Election Crimes Go Unpunished – INDICT SPROUL!

Nathan Sproul, the name behind the recent vote fraud complaints in Florida, should have been jailed long ago

A crook who got his start with the Christian Coalition.

Nathan Sproul is a businessman who rose rapidly in Arizona politics, heading the local Christian Coalition and the state Republican Party in his mid-20s. A series of voter-fraud allegationsagainst him in 2004 did not slow his ascent: Sproul and firms linked to him have been paid $21.2 million by the Republican Party, its candidates and affiliated interest groups over the past nine years.
Washington Post
Why does Sproul do it? Why does he continue to get away with it? Cause he can!

The Republican National Committee had no fear of the election laws when they hired Nathan Sproul and knew full well of his lurid past. The RNC knew he was the same guy accused of registration shredding and a long line of similar fraudulent election activities. Did that hold them back or make them the least bit wary? No. They only told him to create another false front, “so as to not be a distraction from the false information put out in the Internet,” this by Sproul’s own admission. This points to the real problem. There is little to lose in bending or breaking election law since, in most cases, it is not prosecuted, and if it is, the sentencing lacks the kind of sting that might be a deterrent to the crime. Sproul has been ticketed for multiple DUI’s and is still given the keys!

With an election fraud infraction sheet as long as Sproul’s, why is he not behind bars?

Law enforcement and the courts do not prosecute the violation of election laws with serious penalties or sentences.
(Nathan Stroul pictured above hunkering in Northwest Wisconsin)

Case in Point County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus

The people of Wisconsin witnessed legal denial of a problem or a crime in a case of election fraud that captured national attention, when Kathy Nickolaus “discovered” 14,000 vote two days after the Spring Supreme Court election. As a result, the election was won by the GOP incumbent David Prosser. Not only did Nickolaus “find” the votes, but it was discovered during a recount that the bags containing the vote were ripped, torn, and even duct tapped! The election records tracking the votes were not numbered accurately and were even changed and photo copied! What’s more a poll tape that was dated two days before the election was certified and counted! What action did the courts take? None. Nothing. Nickolaus’ transgressions were bundled into an unfortunate mistake bag and dismissed as an unfortunate “anomoly”. She was not jailed or fined. She was not even removed from her office as county clerk, and remains in that position to this day. If this level of incompetence is simply dismissed and cleared of any element of intentional fraud, what is to prevent her or other election officials from engaging in the same vote threatening behavior. They can just say, “It was all a mistake”, “I had no idea”.

This leads us right back to Nathan Sproul and his long history of bending and breaking election laws for over a decade. He is the Ever Ready Rabbit of fraud – he just keeps going, and going, and going. Why? Because he has escaped prosecution and penalty. He should be in jail.

Sproul – Spruill 2004
(His name is spelled Spruill in the ariticle. I don’t know if he changed it, just as he has changed the names of his vote suppressing organizations.)

And then there is Nathan Spruill, former head of the Arizona Republican Party. He, too, now in the vote registering business and a serial denial of whistleblowers, who not only accuse him of slamming voters into the Republican Party but also claim he has torn up Democratic registrations in Oregon, Nevada, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. Real registrations of real voters. Real Americans who thought they were registered, and may very well have been denied their right to vote in the real elections of 2004.

Democratic National Committee

From December 2009 through March 2010

The California Republican Party paid Sproul’s Grassroots Outreach, LLC nearly $675,000 for “voter registration services”. Guess which Christian operated a Grassroots Outreach Program in Arizona?

Who is Grassroots Outreach, LLC?

The California Corporations database indicates that Grassroots Outreach, LLC: established in California on June 11, 2008 via a third-party registration agent, C T Corporation System. C T Corporation System is also the agent for legal process. The registered address is 1232 Q St., Sacramento, CA 95811. The third-party registrant leaves the true ownership in question, but follow along with me anyway.

Nathan Sproul, a Republican political operative with a long and storied history of voter suppression and voter fraud accusations, has an Arizona company called Sproul Grassroots Mobilization, LLC. The mailing address is 80 E Rio Salado Pkwy #814, Tempe, AZ.

