Romney KERRY'S Ohio

Insanity: Using the “patch” over and over again and expecting different results

A patch? What is a patch?

“Programmers publish and apply patches in various forms. Because proprietary software authors withhold their source code, their patches are distributed as binary executables instead of source. This type of patch modifies the program to executable.” – Wiki

The same insanity in Ohio as the Kerry/Bush election 2004

ES&S is reenacting the same procedures in Ohio for the Obama/Romney election that became suspect in the 2004 Kerry/Bush election. In 2004 the machines lost enough votes in Ohio to give the election to Bush. After research and searching the missing votes disappeared. They were “mistakenly” destroyed.

So a private corporation, Election Systems & Software (ES&S) with no oversight from an independent or government agency or elected official is installing a programming patch on election machines in 39 counties in Ohio.

Now, when more record-smashing money is being spent on the front side of the election than any time in history, has it occurred to anyone that if so much money was spent on a campaign that big money will also be offered on the back side, on the dark side of an election? This goes beyond insane to downright stupid, when voting machines are programmed by private corporations without ANY oversight. Is it safe to assume that these company’s are some miraculous breed of human beings beyond temptation to bribes or profit?


Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted installs software patches on vote counting tabulators in up to 39 Ohio counties?
Voting rights activists are concerned that these uncertified and untested software patches may alter the election results. Ohio Free Press


During the 2004 presidential election, the Free Press reported that election officials observed technicians from the ES&S voting machine company and Triad computer maintenance company installing uncertified and untested software patches on voting machines in 44 Ohio counties prior to the election.

The 2004 election was a mess in Ohio. Lost votes were never found.

A well-respected source on electronic security who has received commendations from both the departments of defense and homeland security, Stephen Spoonamore, identified 14 counties where election results looked suspicious in that unlikely “down ballot” candidates received more votes than John Kerry. Investigators are hampered because the paper ballots and election records from 56 of Ohio’s 88 counties from the 2004 election were illegally destroyed.

He subsequently revealed in an interview with The Raw Story, an alternative news Web Site, that a Diebold whistleblower told him how a computer patch was used to manipulate an election in Georgia in 2002. Whistleblower details Ohio

Lost votes in Ohio 2004,2008. Same machines. Same procedures 2012

The problem was identified after complaints from Ohio elections officials following the March primary there, but the logic error that is the root of the problem has been part of the software for 10 years, said Chris Riggall, a spokesman for Premier Election Solutions, formerly known as Diebold.

Officials in Butler County, Ohio — north of Cincinnati — were the first to raise the issue when 150 votes from a card dropped in March. Brunner’s office originally said that 11 counties had the same problem but has since revised that to nine. Her office was not able to say how many dropped votes were discovered in those jurisdictions.

Can’t Provide Odds, but….

“I can’t provide odds on whether dropped votes were not recognized” during the decade GEMS has been used, Chris Riggall, a spokesman for Premier Election Solutions said, “but based on what we know about how our customers run their elections and reconcile counts we believe any results not uploaded on election night would have been caught when elections were being certified.”

In his letter to Ohio’s Brunner, Premier’s president said, “Voters in jurisdictions Premier serves, both in Ohio and throughout the country, can be assured that election officials employing standard canvass and crosscheck procedures will count their votes completely and accurately.Washington Post – Ohio Machines Dropped Votes

Election Systems & Software (ES&S), Prmiere, Premier Election Solutions, and Diebold are all the same corporation. They just keep changing their name. I wonder why?

OK. We have no choice but to take your word. No one is allowed to look at the programming code – not the President, Congress, or Courts. Have a nice day.


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