GOD speaks in snail press "Why Vote?"


We are grateful, we bow down in reverence, Hosanna, Alleluia

(Oh, You can read it if you subscribe for just $16.95/ year!)

The story of the story is broken in OP ED News
(When I hit the link to read the article my computer froze. Travel at your own risk)

For the first time in 6 years, computerized election theft is being a covered by a major American print publication. The November issue of Harper’s Magazine features a cover story that relates some of the history, tells stories, and describes the extent to which American elections are being systematically shifted to the Right.
Op Ed News

And the Media God Speaks!

“Some argue that the Democratic victories in 2006 and 2008 disprove the existence of the red shift. However, this may be a misinterpretation of complex political upheavals that occurred in each of those election years…. Post-election analysis did in fact suggest extensive red-shift rigging. But in both election cycles, these efforts simply failed to overcome eleventh-hour events so negative that they drastically undercut the projected wins for the G.O.P.”

“Why? No doubt the fear of being branded a conspiracy theorist inhibits many – that term having long served as a cudgel to suppress discussion of all sorts of crimes against democracy… “For Democratic legislators and candidates, openly questioning the integrity of American democracy feels like committing political suicide”, says Ben Ptashnik. A former Vermont state senator, Ptashnik ran for office in 1996 specifically to spearhead the state’s Clean Election Act – whose provisions were largely struck down by the U.S. Supreme Court nearly a decade later.”

Gee Thanks All Powerful and Supreme Media God

I suppose the article will eventually show up in a place where all people can actually read it. In the meantime, can we look at the media “trickle up” theory?

Yes, it is exactly the opposite of the the GOP, Reagan “trickle down” theory and just as ineffective, lazy, and little more than another self serving gimmick. The media “trickle up” theory is that if enough people work long enough, and I mean work, they may actually pierce the bullet-proof glass ceiling of the Media God.

The precious pint of ink that has finally been spilled in the print of an article that you cannot read on the web, has been paid for with barrels of blood, sweat, and tears of thousands of people. Here is the irony – the Media God’s words appear in the snail news context and are protected by the need for subscription. Fair enough, but still most ironic since the past decades when the story of the trail of tears spilled out by hundreds of election integrity activists, have found their only voice through the blogs, tweets, and face book comments in the free flow of cyberspace.

Through all this time…

FACT: The computer systems called vote machines that count the vast majority of ballots in the U.S.A. are supplied by a few private corporations. These few corporate entities write the programming for these machines with no real oversight of any independent government agency, elected official. No one outside the secret sanctum of the corporation is allowed to see the programming code used to count your vote.

…and no one in God’s Great Free Press has spoken so much a word.

Oh, Enjoy tonight’s debate, and don’t forget to vote!

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