Local Farmer Stabs Himself in Foot

Injury occurring on a daily basis

911 operators have reported numerous calls of similar injuries in the past weeks. Many farmers in the 96th District have reportedly stabbed themselves in the foot in placing Lee Nerison for Assembly signs in their yards and pastures!

The boot (pictured right) belongs to Gopy Goflow who lives on a beef farm in Southern Vernon County, and gave this explanation for his recent injury. “It was the strangest thing. I was putting my Nerison yard sign out just like I have for the past 10 years and I drove the right sign wire right through my boot.”

“I can’t explain anything.” Candidate Nerison commented, “The signs were bought and paid for by the same out of state, corporate donors to my campaign as in the last 10 years. Nothing has changed”.

Dr. Bill Mining, who has treated over a dozen of these strange injuries remarked, “Well, you know you it is. People get accustomed to doing the same thing over and over and stop paying attention and accidents happen”.

We contacted a podiatrist, Dr. Long, who is familiar with the area since he proposed drilling an operating a High Capacity Well near Copper Creek in Crawford County and opened the door to grass roots opposition. He was unavailable for comment, but his HiCap well has been put on hold due to the opposition. Here is a brief history:

The only reason the Hi Capacity well site off Hwy 171 in Crawford County is not pumping is due to a regulation that required public notice since the well was to be situated within 50 yards of a class “A” trout stream. Today the project is on hold, due to the outrage and action of hundreds of people who worked to end the threat of the well to the health of the stream and the ground water. If the language in the Mining Bill that Assemblyman Lee Nerison supported were to become law, you can say good by to Copper Creek.

Nerison supported the bill to give a clear pathway and slippery advantage for the development of the Hi Cap well proposed by Dr. Long on Copper Creek in Crawford County. Even though the bill is written in the context of the mining industry, the language regarding wet lands, and ground water pave the way to provide precedent to stack the deck in favor of Dr. Long’s plan to pump hundreds of thousands of gallons of water within a few feet of a Class A trout stream.

In fact, if Dr. Long (pictured right – lower left) were to describe his venture as a mining operation, he would hold all the cards, and any opposition from the local community, township, or county would be trumped by the long and tedious language that would tie the hands of opposition in the shackles of regulatory language, time lines, and a regulatory soup of obstruction.

Hi Cap Wells and Silica Sand
The recent boom in hydrofracking for natural gas and oil has resulted in a little-reported side boom—a sand-rush in western Wisconsin and southeastern Minnesota, where we just happen to have the nation’s richest, most accessible supply of the high-quality silica sand required for fracking operations.

The proposals and applications for mines and related infrastructure are coming in so fast (our region has seen dozens just in the past few months), most small towns have been totally overwhelmed. Organizations trying to map and report all the activity literally cannot keep up with the incoming data.

Eco Watch

Full text of Mining Bill

Careful, do not stab yourself in the foot and lose control of your land

Nerison Elected to Assembly 2004; – Long enough.

Lee Nerison either fails to understand the implication of the mining bill or he is deaf to his constituents who cannot be heard over the cash register rings as money from California, Texas, and Wyoming poor into his campaign chest. Ever wonder why these folks across the country are so interested in the workings of Crawford and Vernon Counties?

Because Lee Nerison has demonstrated that he will march in step to pass a Mining Bill

Nerison, Rep. Lee (96th A.Dist.; Rep. pictured below/right)

Lee Nerison is a rubber stamp for interested Millionaires across the land

He voted for the Walker budget, Voter ID Law, the Mining Bill. As a matter of fact he voted for every radical bill passed in the Assembly. Nerison also accepts more privatize school money from such out of state millionaires like Betsy DeVos, Richard Sharpe and the Fisher family than almost anyone else in the Assembly. He says he standsfor main street and mom and pop shops. How can that be when he takes the max. donation allowed under law from the Walton family of Walmart fame. Mr. Nerison does not represent the people of the 96th district he represents his rich out of state donors. Nerison has really fooled the people of the 96th district.

Short List of Nerison Contributers
Look HERE at the long list

11/18/2009 Walton, Alice Millsap, TX Walmart Stores $500.00
10/21/2009 Walton, Christy Jackson, WY Walmart Stores $250.00
12/31/2009 ONeill, Thomas Cedarburg, WI M&I Bank $250.00
11/18/2009 Penner, Carrie Menlo Park, CA Walmart Stores $500.00
11/18/2009 Penner, Gregory Menlo Park, CA Walmart Stores $500.00
12/31/2009 Renard, Paul Menomonee Falls, WI M&I Bank $250.00
12/16/2009 Ribman, Darcy Lynn Dallas, TX Renaissance Asset $500.00

Tom Johnson is you best hope over Dr. Long, Gogebic Taconite, Frac Sand Mining and out of state money

Tom Johnson (D-Viroqua), 42, announced Wednesday, Sept. 7, that he was a candidate for the 96th Assembly District for the November 2012 election.

Vernon County Broadcaster

“Johnson attended college and enlisted in the Air Force, where he was injured and became a amputee – but that does not stop him. Mr. Johnson has been a small business manager and an active political volunteers for years. Mr. Johnson is a member of the Viroqua Area Rotary Club (President Elect), The Viroqua Community Theater and the Eagles Club.”

Tom Johnson
Johnson for Assembly
210 South Main Street
Viroqua, WI 54665
PHONE. (608) 606-3320
EMAIL: tom-johnson-for-Assembly@hotmail.com


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