John Doe Insists "He is not Scott Walker"

“Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? The Shadow knows!”

The Shadow is a fictional character appearing in serialized dramas on radio in 1930 and later in pulp magazines beginning in 1931. Eventually the character appeared in a wide variety of other media. Details of the character have varied across various media, but is generally depicted as a crime fighting vigilante with psychic powers posing as a “wealthy, young man about town”.WIKI

Exclusive Interview

Free Wisconsin corners John Doe

After over two years of tracking John Doe through leads provided by email, phone conversations, and worn shoe leather and NIKI rubber – John Doe was finally located, cornered and interviewed.

So, we sat down with the mysterious, nebulous, almost mythical character in an undisclosed location, which can only be described as…dark. We were ordered to put bags over our head, enter the back seat of a 1938 Ford V8 DeLuxe, and were driven for what seemed like hours. When the bags were pulled from our heads we sat in a pool of dim light with the shadowy figure before us. The man held the aspect of a grainy old film so when he moved, trailers were left in the wake of each gesture, but it was clear that John Doe was seated on a Harley Davidson motor cycle.

The interview transcript

Reporter: Are you Scott Walker?

John: Who wants to know?

Reporter: The people of Wisconsin want to know. Scott Walker insists that he is not you.

John: He says a lot of things, does he not?

Reporter: Then let me ask directly. Are you Scott Walker?

John: That’s for me to know, and for you to find out. Ask some questions. You are the reporter.

Reporter: Where you born on November 2, 1967 making you 45 years old?

John: You got that right.

Reporter: Are you a Republican who is married to a woman named Tonette?

John: You’ve done some research.

Reporter: Why won’t you come forward and identify yourself as Scott Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin?

John: You mere mortals do not understand the realm of the shadows or as you refer to them “smoke and mirrors”. I am not the, Scott Walker, the mere mortal that you may believe me to be, although he is a master of the game of deception and drawing from monied interests to fill the room with smoke to choke out the voices of people of lesser means.

Reporter: Are you telling me that you are not Scott Walker?

John: Please understand. Your question comes to me as a child asking why the sky is blue. I cannot fill in the gaps you lack in consciousness to offer a specific answer, except to say that I am not Scott Walker. I am all humans of his mortal resonance. I am a matrix to truth and justice, for within me lies the mystic swirl. I hold the possibility for correction of a problem which is the cause of all suffering – the problem of the of the human self run rampant.

I will tell you, and this should be obvious to a democratic majority of people under his influence by now, that this Scott Walker with whose identity I am charged – holds a human self run rampant.

Reporter: But will Wisconsin be freed of the “ego run rampant”. Can you tell us?

John: Of course I could tell you. But I will not. I can say that “The Arc of the Moral Universe Is Long, but It Bends Toward Justice”, but the forge and hammer for fashioning the curve is the reason for your existence, not mine.

And with that John Doe disappeared. Our heads were bagged once more, and were transported back to the place we had originated our mysterious interview.


Judge Nettesheim “IT IS WORKING”

“The John Doe is still open and I have received no indication from the prosecutors that they are going to ask me to close it down as of yet,”

-Neal Nettesheim, a retired state appeals court judgeJS Online

Karma – Yin-Yang – Walker’s slogans arise to form his epitaph

Today. Thursday November 29th, this afternoon. Tim Russell appears in court to unveil the next piece in the puzzle of the 2 and a half year investigation into malfeasance (remember that word from the GOP speeches defending Walker in the Recall Election?) and an assemblage of despicable deeds that a murder of crows would not care to lite upon.

Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class.
Al Capone

For most of the people, those that Walker refers to when he says, “most people, like I, would be happy and hopeful that it might be done this week.”, the investigation is about the headline story: the secret email network operated on the taxpayers dime.

Of course, that one allegation is a felony; a criminal offense that has put Kelly Rendfliesh behind bars. But the underbelly of dastardly deeds associated with the cadre of criminals that found their way into into the positions of Walker’s highest regard and confidence have been buried in the understory, partly because the story has wound on, but more so because the crimes of Tim Russell, Brian Pietrich and Kevin Kavanaugh are so seedy and “R” rated that, well, reporters just don’t want to talk about them.

Walker for President

I hope Walker enters the primary election process for president and opens his past to the vetting process of the media so his true nature is spread, in no uncertain terms, across the county.

