The Evolution of Walkergate – #3 The Day of Indictments

The Trial of Kelly Rindfeisch October 15

The last of the the long line of obstructions, pleas, and motions to delay the trial of Kelly Rindfeicsh is finally over. Walker is on the list of witnesses.

The John Doe investigation has gone on since he took office over 18 long months ago, and many of the hot new stories that broke over all those months have cooled, so now might be a good time to revisit some of the major breaks in the investigation so as to make clear the whole scope of malfeasance that falls beneath the label of John Doe. This is about a lot more than a secret email network stuck in a closet in the Milwaukee County Executive’s Office.

Yes. This is about much more.

The Day of Indictments January 5, 2012

Just as the year turned the graphic below appeared on the front page of many newspapers across the State of Wisconsin.

WALKER Aides Charged

At the time, a photo of Kathy Rindfleisch was hard to come by and so she occupies the last frame of the graphic as a “shadow person”. Now, with her trial just one week away she will be out of the shadow as she sits out in the open light of day under the scrutiny of the people and the press in the seat of the accused,

Top of the timeline

Exactly and to the day – just six months later on July 5, Walker faced a recall election, in which turnout records were broken. I learned, early in the evening, that the race was called and Scott Walker had made history – He had survived the recall.

And Judge Hansher tells us”….

“Scott Walker’s not on trial here. I’m going to emphasize that to the jurors,” Judge David Hansher told attorneys for the prosecution and defense at a pre-trial hearing for Kelly M. Rindfleisch. “It’s just a by-product that she was working for Scott Walker at the time. La Crosse Tribune

I object Your Honor!

The rule of law is not a yard stick measuring the distance between two points. It is a magnet drawing to itself any and all evidence that brings truth to power. Are these proceedings to be conducted as a lab experiment where the twitching of an appendage is attributed to some mysterious electrical impulse? The rule of law holds that a man is innocent until proven guilty and it is an inherent, necessary evil of this concept that provides the advantage for money and power to obstruct and delay the time and place of a trial. The motions and pleadings of the rich and powerful have finally run there course and the parties of those responsible for breaking the law are finally here assembled to speak the truth under oath and against the penalty of perjury.

Your honor, let us not allow these proceedings to become a fantasy acted out as a satire of common sense. The defense has bought and paid for the long months of obstruction and delay of these proceedings which is granted them under law, let us not be further blinded by money and power in the conduct of determination of truth. To do so is to place the weight of gold on the balance of justice. No, your honor, let the rule of law run like water and as it will, to wet those who have slipped and spare those of sure footing.

Citizens have waited patiently and for months and have endured through political battles of historic proportion, and now they are asked to were special glasses with which to slant the view to the path to the simple truth? The people need no direction as to who, why, or what is at stake here, but seek only the direction of the ultimate truth in a straight forward manner as provided by the rule of law.

The Circle Tightens – More Arrests on the Horizon

BREAKING TODAY (Back on January 5, 2012)

Email Network operated out of Walker County Exec Office

“In the course of the investigation, it was learned that a private e-mail network was established and operated out of the County Executive’s office and that the private network was used to communicate both political campaign and government work related information to select individuals,” said a press release from District Attorney John Chisholm.

Walker’s state office and his campaign had no immediate comment.

Read Rindfleish Crimminal Complaint

From Daniel Bice – Journal Sentinel

Bice is doing a meticulous job of reporting the details of the investigation with the precision of a surgeon.

A new round of criminal charges is coming soon against at least a couple of Gov. Scott Walker’s former county staffers for doing extensive campaign activity while on the taxpayers’ dime, sources say.

The charges – which should be filed by District Attorney John Chisholm’s office in the next week or two – will be part of the long-running John Doe investigation of Walker’s aides and associates during his tenure as Milwaukee County executive. Daniel Bice – Journal Sentinel On Line


Two staffers who worked directly for Gov. Scott Walker while he was county executive were charged Thursday with illegally doing extensive political work while being paid by taxpayers to do county jobs.

Kelly Rindfleisch, deputy chief of staff to Walker in 2010, faces four felony counts of misconduct in office for working for then-Rep. Brett Davis’ 2010 campaign for lieutenant governor while on the county clock. Davis, who lost in the Republican primary, is now Walker’s state Medicaid director.
Daniel Brice Ex-Walker aides accused

The next round of charges will serve to draw an ever tightening circle around Scott Walker as the investigation is destined to move into his campaign for Governor.

