John Doe "Clue" Anyone?

I will start right off with saying: Scot Walker in the County Executives Office with the secret email network.
A secret game

with rules bent

in favor of
wealth and power
The Trial of Kelly Rindfleisch October 15 will NOT Happen

Walker WAS scheduled to testify on Tuesday, October 16.

The latest moves in a secret slated game

Rindfleisch’s attorney, Franklyn Gimbel, confirmed the tentative deal but declined to discuss it in detail. He described the deal as including “a lot of a la cartes.”

“It’s a complicated, long story,” he said. “We’ve agreed conceptually.”
Walker had been subpoenaed to testify in Rindfleisch’s trial, but one source indicated that his attorney, Michael Steinle, had been planning to file a motion to quash the subpoena this week.

Other potential trial witnesses included Keith Gilkes, Walker’s 2010 campaign manager who is now running ex-Gov. Tommy Thompson’s U.S. Senate bid, and Mike Huebsch, state administration secretary.

Walker has said he does not believe he is a target.Former Walker aide reaches tentative plea deal

The game has gone beyond any pretense of service to justice

It could be said that progress in this investigation has been slow. Slow? You want some yardstick on how absurd this investigation has become? How about 300 inches in 800 days! The secret email network was about 25 feet (300 inches) from Scott Walker’s County Executive Office door, the investigation began May 10, 2010, over 800 days ago. It is proceeding slower than snails pace, covering less than one half inch per day!

The judicial process of finding evidence and deposing witnesses is slow and tedious by its very nature, but when every step forward is set backwards by two, where is the end to solving this twenty-foot problem? Of course, when the a prime player in the game happens to be the governor of the state, and has accrued a legal defense fund from some of the wealthiest of the 1% in America, it appears things can be forced to move at a slower than snail’s pace.

When attorney’s get cute.

Rindfliech’s tentative deal was described as including “a lot of a la cartes.” by her attorney Franklyn Gimbel. (a la carte – a menu having individual dishes listed with separate prices). Oh, how cute. Franklyn is being paid by the minute from a legal defense fund and comparing the counts of felony charges and years behind bars like so many choices from the menu of a very expensive restaurant. What level of absurdity has this John Doe investigation traveled to?

We have a secret investigation with no transparency that has gone on for over 800 days to shake lose a piece of information that is simple common sense to any objective evaluation. Scott Walker hired Rindfliesch and she sat day after day within 25 feet of his office door sending out emails about campaign events and gatherings. What is the mystery here? How many more motions must be filed and obstructions laid in the way of the snail of truth crawling to the end of the 25 foot track?

Hundreds of poems, and novels have have been written to extoll that justice is not blind. Justice sees better and better when peering through the lens of a gold plated and diamond studded microscope. We all know this. But this investigation has taken us to new levels UNjustice demonstrating how innocence can be bought and paid for by obstruction and the filing of frivolous motion after motion to the point that it has all become little more than a board or bored game where the rules are written along the way by the lawyers Joseph N. Gallo and Michael J. Steinle of Terschan, Steinle & Ness


of Terschan, Steinle & Ness

Michael earned his law degree from the University of Wisconsin Law School in 1985, his undergraduate degree from Marquette University and is licensed to practice in Wisconsin as well as Federal Courts throughout the United States. He was also admitted to practice in the United States Supreme Court in June, 2003.

Michael is actively involved in his community of Elm Grove, Wisconsin. He is presently a member of the Elm Grove Police and Fire Commission.

Areas of Practice:
Criminal Defense
Drug Crimes
White Collar Crime
Sex Crimes
Felony Drunk Driving
Weapons Charges

Press Release
Walker Campaign: Governor Walker issues statement regarding Milwaukee County district attorney

Contact: Tom Evenson
(608) 441-1641

Madison, Wis. – The Friends of Scott Walker campaign released the following statement today from Governor Scott Walker regarding the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s ongoing investigation:

Over the last 20 months, District Attorney John Chisholm has been conducting an examination of issues in connection with former employees of Milwaukee County. Throughout that time, our campaign has cooperated with requests for information.

My cooperation in this matter extends beyond a willingness to supply any and all requested documents. I have already said that I would be happy to sit down with the people looking into these issues and answer any additional questions they may have. To make that point clear, last year, my representatives voluntarily contacted Mr. Chisholm’s office to arrange a time to discuss any outstanding issues. I will be voluntarily meeting with Mr. Chisholm.

To assemble additional background information, I hired counsel to insure that I am in the best position possible to continue aiding the inquiry. These attorneys, Mike Steinle and John Gallo, have been reviewing a great deal of material from the past few years, but no public money has been used or will be used for these purposes.

While all of us need to let this matter run its course, I will continue to cooperate and provide any appropriate information that is requested

John N. Gallow
of Sidley Austin

To begin with – Joseph N. Gallo was not related to Joe Gallo of the Colombo crime family.

Mr. John N. Gallo is a Partner at Sidley Austin Brown & Wood. His practice includes conducting internal investigations for institutions, representing criminal defendants and grand-jury targets.His practice includes conducting internal investigations for institutions, representing criminal defendants and grand-jury targets, and representing parties in complex civil litigation.

In addition, while an Assistant United States Attorney, he was responsible for the successful prosecution of two company executives charged with defrauding the United States Department of Defense in connection with the government’s procurement of periscopes for use on battle tanks. He also was involved in cases involving complex money-laundering schemes; real-estate fraud; and violations of the federal securities laws.

Anyone tired of this game? How long must we pick from the a la carte slow pathways to the truth?

Rindfleisch is scheduled to appear in court Thursday (tomorrow) for a plea hearing.


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