Paul "Munster" Ryan Runs for V.P.

The GOP “Back to the Future” Convention

“Back to the Future” is a 1985 American science fiction adventure comedy film. “Back to the Future” well characterizes the platform, speeches, and luminaries of the GOP Convention that began with a hurricane and ended with an ever stiff an robotic speech by the no longer presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. In a speech that was billed as his chance to introduce his real human aspects to the American people, the moments, which are described in some press reports as being “highly emotional”, could more aptly be described as the deep feeling of an undertaker after his 400th funeral. If that was deeply emotional then Hallmark has no fear of a Bain takeover.

Dirty Hairy makes his day with an empty chair

Ok, who could not like Clint Eastwood. Some may even warm up to him even more easily than to Barack Obama. He did his little vaudeville act with an empty chair in which was seated an imaginary Barack Obama. “If someone isn’t doing a good job, you gotta let him go.” and the crowd of mostly wealthy and white delegates and guests loved it almost as much as they loved chanting out Clint’s most famous line from the movies in unison, “Make my day”, a catchphrase spoken by the character Harry Callahan from the 1983 film “Sudden Impact”. Clint sent us back to the future to scrape up an old iconic phrase to deliver to an empty chair – it would have really been cool if a hologram of Obama would have materialized. Maybe next convention.

As Clint spoke a line from a movie that was a smash during the Reagan Presidency, you could almost see Reagan himself and the way he would relish the moment, but he was missing for good reason, but then so were the two Bush Presidents. Neither of them appeared at the convention either, not even in an empty chair. Oh, the Gipper of days of yore would have loved the “back to the future” convention, almost as much he loved the original film as suggested in the quote:

Any one here like the 80s movie, “BAck to the Future?” IT is one of my favorite movies. Remember the scene in which CHristopher Lloyd in 1955 asks Michael J. Fox who is President in 1985. Fox says, “Ronald Reagan.” Lloyd replies, “Ronald Reagan. The actor? Hah!” Reagan was reported to have loved that scene so much he had the projectionist go back to that scene. He had laughed his head off according to sources. This fine man had a great sense of humor and took it the right way.
Some viewed it as a slam at Reagan, but not the Gipper himself.

He quoted a scene from the end of the first “Back to the Future” movie in one of his SOTU addresses. “We are taking America back to the future, and where we are going, we won’t need roads.” This shows you his eternal optimism for America by quoting a scene from a movie. When his time on earth is done, he will be remembered for this eternal optimism.

But he “back to the future” theme of the convention is brought front and center from another Regean quote later in that speech:

Now, Mr. Speaker, you know, I know, and the American people know the federal budget system is broken. It doesn’t work. Before we leave this city, let’s you and I work together to fix it. And then we can finally given the American people a balanced budget.

How “back to the future” is that statement? The GOP should have displayed a running count meter on the number of times those words have been said.

Farther back with Ryan “Eddie” Munster

The Munsters was a series that aired at night once a week in black-and-white on the CBS Television Network from September 24, 1964 to May 12, 1966, for 70 episodes. The family, while decidedly odd, consider themselves fairly typical working-class Americans of the era. I guess this is to reflect how the GOP consider the people of the fairly typical working-class to be odd, regardless of makeup and costume.

Ryan attributes his success, if you can call it that, to the writings and philosophy of Any Rand (Supposedly no relation to Paul) as depicted in the fantasy novel “Atlas Shrugged”. The novel predates “The Munsters” by just six years, and to most people from Wisconsin and the Planet Earth, her atheistic and self-centered ideas are even more decidedly odd then the Munster Family.

So here comes the kicker. The people from Wisconsin who have been helplessly branded by this decidedly odd, dorky politician have taken notice, long ago, of his remarkable resemblance to a member of the 1960’s Munster family; Eddie the son of Herman and Lily.

