SANDY Endorses Obama

The Most Powerful Endorsement in History!

The barrage of major newspaper endorsements are being published throughout the country as Obama and Romney complete the final week of campaigning before the Nov. 6 election.

“On Oct. 19, The Salt Lake Tribune endorsed Obama, joining with 80-plus other newspapers in their support of the president. According to Editor & Publisher, Romney’s endorsements stand at more than 110, but Obama is winning the circulation battle, with his combined endorsements topping 9 million in circulation as opposed to Romney’s 4.9 million.” Dessert News

SANDY Speaks

None of the 200 endorsements by the paper and ink press amount to a farthing in a whirlwind when compared to the message delivered by Superstorm Sandy as it wrecked its way on to the Eastern seaboard and then into the heart of the country. Sandy speaks through wind, surge, and flooding to the GOP priorities to reduce the debt and the size of the Federal Government. If you are one of the millions without power this morning, or waking up in a temporary shelter and awaiting attention from authorities to help, you may want to reevaluate your attitude, if you deny the importance of a strong Federal response to emergencies. Sandy has spoken. Just imagine the response to this multi-state emergency without a strong federal organizational response – if each state were working as an island and left without the central response of organization, communication, and rescue.

Wind the tape ahead

If Romney/Ryan were at the helm in the White House in such a future disaster, who knows what coordinated response would be in place? Today, is a great time to imagine the real consequences of GOP proposed cuts to the federal government and curtailing rescue organizations such as FEMA.

New Your Times Editorial

A Big Storm Requires Big Government
Disaster coordination is one of the most vital functions of “big government,” which is why Mitt Romney wants to eliminate it. At a Republican primary debate last year, Mr. Romney was asked whether emergency management was a function that should be returned to the states. He not only agreed, he went further.N.Y. Times Editorial



4 thoughts on “SANDY Endorses Obama

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  2. Most of the response and clean-up will be done by individuals, businesses, and local and state governments. Much will be paid for by insurance companies that made bad bets. I don’t see federal workers cutting trees and hooking up power lines. What I do see is federal bureaucrats trying to make themselves useful with forms and programs to keep themselves employed subsidizing a status quo which encourages businesses and individuals to build in unsustainable areas; the below sea level area of New Orleans being an example.


    • I live in Gays Mills, a village that experienced 2 one-hundred-year floods two years in a row. I beg to disagree with your assessment of the value of the Federal role in flood mitigation from first hand experience living in a village that is still rebuilding itself from the dual disaster of nearly three years ago. FEMA was on site to secure the village and keep the residences and businesses safe. They had a system of action and priorities set so they were able to coordinate the local volunteer fire department and State and County Police into an efficient and immediate action. The “bureaucrats” you speak of where available for months after the flood to provide help and assistance for a plan for flood mitigation and housing plans.


      • I’m not sure what specific powers are delegated to the federal government (see 10th Amendment) allowing it to borrow from our children to enrich bankers or pay back China to “secure the village and keep the residences and businesses safe”, coordinate State and local agencies which could have done that themselves, or plan flood mitigation and housing plans.The latter are also State and local options.I’m not against government helping out but these are not delegated federal responsibilities.

        Individuals and businesses that built or bought into the Kickapoo River floodplain, New Orleans, or low lying areas of Eastern states bought property at a discount because it was subject to flooding. They took a chance and lost. Still, states and local governments do have the authority to subsidize such behavior. If I were being bailed out of something similar, I would be grateful for the bailout whatever the source too.

        On the other hand, Constitutional law aside, since Wall Street bankers received huge bailouts to pay for bonuses, it would make relatively more sense to bail out individuals.


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