Do you deer hunt? Kroll says, "You are a socialist"

This from James Kroll the man Scott Walker hired to manage Wisconsin’s deer herd.

“GAME MANAGEMENT …is the last bastion of communism.”

Which side of the fence are you on? – article by Joe Nick Patoski

February 2002

Why did Walker import James Kroll all the way from Texas to manage Wisconsin’s deer herd?
Walker’s decision to hire James Kroll to recommend changes to Wisconsin’s system of deer herd management left many people scratching their heads. Why Kroll? Why import a person completely foreign to the Wisconsin deer hunt?

Now, the reasons become clear as we hear the philosophy of Kroll regarding the deer hunt.

People who call for more public lands are “cocktail conservationists,” he says, who are really pining for socialism. He calls national parks “wildlife ghettos” and flatly accuses the government of gross mismanagement.

Many Wisconsin hunters who, may stand with Walker on union and budget issues, take offense at being tagged communists and socialists and are pulling the “Stand with Walker” signs out of their yard. Many who have been hunting deer with their fathers and grand-fathers strongly disagree with the Walker-Kroll vision of privatized deer farms. Wisconsin hunters do not buy into the pay-to-play deer hunt modeled in Kroll’s Texas deer ranches.

Walker/Kroll vision of Wisconsin Trophy Hunters? Is this Wisconsin? Are you a “deer queer?

“IF YOU HANG AROUND HUNTERS long enough, you are certain to hear the term “deer queers.” They represent a growing subgroup of deer hunters who eat, drink, and sleep trophy bucks.”

Jerry Johnston started Texas Trophy Hunters almost thirty years ago. But it has been only in the past five years that interest in trophy hunting—as opposed to plain old deer hunting—has blossomed, according to Johnston.

Though Johnston insists that his main objective is to improve the “quality” of the deer, the message being conveyed through those media is, It’s not about the meat anymore, or the chase, or the man versus beast struggle. It’s all about large, multipoint sets of antlers that you can mount over your fireplace. “Back in the old days, in a deer camp, when the hunting season opened, the hero of the camp was the one who got the first buck,” explains Johnston. “It didn’t matter if it was ten points or not. We didn’t think of management for quality. That kind of thinking has changed.”

His organization is the most visible advocate for high fences and for the right of the landowners behind them to manage their property as they wish.

The buck stops here – pull the sign

The scenario might be great for Texas, but it ain’t Wisconsin. The buck stops here. If you want to preserve Wisconsin’s wild deer hunt you best go pull the “Stand with Walker” sign from your yard or face the Walker/Kroll future. You and your blaze orange dressed son or daughter will buy a ticket, if you can afford it, from a private deer farm for the right to hunt trophy deer.

Marquette Poll Skewed Conservative

Wisconsin is the home of 3,400,000 registered voters. Below is the question of greatest interest in the most recent Marquette poll:

In an election to recall the governor between Republican Scott Walker and Democrat Tom
Barrett, would you vote for Walker or for Barrett?

Walker 356 or 51%
Barrett 303 or 43%

How is this possible? Nearly 1 million signatures were collected on petitions to trigger the recall election. 1 million is nearly one third of all the registered voters in the state. The result of the Marquette poll begs the question: When one third of all the people who can vote in the state have already signed recall petitions, how is it possible that 54% of the people called said they will vote for Walker?

To his credit, the administrator of the poll Charles Franklin publishes the detail methodology in support of his findings. Most polls do not allow for us to look inside the methods, but only publish the results. This is not the first time Mr. Franklin has been challenged as to the accuracy of his sampling methods, which consistently demonstrate anomalies that skew the findings in favor of conservative and very conservative voters. Yet, his sampling methods have remained largely unchanged since his first poll of the Walker’s approval rating back in late January. No one is looking for a sampling that will favor any candidate, but we are looking for a sampling that rides on an even playing field. So, what is the problem? What are the anomalies that suggest skewing to the right. Even Mr. Franklin acknowledges his astonishment at the number of signatures collected to recall Walker in an interview on “Here and Now” last January.

Video of Full Interview

Watch Polling specialist assesses recall movement on PBS. See more from Here and Now.

Franklin currently tweets as @PollsAndVotes

Here is the problem with Mr. Franklin’s poll, as described by Jud Lounsbury’s blog since his first poll back in January

Many in Wisconsin are shocked that Tom Barrett somehow went from being up by a point to being down by six points in a span of only two weeks. Have voters suddenly taken a sharp disliking to Tom Barrett? No.

The reason why the poll numbers have changed is because they significantly changed the sample of who they polled. In this poll there are more conservatives and moderates and fewer liberals:

Latest Poll: Conservatives 48% Moderates: 39% Liberals: 20%

Poll Two Weeks Ago: Conservatives 43% Moderates: 32% Liberals: 22%

Not surprisingly, when you poll more conservatives and fewer liberals, your going to have a very different result.

As discussed in previous posts, if we average the last three exit polls in Wisconsin (2006, 2008 and 2010), we find that the actual breakdown of the Wisconsin electorate is 22.7% liberal, 46.7% moderate, and 31% conservative.

The glaring anomaly has been pointed out by Jud in every Marquette poll since January, and in some polls, when the percentages are closer to the exit poll numbers, guess what? Barrett’s numbers go up.

One last interesting tidbit that suggests skewing in the most recent poll. Nearly one third (29.1%) of those called were of an age 60 or over. We know that older people tend to be more conservative and yet they represent the largest age segment of the poll.

Accurate, scientific polling is appreciated. Mr. Franklin the voters of Wisconsin deserve better.