The WAVE's John Doe Investigation of Your Vote

<h3<the Wave of Secrecy

An organization called The Wave is conducting an audit of the vote count in the June 5 Recall Election – Oh…it is a secret, just like the target of the John Doe investigation – seems to be or could be or almost certainly is – Governor Scott Walker, the Wave audit is targeting the accuracy of the certified result of the June 5 vote.

In the case of the Walker John Doe investigation the secrecy makes some sense in that suspect parties along the way can be granted immunity if they supply information to further the movement of the investigation toward the final target. In the case of The Wave audit – the secrecy is self imposed for little good reason other than not allowing details of anomalies to be made public before a time the leaders see fit. The Wave’s self imposed secrecy works to the detriment of the stated goal, since the light at the end of the tunnel of any findings of anomalies is to demonstrate how our current system offers voters no transparency. Yet, the Wave chooses to operate in a veil of secrecy every bit as suspect, closed, and proprietary as the process they hope to defeat!

Time is of the essence! Many counties are planning on destroying the recall ballots within the next two weeks! To ensure we can complete this vital project please donate to this effort below and spread the word.

If you would prefer to mail in a check please make it payable to “Liberty Tree Foundation” with “Recall Hand Count” in the memo line and mail to:

Liberty Tree Foundation c/o WI Wave
P.O. Box 260217

Madison, WI 53726-0217

Confidentiality Agreements

The Wave is requiring that any person who volunteers to count the vote must sign a confidentiality agreement not to reveal the specifics of any count in which they are involved. This reminds me of the outrage of these same people in their reaction to the news that GOP legislators were asked to sign a confidentiality agreement before they viewed the proposed redistricting maps in the law offices of Michael Best. So, if The Wave is seeking to replace a system of secrecy and back room bargaining, how does their policy of confidentiality suggest any movement in the direction of open and fair elections?

Not Sharing Anything – Working at Cross Purpose

The Wave is gaining access to election materials in the county seats of Wisconsin under Freedom of Information Act Open Records Requests filed in all 72 counties. Well, maybe. They do not say which counties they have filed such requests or who is the named originator of these requests. So, their hell-bent hold on secrecy creates a new problem. The Wave is not the only party or organization that holds such requests, yet they show no responsibility for sharing information with other parties and people seeking the very same information with the very same goal – to audit the ballots. When other parties hoping to develop a strategy to audit certain counties that show suspect statistical anomalies (Adams, Buffalo, Trempealeau, and Crawford are a few that come to mind) the Wave holds their cards close to their chest so nobody knows which counties have been audited or which counties are slated for a furture audit. Yet, the Wave is always very clear and well appointed about one aspect of their effort – the Donate Button.

Where is the Money Going?

I really do not mean to suggest that the funds collected by the Wave are stolen or misused. I do mean to imply that their accounting for funds lacks the same transparency as the rest of the operation. Another group, that was part of defending an open records request against the obstructions of county clerks, realized they needed an attorney. $500 was raised on line in just 24 hours, and I can show you the canceled check for the same amount made out to the law firm. I have not seen any accounting for the funds raised when you push their “DONATE” button. Gee, it’s almost like voting.

The Audit is NOT a John Doe Investigation


The target is known; to verify the vote against the certified count. There is no power to grant immunity in the “investigation”. The expectation of accountability for donated funds is just as important in the audit effort as any other publicly supported cause. The decision to frame the “audit” as an “investigation” , and therefore, rationalize holding any results until the “said investigation” is complete, belongs to the operatives of the Wave. By the time the information is gotten together in an appropriate manner for public scrutiny, chances are, no one will care.


6 thoughts on “The WAVE's John Doe Investigation of Your Vote

  1. The problem with not having a secrecy policy is that when an anomaly is found, it’s not immediately clear what it means. There could be a good reason, an innocent reason or a suspicious reason. Answers and patterns emerge with time and double-checking. That’s when statements can be made.

    There are also those who would thwart the citizen audit effort. Keeping it quiet may keep troublemakers away.

    I appreciate your coverage of this topic. But I expect the WAVE will tell us what they found and how they found it when they’re sure they have something to say. They’re dealing with an elephant and none may yet have a clear picture of the whole beast; everyone sees just the part closest to them.


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  3. Sorry, Dennis – I don’t agree with you here. If we start publishing anomalies, it will hinder efforts to finish what we are doing…


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