Command Central Machines – "Don't like recalls"

Robotic Voting Machines Have Minds of Their Own

In recent blog posts I have written about my experience of discovering that memory cards of voting machines used in the June 5 Recall Election were sent back to Command Central early – before the 21 days required by Wisconsin State Statutes. From my conversation with the County Clerk of Crawford County the send back was described as an “offer” from Command Central to store the memory cards, which occupy no more space than your middle dresser drawer.


Today, let’s look at the “why?”. Why did Command Central facilitate this arrangement when their contract with the counties requires them to abide by the Wisconsin State Statutes? Once they were caught in the early send back, why are they instructed by the Government Accountability Board to withhold comment on, of all things, a response to a Freedom of Information Act request?

In a today’s article in the Crawford County Independent Not all Voting Materials Kept After Election that question was posed to the Vice President of Command Central, Chad Trice. Chad’s title is peculiar in itself since a letter addressed to the County Clerks just last week was signed by Larry Zins, Vice President,Command Central, LLC. Perhaps one or the other is President of Vice? Anyway the Vice President who answered the phone on this day said:

Chad Trice, Command Central’s Vice-President, said there were limits on the comments he could make about election security regarding the cartridges.

“The GAB has instructed us to not comment on this specifically,” Trice said when asked about the security used to ensure election programming was accurate and unaltered.

However, he was willing to comment on the physical custody of the materials.

“There is a chain of custody,” Trice said. “When it comes back to us it goes into inventory and is not touched unless we have to make a copy for an FOIA request.”

Well that is easy for VP Trice to say….why not prove it?

Rather than answering the question, he tells us the (GAB) the Government Accountability Board doesn’t want him to answer the question. Why?

County Clerk Geisler was more forthcoming about GAB’s position about the chain of custody of election materials…

“I spoke to the state counsel for the G.A.B.,” said Geisler. “They have a different reading of the law than Kern and don’t see returning the cartridges early to Command Central as a problem.” Really? Why?

At best, the “why” questions seem terribly difficult to answer or are fielded by the Command Central VP of the day, or by state counsel for the GAB. So lets look elsewhere for our answer.

Looking at the machines with minds of their own for the “WHY?”

(pictured right is GAB Administrator as the VP of Oz)

Let’s take a look at the Command Central machines in which these sent back memory cards were inserted to record your vote on June 5.

Looking at the voting machines, and there are several different types, across the state, it is clear that certain types of machines (Accuvote/TSX) and the (OS/AVC Edge) have a mind of their own – “They just don’t like recalls”. They believe that Walker should be allowed to serve out his term.

You can see for yourself how these AVG Edge machines consistently voted for Walker in the June 5 Recall election. You are about to discover how the Command Central AVC Edge (yep the one where the memory cards were sent back early) performed in favor of Walker when compared to other machines. Barrett had 57% on Opscan/Automark machines (the kind that read your ballot) but just 34-42% on other configurations (like the AVC Edge where memory cards were sent back early. Go to row 100 at the link below, and see for yourself.
See “County Vote Calculator by Machine Type”

Ranking the county machine configurations

The spreadsheet demonstrates that most machines have a mind of their own and “Just don’t like Recall Elections” or Democrats for that matter.

Obama and Barrett vote shares were lowest in TSX and AVC Edge counties and higher where there were HCPB (Hand counted paper ballot)

HCPB/AVC Edge: Barrett 7% BETTER than OPS/AVC Edge
AccuVote: Barrett 7% BETTER than AccuVote/TSX
OpScan/Automark: Barrett 20% BETTER than the rest
HCPB/OS/AVC Edge: Barrett 4% BETTER than OS/AVC Edge

Numbers Don’t Lie

Welcome to the world of numbers.
This is not another TV series, but a real look at a person who has been crunching election numbers for years has applied his knowledge and research to the Wisconsin Elections.

Meet Richard Charnin. Richard’s web site Member of the face book group Election Integrity and author of the book Proving Election Fraud;a detailed analysis of pre and post-election polling data that the mainstream media avoids discussing. The book proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the recorded vote is always different from the True Vote. As a programmer using second-generation computers that took us to the moon, Charnin knows that voting machine “glitches” are not the cause of the failure to properly count the votes. It’s the fault of the humans who program them.

Could the Machines Performance be the answer to the question WHY?

Let’s find the answer. Why not have the memory cards analyzed by an independent computer forensic lab? Better yet why not allow citizens to conduct counts to determine if the machine count compares to the paper trail? WHY?


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