Looking ahead – John Doe Sentencing

Too Connected to Fail

The John Doe Investigation has netted the first of its big fish of its haul. All of the felonious fish traveled in a school off the reef of Scott Walker’s Milwaukee County Executives office – and the net has been recast into ever deeper waters. The word on the street is that “Scooter is going down within the week”.

How will the catch be processed as it is hauled into the courts? Will the prize trophies of the day, be thrown back after experiencing the pain of oxygen deprivation during the sorting process? Will the penalties match the offense or are we to expect the kind of hand slapping that the GAB and Tim Verhoff imposed on Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus?

The Kathy Nickolaus verdict does little to offer much hope for a sentencing outcome that matches the offense. If she were a South Side Milwaukee black woman selling pot, she would have been in a correctional facility for years, instead of continuing to keep her job while continuing to count the votes in Waukesha County.

Let’s not fool ourselves. Our system of justice has a miserable lack of empathy for non-white street criminals, and the soft hand of a angelic proctologist when it comes to the white, well connected felons who steal, entice, and manipulate votes, funds and money.

Case in point. Just days ago, Republican Secretary of State in Indiana, Charlie White was finally sentenced. Did he get jail time for 6 felony counts of vote fraud. No he did not, anymore than Kathy Nickolaus, anymore than any and all of the fish in the John Doe net are likely to expect. After all, they are all white, politically elite, former officials who “lost their way”. It is easy for a judge of the bent of Prosser or Gableman to see themselves in the suits of the convicted, and will look at the indicted and convicted through the rose colored glasses issued to wealthy and powerful. They are likely to issue the same kind Charmin wrapped sentencing as Charlie White got in Indiana.

Below are two examples of sentencing, that point up the divide, or shall we say the disconnect of the reflection of the empathy of a mob to the victim of a hanging.

Big Fish

One Year Home Detention
Republican Charlie White, Secretary of State of Indiana was sentenced to one year of home detention, a $1,000 fine and 30 hours of community service for 6 felony convictions. Indiana Home Detention

Prosecutors contend that White voted in last May’s Republican primary after moving out of his ex-wife’s home in Fishers and the town council district he represented. White has previously acknowledged the voting error, chalking it up to his busy schedule and new marriage.

He is charged with theft for allegedly continuing to collect a salary from the town council after he was no longer eligible to serve on it. The financial fraud charge pertains to White’s allegedly lying under oath about his address on loan documents, Dowd said.

Dowd said the grand jury wasn’t sure where White had actually resided, “but the grand jury didn’t believe it was where he claimed.”Huffington – Charlie White

Little Fish

Indiana’s Acknowledgment

The final policy recommendation was in the area of public safety. Research showed that community-based substance use treatment programs are not available to many offenders under supervision and responses to probation violations are slow and ineffective, making re-offense more likely.
Indiana Sentencing


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