"I just am afraid of going to jail – ha! ha!" Wink

Working for the “Birthday Boy”

When Romney visited Wisconsin, Scott Walker appeared at the podium to introduce the candidate. Supporters in the crowd yelled “Happy birthday! Happy birthday!”. Next, many of those standing for Walker broke out in “spontaneous” song: “Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…”. Video – Unedited Politics

Scott Walker replied, “Remember two years ago today, on Nov. 2, 2010 you elected me the 45th Governor. (Oh God, do we remember”) Today is my 45th Birthday. I am asking this simple thing…elect Governor Romney the 45th President.” He didn’t get it. His most wished for gift was denied.

Birthdays Come Back to Haunt

What was happening on Walker’s 42nd birthday? Well, Darlene Wink was on the network, planning a little party, a birthday fundraiser for Walker. She was doing it on the taxpayer’s dime while working for Walker in the Milwaukee Court House. There is little doubt that she knew she was breaking election law when she quipped in an email message: “I just am afraid of going to jail – ha! ha!” WSJ Online And when fear of being found out, after one email exchange in 2009, Wink asked friend and fellow Walker aide Timothy Russell how she could erase a document from an online chat session. Russell told her it would disappear from her computer when she logged out. But woops, investigators were able to ferret it out.

That was way back when Walker was County Executive in Milwaukee and when he blew out the 42 candles on his cake, wishing he would not be found out. Chances are the “birthday boy” will not get that wish any more than his most recent one; to see a Romney win Wisconsin.

Walker Blew It

All his hopes and wishes are going up in smoke and dripping wax. When the defeated Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan gave his acceptance speech at the RNC convention, Walker wept. Was he weeping in the emotion of Ryan’s words or with the thought, “That should have been me, up there.”?

And what of the future of the other Wisconsin darling Rance Priebus, the master mind of the Walker victory, the man that funneled the Koch and super pack money into the state to fill the legislature, the man who provided the pipeline for ALEC written bills to become law in Wisconsin? Priebus did so well that he was elected as national chairman for the RNC and became the mastermind behind the failed series of primary debates, the failed GOP convention in Florida, and the ultimate failure of the Romney Campaign. I wonder if all this doom visited on the performance of Priebus was the result of another Walker birthday wish?

“When a lovely flame dies, smoke gets in your eyes.”

Thus far Walker has survived, at the expense of the disruption of the serenity of Wisconsin. Regardless and apart of politics, few will deny the divisive current that runs through the heart of the state. The psychological Google map would paint a picture of a fracture as though it were the Wisconsin River of hurt.

Like water, justice seeks the path of the least resistance. It inevitably will find its goal – its release. Thus far the resistance of his legal defense fund has log-jammed the secret investigation. The damn is constructed in secret, with no transparency, and has gone on for over 800 days in an attempt shake lose a piece of information that is simple common sense to any objective evaluation. Scott Walker hired Rindfliesch and she sat day after day within 25 feet of his office door sending out emails about campaign events and gatherings. How many more motions must be filed and resistance laid in the way of the river of truth flowing on its way to the end of the 25 foot delta? John Doe – Clue Anyone?

The next bend in the river

DARLENE WINK: former Walker constituent services aide, pleaded guilty (PDF) to two misdemeanor counts of political solicitation by a public employee in a plea agreement entered with prosecutors. Her sentencing hearing was delayed twice due to the delays in Russell’s trial. She is now scheduled to be sentenced on November 21, 2012.

Will the river run through it?
August 1st

The Reindfeisch trial was scheduled and Walker ducked out of delivering court ordered testimony when a plea bargain was struck.

Kelly Rindfleisch Trial Oct. 15 Countdown

The focus of Walker’s undoing has fallen under the radar in the midst of the Nov. 6 elections. Yet, he faces being called as a witness in future trials to begin two weeks after the presidential election.

Wink’s sentencing was moved to Nov. 21 by Judge Daniel Konkol at the request of Assistant District Attorney Bruce Landgraf. Wink’s cooperation is needed in the case of Timothy Russell, another former county official, and also in a Waukesha County case, Landgraf said

Wolff said Wink was eager to complete her case. She has continued working with the Republican Party of Milwaukee County, Wolff said.

Darlene Wink Trial Nov. 21 Countdown
Timothy Russell Trial Dec. 3 Countdown

Time waits…

…for no man.


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