Vote Unconstitutional

For immediate release:

The tabulation for recording the vote total in Wisconsin elections is a corporate secret. If the rational of Citizens United stands, holding that corporations are people, then the vote tabulation of electronic vote machines is clearly unconstitutional.

How are machines programed? Do they flip votes? Can election results be altered by malicious programing?

Truth is…..NOBODY Knows!

Neither the voter or election officials – the Government Accounting Board, County Clerks, or Governor have access to “secret tabulating software”held by Sequoia/Eagle (a dominant system in Wisconsin) or Diebold voting machines.

If corporations are a person, as defined by the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, why are one or two unelected persons, with no public or private oversight, given total and complete control over the accuracy of vote tabulation in Waukesha, Wisconsin, and America?

The President, Congress, and Senate as well as the Governors, legislators, and elected officials of every state are subservient to a few corporations regarding vote counting tabulation. For ten years we have taken their word that the vote machines, software, and tabulation devices are secure against mounting evidence by a host of organizations and private citizens, that the machines, software, and allegiances of the corporate players are highly suspect to the degree of trusting Bernie Madoff to handle your portfolio. e

Dr.Vote Schtucker is on edge

In the video below below he demonstrates how the “paper trail” generated by the Edge Voting machine has no bearing on the official election results reported to the press on any given election night.


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