Here is one more thing you cannot help but notice about Paul “Eddie” Ryan – his Adams Apple which is the big bump jutting out from the throats of most men that is really a part of the larynx or voice box. When boys go through puberty, hormones cause the larynx to grow rapidly, deepening their voices and causing the bulge to form. Girls’ voices also deepen with puberty, but since their larynxes don’t tend to grow as much, they don’t usually develop an “Eve’s apple.” Yet Ryan has an “adam’s apple” that appears to be – well, aroused, leading me to conjecture about this particular protrusion on the neck that is unique to men. Could this be where the anomosity-to-women gland is located? If so, it would explain his inability to understand the violence of rape as demonstrated by his will to force a woman to bear the product of such personal violence to term.(pictured above the Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand. Do they appear they could be mother and son?

The video below encompasses the “back to the future”, aroused “adam’s apple”, Ayn Rand myopic selfishness, of Paul Ryan and the platform of the Republican Party.

Huricanne party on Romney's Yacht

While many people on the Gulf are being rescued from roof tops, Romney is having a party for top donors on his yacht.

While a weakening Isaac pounded the Gulf Coast with wind, rain and flooding, and levees protecting New Orleans held, residents had to be rescued from rooftops in inundated southeastern Louisiana.

While last night Chris Christy said:

“What will our children and grandchildren say of us? Will they say we buried our heads in the sand, we assuaged ourselves with the creature comforts we’ve acquired, that our problems were too big and we were too small, that someone else should make a difference because we can’t?”

Yes. Romney demonstrated again today that he is so out of touch with the daily lives of everyday people. Maybe he didn’t view the hurricane damage from the safety of Air Force One as his GOP predecessor did, but he did something every bit as demeaning and out of touch. He decided to have a party with millionaires on his yahct!

Tonight he will tell us what “a nice guy” he is

But today…

Mitt Romney’s campaign saluted its top donors on Wednesday morning with an exclusive party aboard a luxuy yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

ABC News reports that the event, which did not appear on any public calenders, was meant to thank those who have already contributed more than $1 million to Romney’s campaign. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was scheduled to speak to the roughly 50 guests, including energy billionaire Wilbur Ross (pictured in Yacht window), elite Republican fundraiser Mel Sembler, and Romney’s older brother, Scott. Presumably, no “nails ladies” were invited.

Several other guests covered their name tags as they exited the yacht to prevent ABC News from identifying them.

The luxury yacht, called “Cracker Bay,” is registered in the Cayman Islands and flies the British territory’s civil ensign (pictured below the yacht). This raises an uncomfortable comparison for Romney, who has at least 12 accounts worth up to $30 million in the Cayman Islands. Cracker Bay was almost certainly registered in the Caymans for the exact same reason that Romney has stashed his money there: to avoid paying taxes on it.

The episode is a potential messaging disaster for Romney. As Republicans inside the convention try to convince a skeptical public that they are committed to protecting the middle class, their standard-bearer hosts a party for millionaires on a tax-free luxury yacht just outside.

GOP Convention an exercise in Civil War Preparedness

Watching the GOP Convention on TV? Here is what you won’t see

While we see the drapery of flags and red carpet on our flat screens on which will walk the newly appointed leaders of the most extremist agenda in history, we will not see much of the massive security force that has been armed and fortified to protect the delivery of this seemingly palatable, mainstream right wing agenda. 15,000 members of the mainstream media will cover the events of the convention that the same mainstream media wants you to see. It is all so organized and orchestrated to spin the GOP message of no taxes for the wealthy, stripping women of reproductive rights, and the dismantling of Social Security as a message for moderates and independents that represents their best choice for the future

So, what are they afraid of?

A messenger with good news has little fear of being shot. If the Republican platform is so acceptable to the majority of voters, than why the need for all the protection from police and the National Guard to allow that message to be spun on a broadcast with all the appearances of innocent political celebration? If the GOP message is so palatable and middle of the road then why all the riot gear, shields, and 50 million dollars worth of protection to see to it that Wisconsin Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus comes off a hero of spin? Bob Buckhorn Mayor of Tampa boosts of his studied plan to allow protestors to have their say, he spins the message,like so much blood stained laundry in a heavy duty dryer, to portray the police as “well trained to act as tour guides”.

