Wisconsin Recall Red Swing – Touch Machine UNDER DUCK

Swing, Swing HIGH – Swing Swing LOW

The Mainstream Media would like you to believe that our elections are safe and that the results produced by computers (vote machines) that are programmed in secret by covert corporations like Command Central, are producing accurate counts of your vote on each election day. They would also like you to believe that the shiny mahogany desk and the panorama of the city skyline on the set is not contact paper and blue screen photo-shopping. Believe what you will – the numbers swing a different direction and point to swing-highly percentages that suggest an under-duck in the June 5 Recall Election.

The photo at the right was presented, just yesterday, by Marrianne Moonhouse, Denny Bartels, Neal Schulz and shows the swing-high to the red-Republican side of the fence in just a year and a half (and they are still working on it) – from the 2010 Gubernatorial election that gave us Scott Walker until the June 5 Recall Election which gave us Scott Walker. In such a short year and a half, 2 out of every 10 people in many of the circled counties of the State turned from Democrat to Republican – from Barrett to Walker. We are to believe this, even though one million people circulated and signed recall petitions to trigger the recall in the first place.

Just in case, you may buy the story “that people just don’t like recall elections” or that “Republicans did a miraculous job of getting out the vote” or that the newsroom desk really IS mahogany then come on over to the tilt-a-whirl folks. Buy a ticket, pull down the safety bar for the ride of your life. All of the counties circled like so many failing test papers, have another fate in common – they all use touch screen voting machines as the whole or part of your voting options.

The touch screen voting machine’s roll in the red shift is red flag that even Karl Rove cannot spin away. Why would the kind of machine with the paper roll on the side make the red choice more often than a scan machine or a hand counted paper ballot? Maybe, Conservatives hope to cut the government spending by using less paper and sway away from the huge marked and scanned ballots? Republicans like the whirring sound the touch screen makes since it reminds them of their money counter at home?

The picture, above and right, is further supported by the work of Richard Charnin, election analysis extraordinaire who has done more to uncover election fraud in Wisconsin elections than Todd Akin has done to uncover the ignorance of the right about rape – and that is quite a feat. Richard has created another of his amazing spread sheets: 2010-2012 County Vote Change (Swing) Analysis. You can see for yourself how the rapid shift of the vote to the right defies common sense, especially when you look how the touch screen vote machines AVC Edge and TSX, figure into nearly all of the counties where the greatest percentage of “red swing” occurs.

The Voter’s Prayer

I swear by St.Croix and all that is Green that you should by pass the machine
Did Juneau you could Dodge the electric Oconto with hand voted paper ballot?

Pepin 28%
Green 25%
Dodge 25%
Oconto 24%
Lafayette 23%
Juneau 22%
St. Croix 22%
Iowa 22%
Calumet 22%

5 thoughts on “Wisconsin Recall Red Swing – Touch Machine UNDER DUCK

  1. Also, all the circled counties use HAND-COUNTED PAPER BALLOTS in some or all municipalities. Unfortunately, less than 20% of voters, on average, seem to be opting for paper ballots, and instead are voting on touchscreen machines. Clerks are not telling voters there are paper ballots available in MANY towns in these counties.

    If you want your votes counted by a machine with secret source code, with NO VERIFIABLE PAPER TRAIL, then use the touchscreen machines. Otherwise, ASK FOR A PAPER BALLOT!


  2. Thank you for all the great work you are doing. The Government Accountability Board is clearly not doing it’s job.
    Private companies programming voting machines is a striking red flag!
    I’m from Fond du Lac. I currently don’t have a driver’s license, so was glad I didn’t need photo ID to vote August 14th. I voted early when not many were there. Our polling place was moved due to redistricting.
    We have ballots where you blacken in the choice you want. The machine was an Optech-III. Noone was behind me when I went to the ballot counting machine, so I took an extended time staring at the machine.
    A poll observer then rushed at me, asking me if I knew what I was doing. This lady was a Republican who my folks knew from their church. I said I knew what I was doing, and wasn’t blocking anyone else from casting their ballot, and was trying to identify exactly which voting machine we use.
    She got agitated, basically saying shove it in the machine and get out of here.
    Keep up the pressure on these undemocratic creeps.


  3. The large red numbers on the map are not the swings.

    From examining Charnin’s spreadsheet (and my own), they are in fact the increase in total turnout from 2010 to 2012 in counties that the numbers are close to.

    The swing in Pepin County (marked by 28% on the map) was R+13; the swing in Dodge County (marked by 25% on the map) was D+6; the swing in Green County (not marked on the map but in which turnout was 25% higher in 2012 than in 2010) was R+4; the swing in Oconto County (marked by 24% on the map) was R+11; the swing in Lafayette County (marked by 23% on the map) was R+8; the swing in Waupaca County (marked by 22% on the map) was R+10.

    The largest swing to Walker was R+17 in Taylor County (which saw a 19% increase in total turnout); the largest swing to Barrett was D+13 in Douglas County (which saw a 20% increase in turnout).

    Looks like someone misread Charnin’s spreadsheet and leapt to an unsupported conclusion because of it.

    Now, when you compare the counties that employ at least some Sequoia AVC Edges vs those that don’t, you see that those with such machines saw an R+3.3 swing and those that don’t saw a D+0.4 swing.

    When you compare the counties which employed at least some HCPB to those that don’t, you see that those doing at least some hand-counting swung R+6.5 compared to D+0.6 among those that don’t.


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