Huricanne party on Romney's Yacht

While many people on the Gulf are being rescued from roof tops, Romney is having a party for top donors on his yacht.

While a weakening Isaac pounded the Gulf Coast with wind, rain and flooding, and levees protecting New Orleans held, residents had to be rescued from rooftops in inundated southeastern Louisiana.

While last night Chris Christy said:

“What will our children and grandchildren say of us? Will they say we buried our heads in the sand, we assuaged ourselves with the creature comforts we’ve acquired, that our problems were too big and we were too small, that someone else should make a difference because we can’t?”

Yes. Romney demonstrated again today that he is so out of touch with the daily lives of everyday people. Maybe he didn’t view the hurricane damage from the safety of Air Force One as his GOP predecessor did, but he did something every bit as demeaning and out of touch. He decided to have a party with millionaires on his yahct!

Tonight he will tell us what “a nice guy” he is

But today…

Mitt Romney’s campaign saluted its top donors on Wednesday morning with an exclusive party aboard a luxuy yacht flying the flag of the Cayman Islands.

ABC News reports that the event, which did not appear on any public calenders, was meant to thank those who have already contributed more than $1 million to Romney’s campaign. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell was scheduled to speak to the roughly 50 guests, including energy billionaire Wilbur Ross (pictured in Yacht window), elite Republican fundraiser Mel Sembler, and Romney’s older brother, Scott. Presumably, no “nails ladies” were invited.

Several other guests covered their name tags as they exited the yacht to prevent ABC News from identifying them.

The luxury yacht, called “Cracker Bay,” is registered in the Cayman Islands and flies the British territory’s civil ensign (pictured below the yacht). This raises an uncomfortable comparison for Romney, who has at least 12 accounts worth up to $30 million in the Cayman Islands. Cracker Bay was almost certainly registered in the Caymans for the exact same reason that Romney has stashed his money there: to avoid paying taxes on it.

The episode is a potential messaging disaster for Romney. As Republicans inside the convention try to convince a skeptical public that they are committed to protecting the middle class, their standard-bearer hosts a party for millionaires on a tax-free luxury yacht just outside.


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