Child Enticement Associations

Scott Walker placed his full trust and offered the highest responsibility to men who are accused partners in child enticement. The former Chief of Staff for hopeful presidential candidate, Scott Walker, were playing cyber sex with an underage boy who was looking for a sexual adventure. The following day these men were in the office working for the current governor of Wisconsin. And Republicans are questioning the integrity of Pamela Rice for reading an official statement on Sunday morning talk radio shows?

Stealing From Families of Fallen Veterans

Russell is accused of one of the smelliest, low down, inhuman embezzlement schemes in the annals Wisconsin dirty deeds. It is one thing to steal money by cooking the books, it is another when you are taking that money from moms and dads who lost children in war. What could be more heartless or more disingenuous to all that we call America?

My rackets are run on strictly American lines and they’re going to stay that way.
Al Capone

Since the power point presentation during the trial of Rindfleisch, even the Wisconsin Journal Sentinel is slowly backing away from its documented “Stand With Walker” voice.It has gone from:

“We recommend Walker; his removal isn’t justified”

before the Recall Election to,

“We have no idea if there is more here than meets the eye. But what’s clear from the emails is that Walker’s campaign staff was helping to manage county government for the benefit of only one citizen — Scott Walker. How is that acceptable conduct?”

No, the John Doe Investigation is not over, and will not be over by the end of the week. Walker’s – “It’s all about me” – approach to governance has reached new heights with the revelation of his total lack of comprehension that his hopes for national candidacy would die in its tracks and only be written with his own slogans forming the epitaph of his political career.

The man who failed to realize that the John Doe investigation “Is Working” and the long line of proof leading to his downfall is “Open for Business”.

Walker Demands Full UNION RIGHTS for Election Workers

Because they work so hard

The long hours, the stressful environment, exposure to flat screens, are only a few of the demanding workplace factors visited on election workers. They are often senior citizens, and are forced to endure hostile conditions on any given election day in Wisconsin. It came to the attention of the state’s chief administrator that these workers are often volunteers who get the same hours of training as a bell ringer for the Salvation Army kettles at Christmas time. Is it any wonder that problems surface such as discovering 14,000 votes days after an election, discovering vote materials in dumpsters, and inaccuracies in registration information?

The Walker Epiphany

The Governor spoke of his decision to reform the administration of our election process as a sudden and striking realization – a breakthrough or an enlightening shift in consciousness that visited him with a new and deeper perspective. After all, we reward campaign donors like Bill Gardner with lucrative state contracts for his railroad, and allow billionaire Diane Hendricks, who donated $500,000 to the Walker campaign, to pay no state taxes. It is time to offer many of these same benefits to election workers. Why do we entrust the administration of our elections to a volunteer workforce with almost no training? Why are we shocked to find our state elections fraught with administrative problems?

The Election Workers Union of Wisconsin

The costs of building an effective and efficient workforce to administer elections would be astronomical – if it were done from scratch. Sometimes the same workers that have been demonized, and branded as “takers” come back to haunt. The epiphany came in the form of a vision of Joe McCarthy appearing to Walker as a ghost of Christmas past. Take a peek into the nightmare visited at the stroke of midnight in the governor’s mansion last week:



The next morning the governor awoke and threw open the second story window. He appeared in his “Bucky” pajamas as he flung open the door of the AFSCME Council 24 · AFL-CIO
8033 Excelsior Dr., Suite C, in Madison. He was singing a familiar song, “I dreamed I saw Joe McCarthy last night, alive as you and me”.

By noon the governor left the office with an outline of the plan to unionize election officials in the State of Wisconsin, for he had also visited the scene of a Christmas future when Wisconsin was applauded as the leader in national election reform with a fully unionized, professional work force.

God bless us, every one.

Arrest Ye Merry Gentlemen

Men, even when alone, lighten their labors by song, however rude it may be.

Protest is one thing. Song is another

Taking measures to quiet any group of people when singing, strikes at heart strings as a sacrilege against all that is human. The police can be sent in with shields and gas to stop the protest, the march, the occupation and find many sympathizers, but this is not true of a protest arising out of people joined in song.

Who can sympathize with the Grinch as he complains:

Sing, sing sing sing now I’ll never get no sleep
I’m screaming out the window but it don’t do no good
They sing and sing and sing
All through the neighborhood, sing sing sing

They take their little break and then
They do it all again

Now we have a Governor Grinch whose whose dread of song can be best described in the words of Dr. Seuss, in 3 words “Stink, Stank, Stonk”!

