Vote Supression vs. Romney Electrocution

Romney set to electrocute millions

Vote Fraud is not a good thing. Neither is slipping in the bath tub. So, the media is flooded with information about how to avoid slipping in the bath tub, while ignoring the greater big NO NO – slipping in the tub with a hair dryer in your hand – immediate permanent death by electrocution!

Millions of voters have been electrocuted cold by vote machines resulting in the loss of the life of Democracy. Why are voters taking the hair dryer in hand as they step in the tub? Why are the warnings of this danger being drowned out by the lesser evil of the slip up of vote fraud? Ask Bush. Ask Romney. Ask MSNBC, CNN, FOX NEW, ABC, CBS, NBC, because, just as in Ohio in 2004, millions of voters are about to be needlessly electrocuted by Die-A-boldic collaboration between the Romney campaign and a private election vending corporation Hart InterCivic Voting System. Tragically, this same electrocution of the vote has a precedent; the Ohio vote in 2004 when the executioners were Bush and the Diebold Corporation.

The set up of Romney and Hart is “a repeat of the the infamous former CEO of Diebold Wally O’Dell, who raised money for Bush while his company supplied voting machines and election management software in the 2004 election.”Free press-Vote counting company tied to Romney

Apparently the electrocuted vote in Ohio was not a conspiracy theory, since it resulted in the departure of the CEO.

Monday December 12, 2005

The chief executive officer of electronic voting company Diebold who once famously declared that he would “deliver” Ohio for President Bush has resigned effective immediately. Raw Story

The 2004 Bush/Diebold electrocution is powered up for 2012
This time it is the Romney/Hart electrocution

“In all 234 counties of Texas, the entire states of Hawaii and Oklahoma, half of Washington and Colorado, and certain counties in swing state Ohio, votes will be cast on eSlate and ePollbook machines made by Hart Intercivic. Hart Intercivic machines have famously failed in Tarrant County (Ft. Worth), adding 10,000 non-existant votes. The EVEREST study, commissioned by the Ohio secretary of state in 2007, found serious security flaws with Hart Intercivic products”Free press-Vote counting company tied to Romney

Source Code Review of the Hart InterCivic Voting System

By Srinivas Inguva, Eric Rescorla, Hovav Shacham, and Dan Wallach.

Part of California Secretary of State Debra Bowen’s “Top-to-Bottom” Review of the voting machines used in California, 2007.
Our examination indicates that Hart’s system
Unsecured network interfaces
Network interfaces in the Hart system are not secured against direct attack. Voters can connect to unsecured network links in a polling place to subvert eSlates, as well as to eavesdrop on cast votes and to inject new votes. Top to Bottom Review

Who Owns the Hart System?

Out of 49 partners and directors, 48 are men, and 47 are white. Eleven of these men, including H.I.G. Founder Tony Tamer, were formerly employed at Bain and Company, and two of those men, John P. Bolduc, Douglas Berman, are Romney bundlers along with former Bain and H.I.G. manager Brian Shortsleeve.(Yep. That is his last name)

Headed for another stolen election by vote machine electrocution

Can an inevitable contentious post election investigation be avoided? Yep.

Will this obvious and well documented relationship between Romney and Hart Vote Systems be brought to attention to avoid the electrocution of millions of votes? Dunno.

Warning: Do not take your hair dryer of Hart Voting System into your slippery tub of the voting booth.


4 thoughts on “Vote Supression vs. Romney Electrocution

  1. …wow, Dennis! I didn’t know about the direct tie between Romney and Hart Int. No matter what happens in NOV, it will be REALLY interesting to see the breakdown of Romney votes from this particular (scurrilous, vulnerable, hackable) voting system that is still in use throughout the U.S. Great job, as always! Thank you!!


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  4. Just to let you know, elections in the UK (~60 million population) have always, and still are, counted by hand, by volunteers. Results are generally in a few hours after the polls close.

    People can be held responsible. Machines can’t. And vague corporate enquiries into voting machine fraud eventually fade away to nothing as the media forgets about them, even 4 years later. Why does the USA use voting machines at all? There’s no need for them, they’re easy to tamper with, and they fail!

    The media makes such a big deal about the importance of voting. What’s the use of it if your votes are ignored?


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