The convention is so well “orchestrated” by Priebus that he is “securing the rules” as he wants them by playing the same covert games that have been played in Wisconsin for the past year and a half. Priebus brings the Fitzwalkerstan sleight of hand to get his own way:

Posted On Face Book by Convention Hostage
The Virginia and Rhode Island delegations are apparently being blocked from entering the Republican National Convention. They’re keeping us all on a bus and not allowing us in the security perimeter.

Please share this news with your friends.

-Chris Stearns, Delegate from Virginia on the bus.
VA Delegation Bus being Redirected away from Convention to prevent them from voting against Rules Committee Power Grab

The story from the ground looks more like a Civil War Preparedness Exercise

Jenna Pope, just like Rance Priebus and Paul Ryan, is from Wisconsin. She is not there a Republican delegate or operative to spin the event as an acceptable alternative for America. She is there as an ordinary citizen to express herself, her views, and her opposition to the platform of most extreme right wing agenda in history – and she has a camera, and the witty intelligence to give us the story and the pictures you will not see on your flat screen. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Jenna’s are worth ten thousand or more, and do not need any further commentary on my part to narrate what she captures through her expert eye. All the the photos you seen on this post were captured by Jenna in the past two days. Yes. Wow!

Does the overreach for security look more like war then a tourist friendly kiosk?

The pictures tell the story of the real war in America. The one you will not see on TV, the one the mainstream media will not cover, and the one most people remain unaware of. Ready to be aware? The Department of Homeland Security is actively studying, planning and arming some of the most unlikely government agencies in preparation for a Civil War in America. Below is a short paragraph from the full pdf. version of the doucument “(U//FOUO) Rightwing Extremism”: (the link to the full document is highlighted below)

Current Economic and Political
Climate Fueling Resurgence in
Radicalization and Recruitment

Rightwing extremists are harnessing this historical election as a recruitment
tool. Many rightwing extremists are antagonistic toward the new presidential
administration and its perceived stance on a range of issues, including immigration and
citizenship, the expansion of social programs to minorities, and restrictions on firearmsownership and use. Rightwing extremists are increasingly galvanized by these concernsand leverage them as drivers for recruitment. From the 2008 election timeframe to the present, rightwing extremists have capitalized on related racial and political prejudices in expanded propaganda campaigns, thereby reaching out to a wider audience of potential sympathizers.

Homeland Security Offical use only pdf document

This is more than a study of Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment this is a plan now being orchestrated by arming some of the least likely departments in the federal government. Would you believe the Soical Security Administration and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration have been armed in preparedness for civil war? I wish this were a conspiracy theory, but it is a fact that hollow point bullets have been procured by these seemingly benevolent government agencies.

Its Clear Our Military Is No Longer The Nation’s Only Standing Army When It Comes To Killing Power
One Billion + Hollow Point Bullets

Digging deeper into the government’s recent procurements for ammo, you learn just how aggressively they are buying up ridiculous amounts of ammo and riot related equipment. The feds have actually ordered over 1 billion rounds of ammo in 2012 alone. They received 750,000,000 in March and are awaiting another 450,000,000 arriving soon. All in conjunction with large-scale orders for riot gear, bulletproof checkpoint outposts with red and green stoplights, human shaped paper practice targets, and other crowd control and containment equipment.

“There is no conspiracy theory here. The federal government is expecting either a catastrophic financial collapse that could provoke nationwide food riots and all out civil unrest, another civil war, or even Armageddon. All in the very near future. Some theorize that the mass purchase of ammunition is an attempt to hoard as much as possible from the American public whom the feds believe may be in preparation for civil war right now. ”
Full Article OpEdNews

Skeptical? So was I.

If this is the first or even the second time you are hearing this you maybe resistant to believing that preparation for an American Civil War is alive and active. Who wants to believe that the political class war of conventions and television ads may be on the verge of open confrontation on the streets of every city and hamlet across the country? Even though a google search produced 15 pages of articles from April – August of this year with stories in support the build up for civil war being implemented by Homeland Security, I wanted to see more proof. I finally found a link to the email response from the Social Security Administration regarding the procurement of hollow point munitions.