Every weekday,for nearly two years, as the clock strikes noon, dozens of demonstrators pass out songbooks inside the Wisconsin Capitol. Office workers who know what’s coming scramble to close their doors, and several police officers take up watch from a distance.Huffington Post

102 citations have been issued since new Capitol Police Chief, former Marine and body guard to GovernEr Scott Walker, David Erwin took over. These citations are “valued” at $200.50 and up. The total charged against singers is now more than $24,000!

There is a power and spirit in song that sustains the human spirit with an eternal foundation more enduring than the earth itself.

David Erwin has embarked on a mission impossible. He has cast himself in a role that has been the doom of many a predecessor as fantastical as the Grinch who stole Christmas and historically psychotic as Stalin and Hitler. Yet, out of ignorance or a self righteous zeal for power and purpose this mere mortal has taken aim at the power of angels and stands on the ashes of those villains of history who have failed in the silencing of song.

David is the new chief of the Wisconsin Capitol Police who is already shuffling along trying to fill the huge shoes of Chief Tubbs. He is bringing a new approach to law enforcement in the Capitol which includes striking a harsh E flat Major in the silencing of song.


I’ve heard there was a secret chord
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
But you don’t really care for music, do you?
– Leonard Cohen

Chief David Erwin (pictured above) is not the David who played but seems to be a David who really doesn’t care for music, or singing in the Capitol Rotunda. What is it about song that raises the hackles of Chief David? The answer is simple and goes back to the birth of song itself – song flies on the wings of angels and cannot be clubbed or cuffed into submission. Song is the maker of fools and leaves those who attempt to subdue it, as ridiculous as the boy who would attempt to collect the ocean in his little plastic pail.

Help Free the Solidarity Song for Wisconsin

ALL Donations go directly to individuals who have been
cited for singing in the Wisconsin State Capital.

The cancelled check will be scanned and presented on this site.

DONATE Link – Help Free the Song

Need a little motivational push?

You are contributing to the same spirit of song that has endured in Estonia’s long fight for independence. The Estonian people endured with a revolution filled with smiles and song.

In their own way and in their own time, and using their voices alone, the people of Estonia fought for their independence. Estonian activist Heinz Valk called it “the Singing Revolution.” He says of that time, “Until now, revolutions have been filled with destruction, burning, killing and hate, but we started our revolution with a smile and a song.”

When their capitol was secure, activist Marju Lauristin stood out on the balcony of the building and thanked the people. “We were sure that if you came to help us that you would do it in the way you did. With your intelligence, your songs, your heart. That is when we are at our strongest. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.” And the people of Estonia raised their clasped hands to the sky above, and sang.

Walker Food Kitchen Photo Op goes terribly WRONG

Just as surely as you can find bargain hungry shoppers lined up willing to risk life and limb to save some money on door busters on Black Friday, you can count on politicians showing up at a food kitchen or turkey dinner for the homeless or poor. Last year Walker made just such an appearance and used the occasion to launch a campaign ad.

This year’s attempt to play “Mr. Good Guy”, went terribly wrong. So much so that it has been kept a secret. The John Doe investigation has taught Walker how to keep things quiet – the location of the incident remains unknown, all the witnesses have been paid off, and the video shots have been destroyed.

Free Wisconsin has pieced together the “stuffing” of the story. A microphone was discretely placed within the turkey to be offered, however the record is garbled since it was baked at 350 degrees for over four hours, and as a result, the facts presented may be a bit over done.

Walker was positioned at the head table when the din caused by the loud clanging of stainless steel pans came from the kitchen. Here is where the “photo op” began to go terribly wrong. It seems that the Walker 2016 organizers and the Paul Ryan 2016 organizers had inadvertently picked the same venue to document their charitable concern for the poor.

The noise in the kitchen was Paul Ryan pretending to wash metal pans and when he appeared in the dining room clanging spoon to metal, Walker was visibly surprised and shaken. His nose breathing was so intense it shifted the whipped cream on the top of the pumpkin pie. He then made the poor choice of using his carving knife as a pointer as he gestured toward Ryan and said, “You had your day in the limelight. Now it is my turn.”

The Misunderstanding

Ryan’s attempt to make light of the situation became more fuel for the fire. Tonette had laid out a lump of dough on a board (pictured above from last year’s photo op) and Ryan pointed to it and quipped, “Is that John Dough?”. Tempers flared as the distance between the two presidential wannabes closed.

