Three Books About Vote Stealing Crooks

Florida 2000

Many people in the country and world were riveted to the news events following the recount of the 2000 Presidential vote in Florida which resulted in the most controversial ruling of the Supreme Court. Bush v. Gore, is the United States Supreme Court decision that effectively resolved the dispute surrounding the 2000 presidential election in favor of George W. Bush.

The hanging chads and lost votes became the stuff of late night TV jokes and stabs and reduced the integrity of our elections to be no better, and perhaps, even much worse than those in third world countries.

Ohio 2004

Just when we were assured that the advent of electronic voting machines had solved the problem there came 2004 and indisputable evidence in Ohio. The election had been stolen. In fact, Kerry won Ohio, and this time, the election had been stolen by the same electronic machines that were to be the fail-safe to Bush’s 2000 stolen election.

No Longer a Conspiracy Theory

The peculiar nature of election integrity is that it only reaches the threshold of notice periodically, after an election cycle, much like a person who suffers an ailment like acne or gout a victim really doesn’t think about it much when it is not flaring up and exhibiting painful symptoms. This peculiar periodic nature of election integrity allows it to go dormant and remain untreated like a malignant cancer. The nature of most humans is to grease the squeaky wheel and busy themselves with the million other things like raising children and making living, during the times when the wheel turns freely.

As the masses of people lose focus on the hidden malignancy, it is left in the hands of the investigative media to break the news, but as the whole landscape of news reporting has shifted from two or three venue sources to hundreds and thousands, the dormant election integrity issues have been left at the bottom of the stack of newsworthy projects. It seems the most expedient way to treat these pesky election machine problems has been to dismiss them as conspiracy theories shared by a few attention seeking activists who have nothing better to do than pour over spread sheets of election results.

The Historic Wisconsin Election Research Lab

I don’t know what it is about the people of Wisconsin in that they have brewed up many of the most controversial movements of the past two centuries such as the rise of the Progressive Movement of Fighting Bob La Follette and the witch hunt of Joe McCarthy.

Well, Wisconsin has done it again. Probably because of the historical number of state wide elections in the past 18 months, the acne, the gout, the cancer of election fraud has exhibited its oozy symptoms repeatedly beginning with the Supreme Court election in the Spring of 2011 and ending with the June 5 Recall election of 2012. Wisconsin has become the focal point for the research, recount, and resurgence to expose the unexplainable anomalies and breakdowns in all of these elections with document after document of statistically impossible vote totals, mis-dated poll tapes – split, ripped and torn vote bags, and a hundred other gout throbbing, pimple pushing, tumor raising symptoms of a dying or dead vote tabulation system.

What’s in it for You?

You now can be privy to all the dreaded cancer that is choking your freedom, without having to drive the hundreds of miles to a recount or audit, without blinding yourself while pouring over pages and pages of vote tabulation spread sheets, without issuing a open records request to your county clerk and hiring a legal team to enforce it. You need do none of this. Whew!

All of the major findings of all this long and involved work are presented to you in three books. I have spent well over $300 in gas alone to drive to audits, recounts, and open records meetings with county clerks. You can own all three important works for under $60!

Here They Are! Such a Deal!

While We Still Have Time
Sheila Parks, Ed. D.

Wisconsin Democracy in Our Hands

“I cannot watch enough videos of the people in Wisconsin as you bold, brave, most decent Wisconsinites are out in the streets – resisting, doing non-violent civil disobedience/direct action, dissenting, protesting, rising up, standing up to and speaking and singing truth to power…”

This book deals with how we are losing our votes because of the fraud of electronic voting machines. While We Still Have Time, we must now stop using all electronic voting machines in our elections and instead now move to publicly observed, secure hand-counted paper ballots(HCPB) elections.
Get the book now on Amazon

Steal This Book, Not My Vote
Barbara With

Now available as a PDF eBook
for only $4.97.

This PDF has links to over 100 videos, news stories and blogs that support the evidence of a hostile corporate takeover of our state, and includes my RICO complaint filed with the US Department of Justice in August 2011.

Based on my experiences on the front lines of Wisconsin government for the past 18 months, as well as contributions from members of the Wisconsin Citizens Media Coop, STEAL tells the true story behind the story of the takeover of the United States as it is playing out in Wisconsin, and what we can do to stand strong for democracy.

Get the e book. NOW!

Proving Election Fraud
Richard Charnin

The media immediately rejected the exit polls that showed Kerry winning. After all, they said, Bush had a three million vote “mandate”; a massive conspiracy to fix the election could not be kept secret. Of course, we later learned that the vote counts could have been the work of a handful of individuals. Read “Proving Election Fraud” NOW

Save your vote. Get the facts. November is destined to present historical anomalies. Know what to watch for.

The Pesky Poll Tape

This video below has been view 3,103 times, and is now referred to by election integrity folks in Wisconsin as “that old poll tape video”. It speaks for itself as to a question that was never answered. A poll tape was found in the Spring Supreme Court election recount that was dated days BEFORE the election…and was counted!

The testimony is from Barb With, author of the book: “Steal This Book, Not My Vote”.


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