Now departing Penokee Hills – ALL ABOARD the Recall Train

Like a child’s train, what goes around comes around.

Walker’s refusal of Federal High Speed Rail funds was “Not only frustrating, it was downright disgusting”. Now, Walker uses the same words regarding the failure of mining bill.

Walker did not mince words over mining Thursday. “It’s not only frustrating, it’s downright disgusting. You had senators who were willing to put politics ahead of jobs,” Walker said. Walker Reacts

Mirror, mirror on the wall..

“If politics is going to play a higher priority than getting people back to work, it’s a sad day,” Walker said.

Who played politics worst of all?

It was Scott Walker who had a King of job creators kneeling at his feet. Talgo, the Spanish train-maker had already opened a plant in Milwaukee and was working on two trainsets for the Chicago-Milwaukee Hiawatha service. Wisconsin was awarded eight hundred and ten million dollars to create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin. Walker said “No”. The reason he gave was one of the first in the long litany of lies he would unleash on the people of Wisconsin over the following year.

Why did Walker reject high speed rail?

The job creating potential of Talgo, that was already in place in Milwaukee and looking ahead to years of production, was seen as such an obvious beacon in the dark tunnel of economic woe that Gov. Pat Quinn of Illinois immediately laid out a red carpet with a willingness of circus puppy.

Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn sent Talgo Inc. a letter inviting the company to move to his state and promising to do whatever he could to lure it there. …

“If Wisconsin is losing its enthusiasm for its rail program and others are not, we could go to Illinois and manufacture world-class trains there,” said Nora Friend, Talgo vice president for public affairs and business development. “We certainly appreciate Gov. Quinn reaching out to us. We will consider very seriously states that want to grow their rail program.”

Quinn invites Talgo

Poor leadership, poor strategy, abysmal whining

In case you thought that last Summer’s recall elections where a failure because the Senate remained under GOP control – think again. If not for the shift of two new democratic seats in the Senate, the Penokee Hills would be well on its way to allow become a scar on the earth. Instead, the scar was left on the credibility and political clout of Scott Walker as Gogebic Taconite President Bill Williams issued a statement late Tuesday saying the company was leaving the state because the Senate sent a “clear message that Wisconsin will not welcome iron mining. We get the message.” To which a whisper from Mother Earth could be heard traveling off the waves of Lake Superior – “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out”.

A wiser man would not find himself in Walker’s place. People like Walker fail to understand any of the often quoted words of truth – “The chickens come home to roost” – “The arc of moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice” – “You can fool some of the people some of the time…”. Only a self possessed man like Scott Walker is doomed to strut and fret his hour on the stage of politics owning the belief that he can impose his self will on people and politics, while defying history by repeating the behavior of fools of the past and expecting different results.

The tracks, leading Walker out of his post, have been bent toward justice through the furnace of protest and unending demands of over a million people.

The train is now departing the Penokee Hills – All aboard the recall train!

Here Lies The Loss

“We were positioned to be not only a center of the line, but to be a manufacturing center as well. Now we are moving from being the leader to the back of the line,” Doyle said. “Eight hundred and ten million dollars that would have gone to create thousands of jobs in Wisconsin will now create jobs in other states.”

Nora Friend, a spokeswoman for the train manufacturing company Talgo, called the loss of funds “terrible news” for Wisconsin, for the company and its Milwaukee manufacturing plant, and for vendors and workers throughout the state.

“It sends a terrible message to businesses that are considering coming to Wisconsin,” Friend said.

She added Talgo will close its Milwaukee plant, probably in early 2012, and likely will lay off more than half of the 125 workers it expects to have on its payroll at that time. She said she doesn’t know where the plant will relocate.

Capital Times

Construction employment on the line itself was projected to peak at 4,732 jobs in 2012, with 55 permanent jobs to operate and maintain trains, stations and tracks.
Journal Sentinel


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