Request for Quote for Ammunition
Solicitation Number: SSA-RFQ-12-1851
Agency: Social Security Administration
Office: Office of Budget, Finance, and Management

Location: Office of Acquisition and Grants
The contractor can also access the IPP system
through a link on this site.
0001 .357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacketed hollow point 174 TH
pistol ammunition
Part# GSB357SB/29408 357 SIG 125 BJHP B

GOP Convention Ended 2 weeks ago Gestationally Speaking

The GOP has now decided that ‘Pregnancy Begins 2 Weeks Before Conception, at least in Arizona. I kid you not – or if I had  – it would have been two weeks ago. Do you see how crazy the assault of the GOP on women, and the disadvantaged has gone? They can no longer contain their long reaching arms within the three dimensional world, but have moved into “spookyville”, where legitimate rape is different from plain rape, and now, they tell us that the legitimate rape really occurred two weeks earlier than the day it actually happened!

‘Pregnancy Begins 2 Weeks Before Conception’ Now The Law In Arizona

In Arizona, women are now legally pregnant two weeks before conception, according to a new law, the Orwellianly-named, “Women’s Health and Safety Act,” signed yesterday by Republican Governor Jan Brewer. The scientifically, medically, ethically, and intellectually dishonest legislation is designed to reduce the amount of time a woman is allowed to have a legal abortion, and is one of the most draconian bills to become law in America.

Would someone tell all those delegates in Tampa that the GOP Convention ended two weeks ago since they were all conceived a fortnight earlier than they originally thought? By Arizona law, they are not really there!

You may wonder why Janet Brewer would concoct a law that bends string theory and all the wildest nightmares of Einstein into a law that defies time and space, and then expects everyone to believe it. It goes right along with the idea that the wealthiest among us are job creators, even though as the rich have gotten richer over the past decade the middle class has shrunk from grape to raisin. Now they are ready to bend time and space do decrease the legal time before a rape victim can have an abortion.

Just in case that is not diabolically crazy enough another Machiavellian motive for the law is to get rid of those welfare mothers.

The bill was sponsored by extremist Arizona State Rep. Kimberly Yee, who last month penned an op-ed titled, “No drug test, no welfare.” Yee (pictured right)wrote:

States have an obligation to hold those on public assistance accountable for their actions. Receiving a public benefit is a privilege, not a right. The debate on drug testing welfare recipients is simply about the responsible use of tax dollars.

It’s unclear where in the U.S. constitution it states that the states “have an obligation to hold those on public assistance accountable for their actions.”

This would be a lot more funny, if it were not unfolding before our very eyes like some nasty trick of Crusty the Clown or the witch who lives in the gingerbread house in the middle of the forest. This is really happening right here and now in America as we follow the path of bread crumbs left by the wealthiest witches on our way to the hot stove at the end of the path. At least when we choke out our last breath we can be comforted to know that it all really happened two weeks ago.

Bucky Badger Shrugged

The Ryan/Rand Idea is NOT Bucky Badger

Put your ear to the rail. I did this as a kid just like the boys pictured right. A friend usually watched while thinking the whole idea was crazy, “You could never hear the rumble of an approaching train long before it appeared around the bend”. We might have even bet a Hank Aaron baseball card or who pays for the root beer on the deal. Who won? If you don’t know, just go out and try it for yourself. In fact, this may be a good time for all well meaning, grown up Wisconsinites to go out and listen for the vibration on the rail.

There is a train a comin’- a sleek new Zephyr with a steam lined engine pulling a line of box cars and tankers that are filled with the solution to our economic woes. On your way to the track, stop for a visit to your grandma’s house and see how she is doing, and while you are there tell her about all the great, new ideas that are a comin’ down the rail, oh, and leave her a copy of the book “Atlas Shrugged”. Better yet, read her a passage or two and watch her face. See the shock in her eyes as you read the words:

“What’s wealth but the means of expanding one’s life? There’s two ways one can do it: either by producing more or by producing it faster.”
-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Ch. 1

“No one’s happiness but my own is in my power to achieve or to destroy.”
-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Ch. 2

You don’t have to see through the eyes of others, hold onto yours, stand on your own judgment, you know that what is…”
-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Ch. 4

Finally, Grandma says,”That’s enough. Where did you get such a book with such selfish ideas?”. You might answer, “I got it from Uncle Bob, he works with Paul Ryan and he requires all his staff to read it.”

