A Tri-fecta of Shame

The GOP scores a perfect tri-fecta of misogyny with Foster Friess, Dave Alba, and Rush Limbaugh coming in one, two, three, crossing the finishing line of a neck and neck race to the bottom of locker room humor.

Foster Friess, (pictured on etch-a-sketch below) the main donor to the Super PAC backing Rick Santorum’s presidential bid, made an embarrassing jab at humor when he unearthed a joke from the Joe McCarthy era, stating that an inexpensive pill for birth control is a Bayer Aspirin, which works when the “gal” holds it between her knees. I mean, where has he been for the past fifty years, watching news reels in his underground bunker.

Next in line, Dave Alba who co- authored a bill in Virginia to require trans-vaginal ultra sound for any woman seeking to terminate a pregnancy. Alba upstaged the tastelessness of Foster Friess when he rose on the floor of the legislature to deliver, what I am sure he thought was, a humorous monologue about he and is wife viewing his face on a big screen TV later that night, with the result of Dave being denied sex.

The winner that takes all for tasteless and despicable comment, came from, who else, but Rush Limbaugh. Sandra Fluke is a law student from Georgetown who was denied testimony before a Senate Committee on the contraceptive mandate, who later was provided a special committee composed of democrats to hear her testimony. Her testimony (which you can watch in full at the bottom of the post) drew harsh reaction from the right wing media, but no one could hope to top Rush Limnbaugh, when he called her a “slut”. His attack drew sharp attack from nearly anyone with a sense of fairness, and has caused him to shed many of the major sponsors to his talk radio show.

Working an etch-a-sketch in an iPhone world.

The comments and attacks carried most people back in time, since they seemed to come from a state of consciousness from the age of the etch-a-sketch, yet were being delivered in a IPhone world. The brand of humor and good-old-boy chicanery harkened memories of a child being introduced by a parent who has had a bit too much to drink, and speaks in slurred words as the son or daughter stands there squirming and red-faced. All three instances of old world misogyny were out of sync with the times, and spoke to the undeniable truth that those who call themselves social conservatives are little more than unsocial archeologists.

Annie Oakley Shot Balls

The uproar caused by the three men and their remarks, that fell so out of touch with the mainstream, brought to mind a strong woman of American History, Annie Oakley. Most know of her from the Broadway musical “Annie Get Your Gun”, but she demonstrated a strength of character late in her life that many know little of. She was slandered by the Hearst press for having fallen into seedy and drunken behavior in a lead story with a bold headlines that thousands of people read nationwide. It was not true. There was a woman named Annie Oakley who was arrested in such a drunken state, but it was not her. She spent years crossing the country to clear her name, suing individual Hearst newspapers one at a time.

It is the image of spirit of a brave woman, who shot balls out of the air, that lead to the video – “Annie Shoots Balls”

Sandra Fluke testimony at special hearing of democrats


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