The time line at the right suggests that legal darts have been tossed to the near left and the right of the Governor while he has assured voters that he has the values and integrity of an Eagle Scout. He is often described as a polarizing figure which is like saying that many people are starting to giggle at the emperor’s new clothes.

The next round of darts will strike ever closer to the Governor as Darlene Wink, his constituent services coordinator, resigned after acknowledging that she was doing campaign-related work on county time. Gardner has already made a guilty plea to the charges of illegally funding Walker’s campaign. Oh, and this is interesting – Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. received 14 Million dollars in state grants! Read “Walker Rail $$$$ Whoooooops!”

Would you invest $166,000 to get a cool $14 MILLION? That’s what William Gardener did. Oh, and it was your money.

The darts are striking fast and furious toward the middle of the target. Of course, it is possible that Darlene was campaigning for Walker on the tax-payers dime without his knowledge or encouragement. It is possible that Gardner funneled 60k into Walker’s campaign without the Gov suspecting anything. Oh, and the 14 million in grants to Gardner’s railroad? Well, he probably would have been awarded the same cash even if he had not been a contributor to the Walker race.

Do you see where this is going? How many maybe’s, could have’s, and possible’s can be thrown through the air without a bulls eye?


The Investigation began on May 5 of 2010
Check the benchmarks of the events below with the most resent at the top. The name Walker is highlighted to demonstrate his close proximity to the suspect parties.

July 5, 2012

Walker Wins Recall Election

January 5, 2012
Prosecutors charge Russell and veterans official Kevin Kavanaugh with multiple felonies for stealing more than $60,000 from Operation Freedom, a program honoring veterans. Russell’s domestic partner, Brian Pierick, is charged with child enticement.

December 13, 2011
Jensen is arrested and jailed for refusing to cooperate with the John Doe investigation.

November 1, 2011
Real estate executive Andrew Jensen asks an appeals court to allow his grant of immunity to be given in secret. The court later rejects the request.

September 28, 2011
Walker says he is safe from the John Doe probe, citing the fact that he is a former Eagle Scout and the son of a Baptist minister.

September 14, 2011
Authorities execute a search warrant of the house of Cynthia Archer, a former top-ranking county administrator for Walker. Archer had been moved out of her state job as deputy administration secretary shortly before the raid.

July 21, 2011
Tom Nardelli, Walker’s former county chief of staff, resigns his state job abruptly, but Nardelli said his decision was not due to the John Doe probe.

July 7, 2011
Gardner is sentenced to nine months’ probation after pleading guilty to two felony counts of violating state election laws.

April 14, 2011
Nettesheim grants immunity to Cullen Werwie, spokesman for Walker and a former campaign staffer.

April 11, 2011
Gardner, the railroad executive, is charged with two felonies for election law violations for funneling more than $60,000 in campaign donations to Walker and other politicians. Gardner agrees to plead guilty to the charges, and Wisconsin & Southern Railroad Co. agrees to pay a $166,900 fine.

December 7, 2010
Nettesheim grants immunity to Rose Ann Dieck, a retired teacher and Milwaukee County Republican party activist.

December 21, 2010
Authorities conduct raids of Russell’s Milwaukee home and West Milwaukee business office.

November 15, 2010
Chisholm and his staff meet with Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen and others at the state Department of Justice to ask for their help with the John Doe investigation. Van Hollen eventually rejects the offer.

Nov 1, 2010
Authorities subpoena emails from Walker’s campaign – one day before the general election. Walker campaign hires former U.S. Attorney Steve Biskupic of Michael Best & Friedrich to handle the request.

August 20,2010
Authorities seize work computer of Tim Russell, county housing director and Walker’s former deputy chief of staff.

August 9, 2010
Authorities execute a search warrant of Wink’s house.

May 18, 2010
Nettesheim agrees to expand the investigation to include allegations that railroad executive William Gardner improperly funneled campaign donations to the Walker campaign and others through Gardner’s employees.

May 13, 201
Darlene Wink, Walker’s constituent services coordinator, resigns after acknowledging that she was doing campaign-related work on county time.

May 5, 2010
Former Appeals Court Judge Neal Nettesheim authorizes Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm and his office to conduct a John Doe investigation.


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