Tomorrow next to Mickey's – More SECRET Machines

NO more Secret Coded Machines in our Elections

Another generation of Secret Coded voting machines to be “Demonstrated”

Kevin Kennedy, Administrator of the Government Accountability Board has taken a cue from the Governor on how to duck the press and public by posting an open public event just one day before it happens. (Remind you of the of the vote on collective bargaining in the legislature?) Well, this event is the public view of the next generation of voting machines and software that has no oversight by any elected official, government agency, or the judiciary. These are the future tools of Kathy Nickolaus, Command Central, and other covert election machine vendors that have proven to be hackable while the programming that counts your vote is a secret, in the purview of a corporate few. (Pictured right is Mickey’s Bar on Williamson Street, which is just yards away from the Machine testing and viewing.)

What if a few hundred people showed up?

Of course the meeting is just an exercise to meet the requirements of the law, to hold an open demonstration, with the expectation that few, if any, citizens will show up at on Wednesday or Thursday. What if people did show up to demand that our secret coded electronic voting come to and end in Wisconsin? What if the secret machine vendors were finally called to answer the question they have dodged for a decade – Why is the programming for the machines that tabulate our vote a trade secret, proprietary, and unavailable by anyone anywhere for forensic analysis?


Public Demonstration of Voting Equipment
5 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Wisconsin Election Administration Council
9:30 a.m. – 12:00 Noon

Thursday, August 2, 2012
Both meetings will be held at the
State Central Services Building
202 South Thornton Avenue
Madison, WI 53703

There will be a PUBLIC DEMOSTRATION of Elections Systems & Software’s Unity 3.2.00 Rev 3 Voting Systems voting equipment at the above time and place. This equipment is being tested and considered for approval by the Government Accountability Board.
The G.A.B. is testing two pieces of ES&S equipment and software:
? DS200 polling-place optical scanner for paper ballots
? AutoMARK VAT auto-marking device, which is used to assist voters with disabilities cast paper ballots
? Unity Rev 3 software
The Wisconsin Election Administration Council (WI-EAC) will also meet at the above time and place to view a demonstration of the equipment.
Under Administrative Code Chapter 7, the Board may use a panel of local election officials and electors to assist in the review of the voting system. The Board is asking the WI-EAC, created pursuant to Section 15.607, Wis. Stats., to serve this purpose. WI-EAC’s input will be made part of staff’s recommendation that will be submitted to the Board for consideration at its August 28, 2012, meeting.
The demonstration and WI-EAC meeting are open to the public.Notice of Demonstration on GAB web site

As scores of citizen volunteers have issued open records requests and are auditing the votes cast in the June 5 Recall Elections, anomalies are being discovered. Now, on the heels of the most expensive and suspicious election in the state’s history, Kevin Kennedy is introducing the same secret machines and software that your children will be voting on. (pictured left – volunteers auditing the Recall Election ballots from the June 5 election in Madison.)


List of Questions that should be asked:

From Jim Mueller and posted on the Wisconsin Counts! face book page:

Some of the questions that members of the Council (or citizens if they are allowed to ask questions) should ask about:

1) The programming (all levels). Is it escrowed? With whom? Accessible by whom? Under what conditions?

2) Since all companies have programming capable of accurately tabulating the votes, will the company (E S & S) make its programming publicly available? If not, why is there a need for secrecy? (Do they have programmers, executives, managers or other employees who have worked for other companies that manufacture, maintain or program voting machines? Have they obtained the programming used by other companies?).

3) Are these machines capable of wireless communication? What would have to be added in order to provide wireless capability? What does that hardware look like? Where does it attach to the voting machine?

Other questions – From Mary Seitz
If there is wireless or Internet connections transmitting data, how do we know if the data is secure? Both types of transmissions are easily hacked.
Have the machines passed security checks? Where can we verify the security checks?
What is the audit trail for the machines?

Join the face book Group

“Public Demonstration against corrupt voting machines” group on face book.
During happy hour. We’ll be putting our protest pants on, grabbing our hand-counted paper ballot signs and staging a little public demonstration of our own. See you there!!!” – Rowan Viva (pictured left)

Tell Secret Code to Hit the Road


4 thoughts on “Tomorrow next to Mickey's – More SECRET Machines

  1. Other questions:
    If there is wireless or Internet connections transmitting data, how do we know if the data is secure? Both types of transmissions are easily hacked.
    Have the machines passed security checks? Where can we verify the security checks?
    What is the audit trail for the machines?
    Up until now, the vote verification has mostly been that the number of ballots issued match the machine total. That leaves the possibility that the tabulator inside the machine can switch votes. How can we verify that this is not happening.


  2. Additional question (to be directed personally to Kevin Kennedy if possible):

    As the testing of the voting hardware is not performed on the actual hardware used during the election, and as the software used for both sets of hardware is a proprietary secret, how can you, in good faith, ask us to trust something that not even the GAB is allowed to verify the integrity of, and is not your request that we trust the machines, when you are not able to legally verify their integrity yourself, implicate you in either incompetence for your position or perhaps even complicity in an attempt to subvert the will of the voters?


  3. They already use the AutoMark machines, as required by the Americans for Disability Act. When we first started using them, someone representing the disabled would check at polling places to make sure we had them up and running. At my polling place it almost never gets used. A lot of people think it’s the tabulator and try to put their ballot in. There is a sign, but when it’s busy they don’t read it, I guess.
    The tabulators are not on the internet or have wireless connections. They’re basically adding machines. If the wrong person were in charge, like Kathy Nickolaus, they probably could be tampered with.


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