In 2005, Paul Ryan told the Atlas Society, which is devoted to promoting Rand’s ideas, that she inspired his political career: “If I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.” He also declared that Rand’s work was required reading for his staff and interns.

Grandma takes the book and holds in her lap as she looks out the window at the curled, dry leaves of the maple tree that has struggled through the long Summer drought. She finally puts her hands on your shoulders and says,”Oh yes, Paul Ryan is the new big thinker. Oh, I am so afraid for you.”

Galt, Gold and God

Put your ear to the rail. This is not the Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal, or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Paul Krugman is not some half-wit, lefty blogger.

By Paul Krugman
The New York Times (8/23/12)

So far, most of the discussion of Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican nominee for vice president, has focused on his budget proposals. But Mr. Ryan is a man of many ideas, which would ordinarily be a good thing.

In his case, however, most of those ideas appear to come from works of fiction, specifically Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

For those who somehow missed it when growing up, “Atlas Shrugged” is a fantasy in which the world’s productive people — the “job creators,” if you like — withdraw their services from an ungrateful society. The novel’s centerpiece is a 64-page speech by John Galt, the angry elite’s ringleader; even Friedrich Hayek admitted that he never made it through that part. Yet the book is a perennial favorite among adolescent boys. Most boys eventually outgrow it. Some, however, remain devotees for life.

Wisconsinites are NOT selfish people – This is NOT Wisconsin

I’ve lived in Wisconsin most of my life and I know that my Grandma Weier, (Hey, Grandma you are on the internet) who went to Mass nearly every day of her life and who baked coffee cake, and white bread for nearly every funeral lunch, does not deserve being called a “victim of guilt” by the likes of Paul Ryan or Ayn Rand and neither does Wisconsin fit under the label of the Ryan/Rand “ego run rampant” philosophy.

Of course, these are hard times and everyone – Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, and Jews – would all like to balance the budget, but not at the expense of faulting our compassionate heritage and being aligned with the ideas of atheists and egotists.

Put your ear to the rail and hear the rumble of the train. It is not the one you want your children to ride on. Go ask Grandma.

Love You Grandma

What's good for the boss is good for the AG – "N-O"

What is it about “no” that Attorney General Van Hollen doesn’t understand?

On one camera in one studio we have humble Tommy Thompson telling reporters that he is not going to release his taxes. No, he was not really telling them, he was daring them to ever ask that question again. He had made up his mind like a 5-year-old who will not share his candy stash, and blasted inquiring reporters with the rasping order of a bartender yelling “Last call!”.

Meanwhile on another camera in another studio we have Van Hollen, Tommy’s co-campaign chairman, asking the question about why the State Supreme Court cannot double up on the two lower court injunctions of the voter ID law, and pass it, like quick, before – yes before – the Presidential Election.

Oh Please just answer the question by playing the tape of his boss’s voice. “The question is, is the Court going to reverse the Voter Id Injunction? The answer is no. No,” they say. “The answer is N-O. What part don’t you understand?”

The questions surrounding the voter ID law remain as partisan and strident as they were when the law was passed in the days of the Republican controlled Senate. Nothing has changed. The argument is whether voter fraud has been proven to be the kind of problem that warrants the risk of disenfranchising voters, many of whom are people of color and the elderly. But, to make a plea to suddenly push the law down people’s throats with only weeks to adjust, increases the threat of disenfranchisement by leaps, since those without ID would have so little time to react. NO, Van Holen. What is it you don’t understand?

But that ain’t all. “You don’t ask for mercy when you’re still on the stand”.- Leanard Cohen

It seems Van Hollen’s slippery, situation is the stuff songs are made of.

We go from Leonard Cohen right into Jimmy Buffett’s “Wasting away…” Song? Sing it with me. ∫∫

“Wasted away again in Kathynicklolausville.
Searching for my lost kicker of votes.”

