Make an ATTACK! Ad

Or at least, a phone call

It is only the beginning

The onslaught of commercials is coming like the wicked witch of the West on an F5 tornado to flatten and swirl every progressive and democratic principle, just as it did in the 2010 election to crush Russ Feingold under a house to give us Ron Johnson. It gave us Scott Walker, the Fitzgerald Brothers and turned the control of Congress over to the Koch Brothers.

It happened on the shortest day of the year. The Koch Bros. usurp the power of the House, the Senate, the President and the People of the United States.

The first message of the fringe right wing spin machine is directed at Democratic Senate Candidate Tammy Baldwin. The Citizens United ruling has turned Democracy on its ear, and allowed for an endless flow of money to be flushed into the toilet of deceit in the form of attack adds.

Only the Beginning

The ad above is produced and paid for, impart, by the the Wisconsin Manufactures and Commerce – Wisconsin’s Business Voice. © 2007 Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce
WMC Website

WMC aggressively opposed workplace regulations restricting employer communication
in union organizing drives and minimum wage hikes, as well as substantial business tax
hikes and liability expansions.

Its ads single-handedly got Annette Ziegler and Michael Gableman elected to the state Supreme Court – changed the court from a moderate body to an actively conservative, pro-corporate majority.

Eleven of WMC Board Member Businesses Paid No Corporate Income Taxes in 2003, 2004. Of the 25 companies in which corporate executives sat on WMC’s Board in 2003 and 2004, 11 paid no corporate income tax to Wisconsin. These include: Ariens, Associated Banc-Corp, Emerson, Greenheck Fan, Hutchinson Technologies, Market & Johnson, Serigraph, Snap-On, Manitowoc Company, Wausau Paper, and Webcrafters. This extends to national corporations operating in-state. In 2005, Microsoft, Merck, and Sears earned a combined $18 billion in profits – but paid absolutely nothing in Wisconsin corporate income tax. [Source: Institute for Wisconsin’s Future, 12/07/07] Wisconsin Watch

It Won’t Happen Again – Not this time.

After suffering through a year of the agenda that resulted from the last round of attack adds aired during the last election, when the people lost Russ Feingold and came close to losing Ron Kind, the people will not let it happen again.

Tod Taske is Chair of Milwaukee Manufactures and Commerce

He is also chairman/president/CEO of
Wauwatosa-based Briggs & Stratton Corporation
For Further Information Contact:
Kurt R. Bauer, (608) 258-3400

Dan Ariens is Vice Chair of Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce

655 West Ryan Street
Brillion, Wisconsin 54110-0157

Phone: 920-756-4688
Fax: 920-756-2407

The first attack ad is now running.

It is only the beginning. How do you fight back against the onslaught of commercials that is coming like the wicked witch of the West on an F5 tornado, to flatten and swirl every progressive and Democratic principal and crush it beneath a house full of money? Make your own ATTACK add! – Or, at least, a phone call.


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