with since the effort seemed doomed. It was a common citizen, Lori Compas, who organized the effort from her home and delivered the signatures to recall Scott Fitzgerald to the desk of the Government Accountability Board.

The video shows the hurt and the attitude of a man sipping of the wine he fermented, while using the same “Sour Grapes” that canvassers were accused of picking, before his successful recall.

BREAKING – Look how mad Scott Fitzgerald is. I’ll show you!

While composing this post, it appears that Scott Fitzgerald has had enough with democracy, public hearings, and negotiation, and decides to show everyone his true self.

Senate leader dissolves mining committee

Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald disbanded the Senate Select Committee on Mining Wednesday afternoon and instead referred an Assembly version of mining reform legislation to the Legislature’s powerful Joint Finance Committee.

The move is an about-face for the Senate and potentially throws changes in state mining laws up ion the air. WSJ Online


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