Bucky Badger Shrugged

The Ryan/Rand Idea is NOT Bucky Badger

Put your ear to the rail. I did this as a kid just like the boys pictured right. A friend usually watched while thinking the whole idea was crazy, “You could never hear the rumble of an approaching train long before it appeared around the bend”. We might have even bet a Hank Aaron baseball card or who pays for the root beer on the deal. Who won? If you don’t know, just go out and try it for yourself. In fact, this may be a good time for all well meaning, grown up Wisconsinites to go out and listen for the vibration on the rail.

There is a train a comin’- a sleek new Zephyr with a steam lined engine pulling a line of box cars and tankers that are filled with the solution to our economic woes. On your way to the track, stop for a visit to your grandma’s house and see how she is doing, and while you are there tell her about all the great, new ideas that are a comin’ down the rail, oh, and leave her a copy of the book “Atlas Shrugged”. Better yet, read her a passage or two and watch her face. See the shock in her eyes as you read the words:

“What’s wealth but the means of expanding one’s life? There’s two ways one can do it: either by producing more or by producing it faster.”
-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Ch. 1

“No one’s happiness but my own is in my power to achieve or to destroy.”
-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Ch. 2

You don’t have to see through the eyes of others, hold onto yours, stand on your own judgment, you know that what is…”
-Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, Part 3, Ch. 4

Finally, Grandma says,”That’s enough. Where did you get such a book with such selfish ideas?”. You might answer, “I got it from Uncle Bob, he works with Paul Ryan and he requires all his staff to read it.”

In 2005, Paul Ryan told the Atlas Society, which is devoted to promoting Rand’s ideas, that she inspired his political career: “If I had to credit one thinker, one person, it would be Ayn Rand.” He also declared that Rand’s work was required reading for his staff and interns.

Grandma takes the book and holds in her lap as she looks out the window at the curled, dry leaves of the maple tree that has struggled through the long Summer drought. She finally puts her hands on your shoulders and says,”Oh yes, Paul Ryan is the new big thinker. Oh, I am so afraid for you.”

Galt, Gold and God

Put your ear to the rail. This is not the Capital Times, Wisconsin State Journal, or the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, and Paul Krugman is not some half-wit, lefty blogger.

By Paul Krugman
The New York Times (8/23/12)

So far, most of the discussion of Paul Ryan, the presumptive Republican nominee for vice president, has focused on his budget proposals. But Mr. Ryan is a man of many ideas, which would ordinarily be a good thing.

In his case, however, most of those ideas appear to come from works of fiction, specifically Ayn Rand’s novel “Atlas Shrugged.”

For those who somehow missed it when growing up, “Atlas Shrugged” is a fantasy in which the world’s productive people — the “job creators,” if you like — withdraw their services from an ungrateful society. The novel’s centerpiece is a 64-page speech by John Galt, the angry elite’s ringleader; even Friedrich Hayek admitted that he never made it through that part. Yet the book is a perennial favorite among adolescent boys. Most boys eventually outgrow it. Some, however, remain devotees for life.

Wisconsinites are NOT selfish people – This is NOT Wisconsin

I’ve lived in Wisconsin most of my life and I know that my Grandma Weier, (Hey, Grandma you are on the internet) who went to Mass nearly every day of her life and who baked coffee cake, and white bread for nearly every funeral lunch, does not deserve being called a “victim of guilt” by the likes of Paul Ryan or Ayn Rand and neither does Wisconsin fit under the label of the Ryan/Rand “ego run rampant” philosophy.

Of course, these are hard times and everyone – Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Mormons, Catholics, Protestants, and Jews – would all like to balance the budget, but not at the expense of faulting our compassionate heritage and being aligned with the ideas of atheists and egotists.

Put your ear to the rail and hear the rumble of the train. It is not the one you want your children to ride on. Go ask Grandma.

Love You Grandma


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