Van Hollen was elected to his current position as a result of the same Kathy Nicholaus reproductive math that gave Prosser the Supreme Court election! Yep. Van Holen is in office because the fuzzy vote count in Waukesha.

The “found vote” in the Waukesha Court election brought back all those memories of the close vote that made Van Hollen Attorney General rather like a nightmare.

Defending Wisconsin Asks JB Van Hollen to Resign
Tuesday, 12 April 2011 12:07 Paul I. Tascoupe

The Waukesha County Clerk reports that there were 156,804 ballots cast in that election. You can see that by going here: Offical Results

I peeked ahead, and sure enough!

PRECINCTS COUNTED (OF 211). . . . . 210 99.53
BALLOTS CAST – TOTAL. . . . . . . 156,804

All seems kosher until you look at the Government Accountability Board Canvass Summary in which over 174,000 votes were cast in that race. You can see this by going here and clicking attorney general: Canvas Summary .

And I peeked ahead again…

Attorney General Waukesha

Total Votes 174,049
Faulk 55,609
Van Hollen 118,343
Scattering 97

Therefore it is clear more votes were cast in this race than ballots cast.
Wis Dems

Oh, time for another verse…perfect…Sing it Jimmy… ∫∫∫∫

“Some people claim
there’s a woman to blame….”

So Attorney General Van Holen what is it you do not understand about


Tammy Baldwin’s ad addressing Thompson’s “No Tax Returns Statement”

Wisconsin Recall Red Swing – Touch Machine UNDER DUCK

Swing, Swing HIGH – Swing Swing LOW

The Mainstream Media would like you to believe that our elections are safe and that the results produced by computers (vote machines) that are programmed in secret by covert corporations like Command Central, are producing accurate counts of your vote on each election day. They would also like you to believe that the shiny mahogany desk and the panorama of the city skyline on the set is not contact paper and blue screen photo-shopping. Believe what you will – the numbers swing a different direction and point to swing-highly percentages that suggest an under-duck in the June 5 Recall Election.

The photo at the right was presented, just yesterday, by Marrianne Moonhouse, Denny Bartels, Neal Schulz and shows the swing-high to the red-Republican side of the fence in just a year and a half (and they are still working on it) – from the 2010 Gubernatorial election that gave us Scott Walker until the June 5 Recall Election which gave us Scott Walker. In such a short year and a half, 2 out of every 10 people in many of the circled counties of the State turned from Democrat to Republican – from Barrett to Walker. We are to believe this, even though one million people circulated and signed recall petitions to trigger the recall in the first place.

Just in case, you may buy the story “that people just don’t like recall elections” or that “Republicans did a miraculous job of getting out the vote” or that the newsroom desk really IS mahogany then come on over to the tilt-a-whirl folks. Buy a ticket, pull down the safety bar for the ride of your life. All of the counties circled like so many failing test papers, have another fate in common – they all use touch screen voting machines as the whole or part of your voting options.

The touch screen voting machine’s roll in the red shift is red flag that even Karl Rove cannot spin away. Why would the kind of machine with the paper roll on the side make the red choice more often than a scan machine or a hand counted paper ballot? Maybe, Conservatives hope to cut the government spending by using less paper and sway away from the huge marked and scanned ballots? Republicans like the whirring sound the touch screen makes since it reminds them of their money counter at home?

The picture, above and right, is further supported by the work of Richard Charnin, election analysis extraordinaire who has done more to uncover election fraud in Wisconsin elections than Todd Akin has done to uncover the ignorance of the right about rape – and that is quite a feat. Richard has created another of his amazing spread sheets: 2010-2012 County Vote Change (Swing) Analysis. You can see for yourself how the rapid shift of the vote to the right defies common sense, especially when you look how the touch screen vote machines AVC Edge and TSX, figure into nearly all of the counties where the greatest percentage of “red swing” occurs.

The Voter’s Prayer

I swear by St.Croix and all that is Green that you should by pass the machine
Did Juneau you could Dodge the electric Oconto with hand voted paper ballot?

Pepin 28%
Green 25%
Dodge 25%
Oconto 24%
Lafayette 23%
Juneau 22%
St. Croix 22%
Iowa 22%
Calumet 22%