Wisconsin Lottery Takes Over Election Administration

An improbable occurrence of duplicate “math tags” were found in the Government Accountability Board canvas of the June 5 Recall Election. A “math tag” is like a computer program saying “You’re IT!”, in a game of tag. You see, programmers may lie, but numbers don’t. When a programmer at Command Central voting vender corporation starts futzing with programing by such tricks as flipping every 10th vote, or applying any other manipulation of the vote count, these darn math tags pop up. Numbers want to tell the truth that is denied by the manipulation of programing. These corrections show up as an unusual instance of “matched numbers” in the vote tally.

But look for yourself. The scratch ticket below reveals the actual final canvas of the GAB for wards in Fond Du Lac County. If you look at the purple scratch off lines you can clearly see that the number “396” is the winner!

Note: All of the research in this post has nothing to do with the “Wave” audit, since they do not share or publicize any of the results. They give no help or aid to any other researcher or organization and do not account for their on-going fund raising efforts.
Read “The Wave’s John Doe Investigation”

“396” shows up three times

Numbers are more non partisan than the PBS news, so “yes” there can be a predetermined result whether the winner is blue or red – the candidate with the number match does not mean that candidate rigged the election – it is just that the numbers will find anyway to bring truth to the tally regardless of which column needs to be altered.

The more “math tags”,like duplicate numbers, that show up, the greater the chances are that the numbers are straining beyond probability to tell the truth. Numbers will do anything to make things right, even arrive at “396” three times in one county.

Math tags – Math tags everywhere

Below are some duplicate numbers from the official GAB canvas for Columbia County the City of Portage:

Columbia County >>>>>>>>>>>>>BARRETT >>>>>>>>WALKER
CITY OF PORTAGE Wards 1,9,10- >>685 – >>>>>>>>>>484
CITY OF PORTAGE Wards 2,3,5 – >>678 – >>>>>>>>>>436
CITY OF PORTAGE Wards 4,6,7,8- >662 – >>>>>>>>>>436
(All reporting units in Portage)

So, What are the chances in this “scratch off lottery”

We best turn to the work of Richard Charnin, the spread sheet wizard, for an answer. He compared the probability to a classic model of the likelihood of people in a room having the same birth date like this: There are 25 people in a room. The probability that at least 2 have the same birthday (365 days) is approximately 56%. Ok but we are looking at the probability of duplicate numbers showing up in a vote count.

Richard Charnin: “Here are the birthday(vote) match probabilities assuming 23 people in a room (or 23 wards): Probability (no match) =.493, p(1 match)= .363, p(2)=.111, p(3) =.018, p(4 or more) =.015. The probability of three wards in Fond du Lac having exactly the same number (396) of votes is p(2) = 11.1%”

Richard Charnin’s duplicate number probability spread sheet

More “math tags” in Chippewa County in the City of Chippewa Falls

In the research below prepared by Marrianne Moonhouse please notice that the duplicate “math tags” not only show up in the “Barret” total but in the “Triveldi” total and the “Scattered”(votes for all others) total as well.


WARD – TOTAL – Walker – BARRETT – TRIVEDI – Scatter

Ward 1- 735 – 381 – 338 – 15 – 1

Ward 2 – 768 – 395 – 365 – 7 – 1

Ward 3 – 955 – 471 – 476 – 8 – 0

Ward 4 – 651 – 311 – 323 – 17 – 0

Ward 5 – 592 – 267 – 312 – 12 – 1

Ward 6 – 642 – 317 – 312 – 12 – 1

Ward 7 – 705 – 355 – 344 – 6 – 0

The weird “math tag” was only the beginning of the problems with the vote tabulation the Leinenkugel beer country of Chippewa County. For some reason the municipal level election totals were not reported until days after the election when they finally showed up in the GAB “certification”. These totals suggest 142 “under votes” in the Governor’s race, meaning that 142 people who showed up on election day did NOT vote in the lead race.

“Math tags”, Under votes, Secret Audits, Secret Programing

Perhaps it is way too late for the Wisconsin Lottery and the GAB to switch functions before the November Presidential Election. Too Bad. At least the scratch off and machine draw are 100 times more transparent and secure than anything vote machine vending corporations like Command Central or ES&S have to offer. Or maybe the Wisconsin Lottery can devise a scratch off card to replace the ballot in the November election with a side prize of a million dollars for one lucky voter. All things considered, this scheme would not be much less secure or statistically correct than the secret programming provided by covert private corporations and administered though insecure data systems like electronic voting machines.

Welcome to the Wisconsin Vottery


One thought on “Walker Wins RECALL SCRATCH OFF

  1. Here is another. This is a complete list of the precincts in the City of Whitewater.
    2 out of 5 precincts had identical results for Barrett
    Total – Walker -Barrett -Trivedi-Scatter
    CITY OF WHITEWATER Wards 1-2 955 455 498 2
    CITY OF WHITEWATER Wards 3,4,9 796 293 498 4 1
    CITY OF WHITEWATER Wards 5-6 1,090 465 615 8 2
    CITY OF WHITEWATER Wards 7-8 229 61 165 3
    CITY OF WHITEWATER WARDS 10-12 407 188 215 4


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