On June 18, 2009 the Golden State Voter Registration Project paid $50,000 to Grassroots Outreach, LLC. The address on the check was 80 E. Rio Salado Parkway, Suite 814, Tempe, AZ 85281, and the stated purpose for the payment was “voter registration services.” The reported mailing address is Nathan Sproul’s office, and the registered address for Sproul Grassroots Mobilization, LLC
Source Watch

Grassroots from Nathan Sproul’ website – Lincoln Strategy Group – AKA Florida – Strategic Allied Consulting

Here is the way that Sproul would describe his illegal action in Florida:

From managing national “Get Out The Vote” campaigns to organizing issue advocacy messages through thousands of volunteer contacts, Lincoln Strategy Group uses grassroots efforts to successfully achieve results. We will work with you to clearly identify a winning message and then build the right network to get the job done.
Sproul Lincoln Strategy

Want to know what happened in Wisconsin in 2010 to elect Walker and Ron Johnson?

Crook/Christian Sproul is also tied to Club for Growth. The Club for Growth is aptly named since it invaded the state with covert and fraudulent actions to promote and implement a cancer deep within the body politic.

Club for Growth is a right-wing political group that endorses and raises money for candidates. According to a February 22, 2011 article by John Nichols in The Nation, the Club for Growth is “an organization funded by extremely wealthy conservatives to carry out their budget-stripping goals,” and that “has been a key player in Republican Governor Scott Walker’s move to take out the state’s organized workers.” Nichols writes that the Club for Growth is part of a “national strategy” to get “newly elected Republican governors” to destroy labor and unions. R.J. Johnson, who served as a political strategist for Walker’s campaign, is a key adviser to the Club for Growth. Johnson has refused to disclose where the Club for Growth gets its funding. The Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune in a February 26, 2011 editorial described the Club for Growth as an “ultra-rich special interest itself.” As of September 13th, 2012, OpenSecrets estimates that Club for Growth has spent $13 million influencing federal elections.

Wisconsin was on Stroul’s list for the same crimes as Florida

The Club for Growth planted the tumor of Stroul into Wisconsin, before the disease was discovered in Florida. The photo is a scan of the deadly disease of fraud in the form Michelle Malkin (above left), Citizens in Charge President (for life, self-appointed) Paul Jacob (above center) and Joe the Wurtzelbacher Not-Licensed-as-a-Plumber from 2009?s (above left) “Sammies” Awards put on by the Sam Adams Alliance, and its President/CEO/Chairman (for life, self-appointed) Eric O’Keefe, who happens to be a founding member of both Citizens In Charge, and the Club for Growth, not to mention Club for Growth, Wisconsin
Vote Suppression is Real

Now we’ve arrived at the dreary liaison of Money, Power, and Election Fraud

Yes. Club for Growth, RJ Johnson, and Rance Preibus RJ Johnson jail barshad already cut the check for Stroul to suppress the vote in Wisconsin by cleaning the vote roles of Democratic voters. What’s worse is that the action will be ignored and dismissed by law enforcement, the courts, and the press. Yet, at the same time, police will ticket ordinary citizens for holding up a sign in the State Capitol! Do you see how power corrupts absolutely? Citizens get tickets for minor and invented rules, while Stroul has been out there stealing votes from citizens for decades. He disenfranchised thousands of voters. He was caught. Yet, he has remained unpunished and prosecuted. Why? A citizen holding a sign in the state capital is a greater threat than a man who has committed thousands of infractions of election law in the past decade?
(R.J. Johnson pictured in lower jail with a remarkable resemblance to Al Capone picture in the jail with Kathy Nickolaus above right)

Why is this man out walking around?

If Stroul were to show up at the Wisconsin Capitol and hold up a sign he would be ticketed. Yet, even though he has been caught breaking election laws in multiple states over the last decade, he has gone completely unpunished. Why? Do we treasure the marble of the capitol more than we honor our vote? Any politician would say, “No”. Yet, actions speak thousands of decibels louder than words. Law enforcement and the courts have allowed the Sproul’s and Kathy Nickolaus’ of the world to break laws with little more than a slap on the hand, thus creating a culture of permissiveness when it comes to the hard line of enforcing election laws, allowing the powerful and wealthy a clear and slanted playing field when it comes to a citizens most basic right. Where is the deterrent to breaking election laws when the most blatant perpetrators are out walking around?

The laws are on the books – why? Why? WHY? are they not enforced and prosecuted?


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