John Doe's Erectile Dysfunction

It’s Hard to Reach Indictment Climax

The very nature of John Doe is to be secretive about his problem. John, like many other men gifted with good looks and communication skills, is a fabulous flirt who knows all of the right pick-up lines and has wined and dined us with the finesse of a gentleman rock star. Oh, the wild times we had in the early days when the sheets of the tryst would lie knotted and twisted at the foot of the conjugal bed. There was no question regarding stamina or his ability to perform. John gave of us hard evidence of his ability to seduce and please in all manner of positions and situations – in the office, on the trail, in the closet of County Executive’s Office in Milwaukee! In those days we could see no end to his creative antics as he positioned himself as the erect and able tool for the climactic release. Here was the man of our most erotic dreams of reaching the climax of climaxes as his energy broke over us and left us wet and writhing with his arsenal of prowess that kept coming, and coming, and coming.

But that was the honeymoon and when John returned home to the hum drum of the every day trip to the office, things had changed. His secretive nature, which had been such a turn on in those romantic early days, became an invincible barrier to communication. The secretive side of John came back to haunt us as he sat at the edge of the bed and was asked, “Honey, what’s the matter?”, and he wouldn’t answer. He just loosened his tie and retreated to the bathroom and stood flaccidly in front of the mirror. But he wouldn’t talk about it. He couldn’t talk about it. Yet we all knew…

Hard issues become soft over time

John is like most people – more people in America know to call a physician if an erection lasts more than four hours than know all three branches of government, like John, they will not admit how money restricts the flow of truth.

John could not talk about it. You see, it was a systemic problem. It could happen to anyone. Yet, John’s problem developed just as he was to perform the ultimate, indictment, climax; in the days before the Recall Election when extreme pressure came to bear on the flow of truth in the systemic system.

$160,000 will buy a lot of pressure on the systemic system


of Terschan, Steinle & Ness

Michael earned his law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1985, his undergraduate degree from Marquette University and is licensed to practice in Wisconsin as well as Federal Courts throughout the United States. He was also admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court in June, 2003.


Michael is actively involved in his community of Elm Grove, Wisconsin. He is presently a member of the Elm Grove Police and Fire Commission.

Worth of Pressure

Areas of Practice:
Criminal Defense
Drug Crimes
White Collar Crime
Sex Crimes
Felony Drunk Driving
Weapons Charges

On the systemic system


Governor Walker – “While all of us need to let this matter run its course, I will continue to cooperate and provide any appropriate information that is requested.”
February Press Release
Walker Campaign: Governor Walker issues statement regarding Milwaukee County district attorney

Contact: Tom Evenson
(608) 441-1641
The Friends of Scott Walker campaign released the following statement today from Governor Scott Walker regarding the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s ongoing investigation:

Over the last 20 months, District Attorney John Chisholm has been conducting an examination of issues in connection with former employees of Milwaukee County. Throughout that time, our campaign has cooperated with requests for information.

My cooperation in this matter extends beyond a willingness to supply any and all requested documents. I have already said that I would be happy to sit down with the people looking into these issues and answer any additional questions they may have. To make that point clear, last year, my representatives voluntarily contacted Mr. Chisholm’s office to arrange a time to discuss any outstanding issues. I will be voluntarily meeting with Mr. Chisholm.

These attorneys, Mike Steinle and John Gallo, have been reviewing a great deal of material from the past few years, but no public money has been used or will be used for these purposes.

May 29 or six days before Recall Election – More cooperation Money

Gov. Scott Walker’s campaign has transferred another $100,000 to the defense fund used to pay his pricey criminal defense lawyers in the lengthy John Doe investigation into activities during Walker’s time as county executive.

Newly filed campaign reports show Walker’s campaign transferred $70,000 to the Scott Walker Trust on May 3 and another $30,000 on May 17.

That bring the total the first-term governor has put in the defense fund to $160,000 in the past six weeks.
Madison, Wis.

John N. Gallow
of Sidley Austin

To begin with – Joseph N. Gallo was not related to Joe Gallo of the Colombo crime family.

Mr. John N. Gallo is a Partner at Sidley Austin Brown & Wood. His practice includes conducting internal investigations for institutions, representing criminal defendants and grand-jury targets.His practice includes conducting internal investigations for institutions, representing criminal defendants and grand-jury targets, and representing parties in complex civil litigation.


In addition, while an Assistant United States Attorney, he was responsible for the successful prosecution of two company executives charged with defrauding the United States Department of Defense in connection with the government’s procurement of periscopes for use on battle tanks. He also was involved in cases involving complex money-laundering schemes; real-estate fraud; and violations of the federal securities laws.

Worth of Pressure

Governor Walker – “To assemble additional background information, I hired counsel to insure that I am in the best position possible to continue aiding the inquiry.”

Why do I raise this issue? Stiffen this point? Project and penetrate the comparison?

Because “we the people” are being screwed by our own laws, politicians, and the 24 hour news cycle. We stand erect with conviction, determination, and emotional outrage when the viagral news breaks. Our hearts throb with the blood of patriotism and we stand ready to launch into the very depths of the injustice and breach of laws to uncover and reveal the treasures of truth that lurk in the darkness. No. Nothing will stop us from this mission. The drive for truth and justice is a pumping, throbbing, political projectile with a mind of its own.


We hear the word: investigation.

Ah, sweet investigation. It has come. And we roll over and reach for a cigarette, or swig of bottled water, and all is well with the world. We remember the doctor’s warning. We check the clock. Ah, it’s only been three hours since the news broke on twitter, face book, and the blogs. We are safe. No need for alarm, and soon we are off to a deep and sound sleep.

Remember back in April 2011 when the viagral news broke that Kathy Nickolaus had “found” the 14000 votes in the City of Bookfield? That was the “viagra moment”. You can google any word from the first sentence and find a host of links to the “breaking viagaral news” about Kathy Nickolaus. Then came the news of…investigation.

Then came some viagral news about Prosser choking Justice Bradley and, oh, there came the flow of videos, photo shop jpegs, and postings, tweets, and links galore!

Then came the news of ….investigation.

Kathy Nickolaus remains the Clerk of Waukesha County.

As Freud smiles down on these words, off we go to the next “breaking news viagral moment”…oh dear, limp and dejected friends of Wisconsin, do not fear – for the truth is coming, it is coming!


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