GOP post partum Abortion Clinic

If you want the GOP to care about you – remain a fetus.

The first time I heard this quip, I thought it was funny. Not any more. The Catholic Church and social conservatives defend the life of a fetus with all the self righteous zeal of a mob at the stoning of a prostitute. Strange simile? Think about it. Especially in light of Rush Limbaugh’s remark referring to Sandra Fluke as a slut for defending a woman’s right to insurance coverage for contraception. Where is the disconnect between contraception and the ultimate result of a prevented pregnancy or the prevented birth of a human being – like birth is from Mars, but contraception is from Neptune? Where is the disconnect? Is there an 11th Commandment somewhere – Thou shalt be stupid?

Why are women being thrown into the GOP vilification machine along with unions, teachers, and even government itself? Explain why all the Christian love and caring begins at conception but ends at birth? Really, contraception, conception, birth, and crying and kicking life follow along on obvious straight-line continuum as blatantly obvious as 2 + 2 = 4! What am I missing?

GOP social conservative policies are little more than legislative abortion clinics

If the same piece meal overview were taken to the management of rivers as is applied to the conception/birth continuum, Santorum, Gingrich and Romney would call for pumping water for faster flow at the river’s source, and blow up all the dams along the way to the delta. The myopic hallucination that contraception is disconnected from the ultimate number of births and the care needed for live and kicking life to progress, compares to forcefully pumping water at the source. Removing a woman’s right to plan and chose, aside from her basic right of control over her own body, compares to blowing up all the dams along the way. Yet, social conservatives continue to deny the natural and obvious connection of contraception, development, and birth. They look through the religion tinted classes that cloud the consciousness with the holy will on the contraception and abortion end of the continuum, while ignoring the fact that, just down river, there are children born to poor, single, or unprepared families and mothers. The Bible seems to stop there. Once the fetus is a live and kicking human being, all responsibility for health care and developmental nurturing goes to the new human being and the mother or family, while government washes its hands of responsibility, as family planning and health care options are seen as “entitlements”, which might be perfectly applicable to a fetus, but not a real live and kicking American citizen. What happened to all the good old christian charity of those who erected the “Abortion can stop a beating heart” along the roadway. Where are all the “Health care can revive a slowing heart” road signs?

As this is written the legislature in Wisconsin is meeting to consider cutting 22,000 people from the State Badger Care program. All of them are from the low income end of the wage scale, and many of them are single mothers with real live kicking infant American citizens. Many of them will die. How does the death of a young infant who succumbs from lack of health care differ from a developing fetus to the family or mother who must grieve the death?

We hear the of plans for similar cuts and abandonment of the Affordable Health Care Act daily on the GOP campaign trail. The “I will repeal Obamacare” line is sure to be followed by prolonged applause from social conservatives.

How are GOP polices anything other than Post Natal Legislative Abortion Clinics?


3 thoughts on “GOP post partum Abortion Clinic

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  2. Prayer After Birth (Acknowledgements and Apologies to Louis MacNeice).

    I am now born: please hear me, Let not the debt collectors, Or the rights protectors, Or the seditious insurrectors come near me.

    I am now born, comfort me, Else I fear that the human-folk may: With clever lies debase me, With bad science un-race me, And with strong drugs erase me.

    I am now born: please bestow me, Among the dancing grass, babbling brooks, Swaying trees and singing rooks, Undiminished bright light of grace and truth, To restore me.

    I am now born, with lullabies lull me, With warm cuddles mull me, With deep love sustain me, and, With silence, not gainsay me.


  3. Why don’t these “poor women” not have sex….then there will be no pregnancy and no “poor children”. If you don’t want to get pregnant or don’t want or can’t afford babies or aren’t prepared…don’t have them. How do you do that? Don’t have sex. The equation is simple – 0 sex = 0 pregnancies.
    You ask where the good Christian charities are? They are everywhere, all around you. The absolutely idiotic statement re: “Christian love stopping at birth” just confirms the fact that you have no clue what Christianity is all about.
    Perfect example of how all the lies get started…someone tells people something they themselves know nothing about and they tell someone and so on and so on.


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