Ryan launched a pie, with his work out strengthened arm, and it hit home. It pelted its target with an accuracy that would leave a prosecutor swooning. A food fight ensued – but you will never hear a word or see any pictures.

Billionaire Diane Hendricks wrote out checks totaling $500,000, the same amount she gave to the Walker Recall Election campaign, to all the present to keep the incident a secret.

Why Don't Wis. Democrats set up Exchanges?

Can Democrats in the legislature call an “end around” the Governor?

Why not think out of the box to go around Walker’s refusal to cooperate with the federal government to set up insurance exchanges in Wisconsin? Why not think grid iron tactics and recruit Mike McCarthy to bring his plasticized sheet of plays to the legislature to win the Obamacare Super Bowl?
(Mark Miller pictured getting “end around” play from Mike McCarthy)

Call an “End Around”

The end-around is a play in American football in which a wide receiver crosses the backfield towards the opposite end of the line and receives a handoff directly from the quarterback.[1] The receiver then may proceed to do one of two things: he either runs the ball towards the line of scrimmage in order to gain yardage, or more rarely, attempts to pass to another eligible pass receiver. Both versions of the end-around are uncommon and can be considered trick plays.Wiki

I am not genius nor am I a lawyer – but neither is Walker. The “end-around” is being tested in the State of Mississippi – Wis Democrats can steal the play!

Mike Chaney as the state’s Republican Insurance Commissioner stands out from the GOP crowd who despise anything connected to President Obama, especially the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Chaney met the deadline for states to furnish HHS Secretary Kathleen Sibelius a compliance letter and a detailed plan if they intended to operate their own exchange. The exchanges are more or less an online market list of health insurance plans, showing price and benefits each company offers.

Chaney has taken the position that the exchange is not a political idea but a “universal idea.” In this state — which has one of the nation’s highest ratios of citizens without insurance coverage — the insurance exchange will make coverage available to 275,000 Mississippians, according to a study by a respected health-care watchdog group.

Chaney’s gutsy move in filing the state’s health insurance exchange plan with Secretary Sibelius is not entirely out of the woods yet: Will Chaney’s signature on the plan, rather than Gov. Phil Bryant’s, be enough to pass muster with Sibelius? A spokesman for Chaney’s office (he was traveling outside the state) told me they had “every reason to believe” the HHS secretary will okay it.Mississippi Sun Herald

Time for the Heroic 14 to DO SOMETHING

Walker’s honeymoon with Wisconsin voters is over with talk of a hopeful divorce as the John Doe investigation narrows its cites on the Walker bulls eye. The majority’s choice was for Obama’s health care plan over Romney’s repeal threat in the November election. Democrats have every reason to believe that an action to “go around” Walker’s divisive and dictatorial decision to “not cooperate” with Sibelius to insure the people of Wisconsin, could only be met with support. If legislators had the courage to vacate the state during the honeymoon, what’s hold them back from bucking his over reach as he faces an impending divorce?

Make the final blow. Take him down for the count.

Progressives are blindly fulfilling the preachings of Ann Coulter and Fox News pundits who claim that liberals will always whine and moan over the dark spots on the moon. The current focus is on the one dark spot on the full moon of accomplishment and victorious achievement.

Dems have the real power. Progressives have the grass roots message that harmonizes with the national conversation, but seem to be afraid to sing. So, how is it that Walker has been taken to the ropes? Why have the major legislative jewels in his crown turned out to be paste? Look very closely. The emperor has no clothes and is about to lose his fig leaf. Yet, the focus and fear on losing the senate seems to have legislators staring at their hands – they dare not speak while Walker is still wearing the crown.

Fired Up – Ready to go

If I were a Dem legislator I would be developing strategies to launch the final blow to the head of a weakened and wobbling opponent. This is not time for hand sitting and waiting for the stumbling contender to cross the ring, before the attack. The mistake would be to wait to react. Now is the time to get, “Fired up – Ready to go!”.

Why not take the example of Mike Chaney of Mississippi and establish a plan to work with Sibelius to set up heath care exchanges for the people of Wisconsin? What do Democrats have to lose? If they need to evacuate to Illinois to do it, so be it. Time to take action, make a move. Trust and use the progressive base on the offensive. The base is ready to be lead. Get creative. Take action. We have your back.

John Doe and Anonymous walk into a bar…

The bartender asks, “What’ll you have?”
Their eyes meet and they look back at the bartender, “Guess”.

