Beneath Your VOTE Today ( RUN ( "gpg" , " )

You go into a booth, pull the curtain, make you choice on a screen or a piece of paper to be scanned – then what?

You watch the big screen simulations as you surf through the TV Network coverage of the returns. Every pundit manmathewswho ever spoke in a microphone pontificates, drawing out analogies, insights, and combatant commentary – “The lead is thin as turnip soup.”, “My gut feeling is . . .”, “Secret adviser to the Obama campaign . . .” “No one has used the word ‘mandate’ at all”.(Photo MSNBC’s Chris Mathews as Wizard)

After a long journey we find ourselves in the Network TV land of Oz. The pundit heads are projected on the screen before us, the red, white, and blue smoke of pundit opinion billow from the speakers. We stand nervously on a waxed, shiny floor before the great Network Oz with our attention singularly focused on the technological display, and we do not notice the drawn curtain in the corner of the room.

The mesmerizing display is not counting the vote you cast in your polling place earlier in the day or the week. Your vote is not being tabulated before your very eyes by the wizards of punditry. The movable maps, and up-to-the-second coverage of returns flashing before you – is not your vote being counted. Far from it. Your vote is being counted by the man behind the curtain. It is counted in the dark. It is tabulated in secret by a few “men behind the curtain”. The count is transferred through a buzzing of bytes and disks all whining and humming beneath the surface.

America is being cheated of it’s hope for courage, a heart, and a brain by a simulated display of a fake reality on the stage of the Wizard of Television. A slight of hand is being played out before us. It is little more than a magicians trick. The real vote is not happening on a huge screen of transparency. It is being counted behind the corporate curtain. When you pull the curtain back, the trick is so shockingly simple. How could we have been fooled so easily?

Below is an example of the dark trickery that is easily injected into the secret computer vote counting system at several highly vulnerable places along the way, from the time you leave the polling place and turn on your TV. Here is a single line of computer code injected into an email voting system. It is called a shell injected vulnerability. It is short and sweet and downright scary.

The application executes the gpg command to encrypt the file, using the following
run ( “gpg” , “—-t rus t–model always –o
“#{Fi l e . expand_path ( ds t . path ) }” –e –r
“#{@r e c ipi ent }” “#{Fi l e . expand_path ( s r c . path ) }” ” )

Injection of the line of programming above was devised by Scott Wolchok, Eric Wustrow, Dawn Isabel, and J. Alex Halderman – The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

3.1 Shell-injection vulnerability
After a few hours of examination, we found a shell injection vulnerability that eventually allowed us to compromise the web application server. The vulnerability was located in the code for encrypting voted ballots uploaded by users. The server stores uploaded ballots in a temporary location on disk, and the DVBM

Changing past and future votes

We used the stolen public key to replace all of the encrypted ballot files on the server at the time of our intrusion with a forged ballot of our choosing.
Attacking the Washington, D.C.
Internet Voting System

The hack described above was executed on a internet voting system, which is in play in New Jersey today since it was authorized by Governor Chris Cristy as a means of enabling the people of his state to vote after Sandy left many polling places inaccessible to voters.

The line of programming that took control of the email voting system, could as easily be employed in any computer vote counting environment – including the machine you used to cast your vote.

Below is a description of the programing levels of the vote you cast today, from any machine to certification, and the vulnerabilities along the way.

This explanation if from a Election Fraud investigator and IT expert, John Washburn.

I will be as articulate as I can be. It is difficult with this topic

Generally speaking there are three sets of programming and data at play here:
1) The centralized Election Management Software (EMS). The EMS is a typically a desktop application with an underlying database. Examples of an EMS are GEMS by Global/Diebold/Premier/Dominion, WinEDS by Sequoia/Dominion, UNITY by ES&S, etc.
2) The programming and data on the removable memory device. The removable memory goes by many different names and is many different formats. Examples include: PROMPACKS (congaing both EPROM and RAM memory) for Optech ballots scanners, PCMICA memory cards for the M-series scanners (e.g. M100, M150, and M650), Compact flash memory for the TSX touch screen, SD memory for the AutoMark, etc.
3) The programming and data stored permanently on the precinct (or central count) device. This includes but is not limited to: firmware, BIOS, embedded operating system, real-time (RT) kernels, script interpreters, etc.

1. The general procedures are the ballot/election information is defined in the EMS.
2. Some or all of this definition is transferred from the EMS to the removable memory device.
3. Time elapses and it *ASSERTED* the contents of the removable memory device is not altered.
4. The removable memory card is inserted into the precinct or central count device.
5. The machine with the memory cards is “sealed”.
6. The machine is run through a per-election functional test. This pre-election testing often goes by the term made up by the Election Industry: Logic and Accuracy Testing; aka L&A testing or LAT testing.
7. The machine is stored somewhere until election day
8. The machine is power up on election day and the election officials sign a piece of paper upon which the combination of programming on the removable memory card and in the machine caused to be printed the assertion that all candidate vote totals are zero and that the version of the software is version xxx.
9. The programming on the machine and programming in the removable memory administer the election by ascertaining if a ballot has marks, where those marks are, what is the vote intent of such marks, what if any vote accrue to which candidates
10. The machine/memory cards are told that the election is over.
11. The combination of programming on the removable memory card cause to be print a piece of paper listing candidate names with number next the names
12. The election officials sign this End of Day report
13. The election official perform other election closing tasks (e.g. reconciling poll books, securing ballots, securing memory cards, writing inspectors’ reports, etc.
14. The combination of programming on the removable memory card some who transfer candidate vote total to the central EMS application for aggregation. The methods of transfer include: physical transfer of the memory card back the EMS and direct upload, physical transfer of the memory card to a satellite upload location and modeming the results from the satellite location to the EMS, directly modeming the results from the precinct machine to the central EMS system, the number are read from the end of day report over the phone and key stroked into the EMS system, etc.
15. The Central EMS system prints out (or publishes to a web site) a report of the aggregated candidate vote totals.
16. These machine aggregate unofficial totals are broadcast by the media
17. Candidates with fewer machine aggregated results are urged to concede the election.

Watch from Oz Tonight

You are likely to observe the beginning of the end of the secret vote tabulation system beneath your vote in the United State of America.

You really don’t need to read a ton of articles or view hundreds of You Tube videos to “get it”. It is really very simple if you just read and understand the statement:

FACT: The computer systems called vote machines that count the vast majority of ballots in the U.S.A. are supplied by a few private corporations. These few corporate entities write the programming for these machines with no real oversight of any independent government agency, elected official. No one outside the secret sanctum of the corporation is allowed to see the programming code used to count your vote.


(Photo Karl Rove behind the curtain observing Mitt Romney on Edge voting machine)


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