Ear to the rail – The Indictment Train is a'Comin

Ear to the rail

Nearly every child who lived within walking distance of a railroad track, has put their ear to the rail to see if they could hear the train coming. If it was, the vibration could be heard well in advance of the arrival of the approaching train. Now, with ear to the rail, the Walker Indictment train is a’comin.

The Vibrations of Indictment

Last Friday, Walker established a legal defense fund. Of course, those who stand with him, might say that he is just doing the wise thing; like an Eagle Scout, he is just following the motto “Be prepared”. Those million people who signed recall petitions hear a different vibration on the indictment rail, since the rule for establishment of such a fund is quite clear and narrow in specifying the conditions of such a fund defined as the “527 Status”.

But state election law makes clear that a candidate can set up one of these funds in limited circumstances.

“Wisconsin Statutes permit a state government official who is being investigated for or
charged with a violation of campaign finance laws or prohibited election practices to establish a ‘legal defense fund’ for expenditures supporting or defending the candidate while that person is being investigated for, or charged with, or convicted of a violation of those chapters,” says a summary of the statute provided by the Government Accountability Board. No Quarter Blog

Put your ear to the rail…

The Kevin Kennedy Vibration

Just yesterday Kennedy was asked if the Walker campaign had informed the GAB of an investigation against him, given the news that broke last week of the establishment of a legal defense fund for Walker. Kennedy gave a rather surprising answer “the law prohibits” him from answering that question. Wisconsin Media Co Op – Video and story.

The vibration of the rail would suggest the indictment train has made its stop at the Government Accountability Board (GAB) and Director Kennedy is legally bound to the silence that a John Doe inquiry drops, like a mail bag, as it leaves the station.

Put your ear to the rail…

Defendant Kevin Kavanaugh (conveniently) fails to appear in court

Kavanaugh is one of the half dozen former staffers who have been charged in the John Doe investigation. He was finally scheduled to appear at a hearing to face five felony charges accusing him of embezzling about $42,000 in donations intended to help military veterans and their families. At present all the separates the Governor of the State of Wisconsin from complicity in the allegations of his appointees and friends, is the 25 foot distance between his County Executive office door and the secret email network. If just one word of Walker’s knowledge of this network arrives in court, he becomes subject to felony indictment.

But, Kavanaugh failed to appear at the hearing because he was being treated for internal bleeding, a problem that has placed him in intensive care. This according to this lawyer Christopher Hartley.

Put your ear to the rail…

Attorney for Tim Russell Withdraws

Tim Russell was Deputy Chief of Staff under County Executive Walker and is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from a veterans fund and illegally campaigning on county time. Just as his roommate Kavanaugh missed his hearing, we learn that Russell’s attorney, Andrew Franklin, told a judge he wanted to withdraw from the case because of a conflict. Attorney Andrew Franklin was granted the withdrawal but the reason will be kept confidential.

Put your ear to the rail…

More than one coincidence is not a coincidence

John Doe defendants are suddenly struck ill, attorney’s are quitting, defense funds are being set, the Director of GAB declines to answer questions for legal reasons – put your ear to the rail. Hear the vibrations?

Johnny Cash – Folsom Prison Blues

I bet there’s rich folks eatin’,
In a fancy dining car,
They’re probably drinkin’ coffee,
And smokin’ big cigars,
But I know I had it comin’,
I know I can’t be free,
But those people keep a-movin’,
And that’s what tortures me.


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