(If you have a better set up, feel free to comment.)

The truth is up for grabs

Between the nearly 900 day long Secret John Doe Investigation which began May 10, 2010 and the claim of the secret group Anonymous that they saved the presidential election from a vote flipping attack of a Karl Rove Hack – well, I just don’t know anymore.

In a speech about Wisconsin, delivered in California, Walker expressed his dissatisfaction with “same day voter registration law”. Many listeners not only strongly disagree but would propose the need for a unique new law – a “same day indictment law”.

Finally, in the course of the sentencing hearing of Kelly Rindfleisch, and a hour long power point demonstration – Scott Walker has finally been “implicated”. The news followed that the sentencing of former Walker aide Darlene Wink has been postponed again! It won’t happen until after the trial of Tim Russell. After the first of the year! Wis Politics

implicate” (Merrium Webster) to involve as a consequence, corollary, or natural inference

How far is “implicate” from “indict”? I just don’t know.

John Doe and Anonymous walk into a bar…

The bartender asks, “What can I get you guys?” The two speak in unison, “You don’t wanna know”.

Did Anonymous Save the Presidential Election – I just don’t know.

So, Anonymous the covert organization that warned Karl Rove and American Crossroads they would be watching their servers and prevent a steal of the presidential election, told the world they had done just that. They wrote a public letter describing the firewall they had set up to stop the Karl Rove attack on election night.

Did Anonymous really undo Karl Rove on election night” I just don’t know.

Thom Hartman suggests than not only is it entirely possible, but even quite likely.

“It’s possible that Karl Rove used SmartTECH’s servers in Chattanooga, Tennessee, to flip the vote totals in Ohio in 2004 and thus steal the election that year for George W. Bush – and just as possible that he tried to do the same thing this year on Romney’s behalf but was thwarted by the hacktivist group Anonymous.

Election Integrity activists are hoping that Anonymous will come forth with proof of the Rove attack. The revelation would be earth shaking. It could well trump the Watergate conspiracy to become the story of the decade of century. What’s more, proof the the hack would legitimize a decade of evidence brought forth by election activists, some who have lost their lives, to prove election theft by the programming of electronic voting machines.

Will Anonymous come forth with evidence? – I just don’t know.


Prosecutors in the John Doe investigation launch massive dragnet for the fly on the wall.

A million dollar reward goes out to the person who can produce information leading to the capture of a fly on the wall in the Milwaukee County Executives office in the months preceding Walker’s 2010 election for Governor. The subject is described as a Musca domestica of the suborder Cyclorrhapha and was last seen on the wall in the Milwaukee County Executive’s Office before it alighted on the “FU” letters of Kelly Rindfliech’s keyboard when it was attracted by an ancient fish-like smell and flew 25 feet to alight on the nose of Scott Walker. Walker was asked if he swatted the fly and refused comment but offered full cooperation with search efforts and as proof his legal defense team upped the award an additional million dollars, but only if the fly was returned to his defense team. When asked whether this represented a conflict of interest he smiled, exhaled through his nose as he spoke the words, “Trust me”.

The reward was posted after a power point presentation made by Assistant Prosecutor Landgraf was presented to implicate Walker and his aides in doing political work using county resources. One of his legal aides who looked on was heard to remarked. “That lazer pointer used in the presentation looked like a little red fly”. This was the moment of epiphany for Landgraf and lead to the posting of the reward.

Fly in the Ointment

It could be said that progress in this investigation has been slow. Slow? You want some yardstick on how absurd this investigation has become? How about 300 inches in 800 days! The secret email network was about 25 feet (300 inches- a fly could transverse the distance on about two seconds} from Scott Walker’s County Executive Office door, the investigation began May 10, 2010, over 800 days ago. It is proceeding slower than snails pace, covering less than one half inch per day!

The judicial process of finding evidence and deposing witnesses is slow and tedious by its very nature, but when every step forward is set backwards by two, where is the end to solving this twenty-foot problem? Of course, when the a prime player in the game happens to be the governor of the state, and has accrued a legal defense fund from some of the wealthiest of the 1% in America, it appears things can be forced to move at a slower than snail’s (terrestrial pulmonate gastropod) pace.

