Michael Best "Operation Rainmaker" tax scam

Tax payers money “raining down”

Operation Rainmaker is a tax fraud scam where people in Tampa, Florida were caught filling fake tax returns and expecting the money to “rain down” on them.

Authorities say the tax fraud ring made huge amounts of quick cash by stealing the identities of grandmothers, babies, the deceased, and even a Police Lieutenant. They say they used the information to file fraudulent Turbo Tax returns and operated right under Uncle Sam’s nose.
Tampa Tax Fraud

When lawyers and legislators of any party or philosophical bent use taxpayers money to secretly draft legislation, how are they any better than the people from Tampa who stole identities to collect tax refunds? The taxpayers of Wisconsin include the same victims as in the Tampa Rain Maker scam; most people pay taxes. Since when can such obviously fraudulent and secret activity be dismissed as political maneuvering?

Apparently, since last April 26,2011 when the secret deal was signed by Eric M. McLeod and Stephan L. Nass.

All the agreements were also signed by Eric McLeod of Michael Best & Friedrich, one of several attorneys who advised lawmakers on the maps. Legislative leaders have committed $400,000 in taxpayer money to pay Michael Best and the Troupis Law Office for their work on the maps.

McLeod has drawn attention in recent months for providing legal services to state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman under an arrangement in which Gableman did not have to pay. “GOP – Ignore the Public Comments”

Text of letter
This letter will confirm our understanding that such discussions are and shall remain confidential and that you agree not to disclose the fact and/or contents of such discussions or any draft documents within your possession related to the subject of the Representation with persons outside of the privilege. If you have any questions regarding the foregoing, please feel free to raise those questions with me. Otherwise, in order to confirm the foregoing understanding please sign on the line indicated below.

Link to Pdf of Michael Best letter

Taxpayers left outside “person of priviledge”

One of the victims of the Rainmaker Scam said he felt he was victimized twice; once when he lost his return, and again when he found no redress to correct the injustice. So it is with the taxpayers of Wisconsin. Have we entered into some brave new age where legislators can collude with law firms to draft partisan legislation on the taxpayers dime? The battle cry of the American Revolution was “No taxation without representation.”, and it appears that is precisely the indictment that must be handed to the Fitzgerald brothers, Stephan Nass, and Eric McLeod.

All of those pictured right, stole taxpayer’s funds. Only two are white and wearing suits.


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