A New Box Wine Brand for Wisconsin "LET HIM DIE"

Wisconsin hasn’t changed…the brand has

I love Wisconsin, even if it’s Winters can be long and dark, the people rise above this malice meant for man and trudge out into the sub zero, nose biting air with attitude – all we’ve got to conquer this cold is – STYLE! The topography of this mitten shaped state is as varied and ubiquitous as the people who settled here. Today, Wisconsinites slid their unique culture and heritage into this mitten to warm the hands of generations twice removed. The past brands of the state were possessed of Badgers, the Packers, and the soft yellow cheese head. These brands of a people – who can laugh at themselves, pitch in through the disasters of flood, tornado, and drought – is being bastardized by a few political icons who confuse our values by playing “under duck” in a presidential swing state.

Hey there, God love Elroy and Tommy Thompson and all “dat der”. He flew in on Reagan’s shirt tails and saved the taxpayer’s money by longevity of office – state maps did not need to be reprinted for years because a new governor’s face was not required to replace the pic on the main fold. Ok, so the Wisconsin way is to have a little fun, and even if you are a Republican, you must pray that God grant you the serenity to make it through one of Tommy Thompson’s speeches. I am sorry he won the primary, not so much because of his politics but because of what the sound of his slurring of words is doing to the brand of the state. Surely, you may have noticed in his victory speech last night how his vowels seemed to take away from the integrity of his consonants?

Below is a video of another of Tommy’s speeches before the Recall Election, you will see what I mean:
(And hey, if Feingold were to slosh in such a way, he would be the star of the video)

The brand “Let Him Die” is not Wisconsin. No way. No how.

I was born in raised in the Northwest edge of the state, and my grand and great-grand parents are buried in the Wisconsin soil of a cemetery in Trempealeau County. My Grandma Rose, who pulled the Wigi Board out of our hands like it was a IDE, would never stand for the words or ideas of Ayn Rand. I don’t really believe that most people of the State agree with her “objective philosophy” either, yet it is her brand of “ego run rampant” philosophy that forms the basis of thought for many who call themselves conservatives! But, don’t take my word for it, Ron Johnson and Paul Ryan have stated publicly and on the record how her ideas, that run against very foundation of “the majority rules” Democracy, form the foundation for their political beliefs. Make no mistake, when they talk of “freedom”, they are relating to the Godless freedom of Ayn Rand. Does this seem like the Wisconsin you know? Do you wonder how the religious right can possibly fit themselves into the conservative mold propagated by Ayn Rand? I can’t, and I wonder how many Wisconsinites are aware of the Ayn Rand definition of individual freedom that pervades the endless PAC ads on their television.

Below is a video that many people, not only from Wisconsin, found unsettling in one of the GOP Presidential Primary debates. Meet the Ayn Rand brand for Wisconsin. Warning – she is no cheese head.

So, this is the new brand for Wisconsin? God save us.


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