Cyclorrhapha flight of Justice

Rindfleisch is being rewarded for her silence. She is reportedly working for one of Walker’s vendors, a communications/consultancy firm. The word also is that Keith Gilkes, Walker’s campaign manager, is helping her raise funds for her defense. Cognitive Dissidence blog

The attorney for Rindfliesch Franklyn Gimbel actually DID a fly imitation in reaction to Landgraf’s 65-minute power point presentation when he stood up and raised both hands and spoke in his best fly-like voice, “Scott Walker has not been accused of any wrongdoing.”
Wis Politics

Walker/Hendricks to "Dance with the Stars"!

Walker was invited to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California where he gave a speech last Friday. The Wisconsin media did not cover the event, and Walker’s choice of a companion was not Lt. Governor Kleefisch or any other ranking administration member. His choice was billionaire, Diane Hendricks.

The speech was not covered live by Wisconsin media but was available on the Internet. Among those in attendance was one of Walker’s biggest campaign donors, Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply in Janesville. State Journal

The Audition

The Reagan Library is just a short 40 mile hop from the Hollywood studio for “Dancing with the Stars”, and it is reported that Hendricks and Walker took time out of politics to audition as a couple for the next season.

From all accounts the costuming and choreography were a stunning example of the ability of dance to crystallize the union of two people. One observer stated, “The performance graced the bond of the two dancers in a ethereal way that paled the traditional unions of marriage, romance, or political association. We were stunned!”

Walker appeared in a costume suggesting the authority and manliness of a German SS Officer with official braiding and high black boots of a dark authority of one who would rule the world by posture. His halting movement suggested how he would crush opposition beneath his heel like a cigarette butt lying in the gutter and more than a few of the audience could be heard shouting the words, “Heil! Heil!”.

The music was an original composition “Divide and Conquer” was performed by non-union musicians with intentional echoing of “Flight of the Valkyries”, and this is where Diane Hendricks shown herself as a true self seeking goddess of the power of wealth. She held at her side a purse with long cheese strings like tentacles with which she would repeatedly whip her partner into submission. She was the female counterpart the “Fifty Shades” of a womanized Christian Grey.

The couple was immediately offered a place in the next season’s competition but were hesitant to commit as the male dancer stated, “My political work is not finished. I have made promises to Diane and so many others to turn Wisconsin into a red state”.

The video is lost to the world

When the press asked for the video of the stunning performance the audition manager stated that the producers accepted a gift of $500,000 and agreed to destroy it.

Oh, such a loss.

Hacker's Debate: Did the Hackers Hack the Hackers?

Is this a Hoax?

A great cyber debate has ensued over the past two days with thousands of megabytes transferred through servers about the claim of Anonymous – that they were able to prevent Karl Rove from flipping votes in three states and prevent votes being flipped in favor of Romney. Karl Rove Loses Election After Being Checkmated By Cyber Sleuths?

Oh, there are so many questions, problems, and controversies that have thousands of people at wits end. Is this a hoax? Where is the proof?

The attack is so juvenile

The description of the attack is in such simple terms. It does not match with the pretentious art of a wordsmith that finds its way into Harper’s Magazine, a publication whose proud prose is not even available on the web without a subscription fee. The mainstream print would never lower the animated adjectival bar to the accept a description of the hack to be described as:

After a rather short time, we identified the digital structure of Karl’s operation and even that of his ORCA. This was an easy task in that the barn doors were left open and the wind swept us inside.

So what do we do with these doors? Do we leave them open and catch the thieves as they steal the prize? Or do we close them so they cannot steal the prize?

Our decision —protect the citizens

This is not the stuff of the New York Times or Harper’s or any other mainstream glossy or pulp publication that has all but ignored election vote flipping allegations for the past decade. Does Anonymous need a publicist or a market firm to help them with announcements?

Dungeons and Dragons?

Below is an unedited and random smattering of comments reacting to the Anonymous announcement. It is a mere sub atomic particle of the reactionary Frankenstein-like organism that was born to frighten the peasants of the cyber community who have turned out with the spears and pitchforks of cyber barbs.

People should be very wary of accepting anonymous claims of responsibility on the internet without documentation.

I thought some of The Protectors’ language sounded like clues in a cryptic crossword puzzle. Anybody here handy at those?

An unsophisticated attack by changing the password on a hardware firewall would not slow down any engineer who had or could get a co-location facility to have access to. They simply would switch out the firewall. As for the language: it is fairly consistent with hacker subculture, though it would be more in line to name the “Great OZ” with something like “Harpoon” or “Sea Shepherd”

We have two possible scenarios here and not enough information to determine which is the correct one.
1) It is a bunch of script kiddies claiming credit for something they did not do and are trying to bamboozle VeletRevolution with the techno-babble.
2) It is a report from one side of an election related cyber skirmish.
I think the best answer at this time is we are possibly the fog of war or the fog of a hoax.

