"…That the Truth Matters"

Yes…the truth matters. The problem seems to be in locating and trusting the message in a world fully saturated with information. Where is the truth? We know that since the Citizens United ruling that the message can be bought, but what about the truth? Do we really want to hear the truth? Are we capable of recognizing the truth when we hear it? Are we certain that we have a personal yardstick to measure our ability to truly listen with enough focus to grasp the message, much less here the truth within?

I read something last night in a book that I have enjoyed more than any other I have read in the past year: “True Believers” by Kurt Anderson, and I want to share a short answer to all the questions above from the novel:

But with the ’60’s, I think, came a new hybrid consciousness, an in-between realm where the metaphorical and the fantastical mingled with the literal and the everyday. Because so many people of so many different types experienced the same glitch at the same time, it seemed like a new feature of consciousness rather than a bug. The glitch spread beyond hippies and radical and Jesus freaks and it was never entirely repaired. Twenty-first-century people fictionalize themselves like mad. Young people these days routinely talk about themselves second-hand, as if they’re describing characters in a novel or a movie like, “I hated what that boy did”, had become, “Hello, just shoot me please”.

Are we unconsciously caught in this glitch of fantasy vs. truth where most people had and have made up their minds in the Walker Recall and the upcoming Presidential election? If so. why?

What follows are two video messages. I, as the blogger, may well be as caught in the glitch as the rest of America, but like you, I don’t think so. Yet, it is difficult for me to see how anyone of any persuasion can veiw the video below without understanding the truth in the message. At the same time I am willing to admit, my mind is made up. I may well be one of the “glitched”.

Most likely, you have already heard about it or watched it since it is the hot news of the day. The remarks of Romney that were recorded in a venue which was thought to be secure and out of the range of hearing of the general public:

It is important to understand that the Romney video was recorded in a sneaky manner. Yet, even if you can “glitch” that out of the message and give him benefit of that doubt – what about his inability to secure his message and his lack of awareness that, even in the assembly he was addressing, that every word that comes out of a candidates mouth outside of a debugged bathroom is liable to be picked up. But there he goes again.

At the outset, it is not fair that I provide a contrast with the Romney message with the prepared speech of Michelle Obama an the Democratic Convention. The context is totally out of sync for fair comparison. Yet, the contrast of the message is so stark as to draw a clear line between the attitude and show of compassion between the two speakers:


Glitch or no glitch – just as being a president reveals who you are, it is safe to say that being a candidate results in the same revelation.


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