Look at the forest – stupid

The conversation regarding vote flipping has been forwarded far further than any one hundred Harper’s Magazine articles. The fix to a problem affecting millions lies in the manifestation that the problem exists.

Does the Anonymous claim bother you? Do you chose to deny that such a group could enact an operation to intercept programming that was designed to flip votes in three states? Think again.

In fact, it is more likely than not if you look at human nature and greed throughout history. The programing code that counts the vote is a secret. It is held from oversight by any government organization, or elected official. The programming has been proven to be vulnerable to attack. So, if you agree that allowing votes to be counted by covert programming held by a few of private corporations is foolhardy or an accident waiting to happen, then why would you deny that a group of covert operatives have demonstrated that they have hacked the hack?

Case in Point the Great Wave Recall Audit

If ever there was a hoax to be commented, torn apart, and investigated – it is the Wave organization and its “audit” of the Wisconsin Recall Election.

Somehow “The Wave” morphed into “The Liberty Tree Foundation”

The new morphed organization sent out an email on September 19

Months ago Liberty Tree’s Wisconsin Wave project began an historic hand-count of ballots from the June 5th gubernatorial recall election.

What we have found so far includes:
Inconsistent and tamper-prone methods of securing ballot bags
Widespread use of unverifiable touch screen machines in a state where these devices are officially designated as handicap accessible equipment only
And most disturbingly, a number of counties where our hand-counts of paper optiscan ballots often differed from election night totals.

To complete this vital campaign we need your support right now!
(The “Donate” button above has been disabled for good reason)

Adam Porton
National Director

The email goes on to say:

“Finishing up counts in other high priority counties where discrepancies have been found. The bigger our data set, the more complete our picture of these problems will be.
Compiling what percentage of Wisconsin voters used unverifiable touch-screen voting machines. Unbelievably, this information is not compiled by the state election authority, and so normally is not available to the public (or anyone for that matter).”s

After months NOTHING NEW

Thanks, but we knew all of this.

People working outside the Liberty Wave Tree discovered these anomalies, conducted recounts, and painstakingly examined spread sheets, while Liberty Wave Tree would not share a shred of information on the audit or even the logistics; in which county or on what day they were scheduled to count ballots. As a result of the veil of secrecy people have been working at cross purposes.

You will notice that the email is worded with all the finesse of a professional fund raiser and punctuated by the ever present “Donate” button. Yet, the Liberty Wave Tree has never publicly reported how much money was raised or how it was spent. Not a word. Meanwhile other organizations were conducting audits paying for their own gas, and giving of their time with no “Donate” button.

The final blow – rather then help, they have set back Election Integrity by months

The Wave Liberty Tree folks required volunteers to sign confidentiality agreements not to reveal any information gained from audit counts. The reason? To protect County Clerks and in the interest of forming a trustworthy relationship. Well, it seems that backfired as well.
A source outside Wave/Liberty Tree has discovered that incompetence has permanently damaged the relationship of county clerks regarding Open Records requests:

A clerk said that there have been a number of clerks who’ve complained about the fact that the WAVE will actually schedule dates to come in and then they simply do not show up. According to this clerk, they’ve done this in at last three counties that she knows of. And apparently, in a couple of those situations, they’ve called back to reschedule and have then failed to show up for the rescheduled date. In at least one instance, because the County Clerk knew the count was going to be so big and she wanted to prepare for it, she had two of her staffers cancel their vacations, only to have WAVE not show up.

Outagamie County was alleged to have taken over 8 days and the Clerk there indicated that she regretted having cooperated with them.

Stop The Secrecy

It is time for Wave/Liberty Tree to come forth with any findings of anomalies in the June 5 Recall Election and make them public. They owe the hundreds of volunteers who are working outside their veil of secrecy an accounting for their fund raising efforts.

Four Months Later – Still no Report.

No “Fund Raising” drive was attached to the Anonymous

Anonymous produced a video before the election to announce publicly that they would be watching Karl Rove’s servers. They followed up with an accounting of the success of the action.

Wave recruited volunteers and orchestrated a fund raising drive to audit the votes in the Recall Election. They followed up with nothing.

Which action can best be defined as a “hoax”?