Walker's Weakest Moment – Time for a KNOCKOUT!

Politically Empowered Ethically Dead

Walker is on the defensive in the John Doe Investigation. He has no mandate. Walker’s major legislative achievements, curtailment of collective bargaining and the voter ID law, have been held unconstitutional, his Mining Bill failed, ALEC has been exposed. His line of credit, the Koch Bothers, have become the laughing stock of late night TV. His job creation record is the worst in the nation, and he is being sued for 45 million by the Talgo train maker. His stall of health care reorganization has come back to haunt with Romney’s loss. His right leaning ideas – tax breaks for the wealthy, government is the problem, the call for repeal of Obamacare – have been deflated in the national conversation with Obama’s win. All these hard-fought victories – all of these remarkable and empowering achievements have left Walker weak and on the ropes.

And progressives weep in consternation at their half-full glass. They have lost control of the senate.

Make the final blow. Take him down for the count.

Progressives are blindly fulfilling the preachings of Ann Coulter and Fox News pundits who claim that liberals will always whine and moan over the dark spots on the moon. The current focus is on the one dark spot on the full moon of accomplishment and victorious achievement.

Dems have the real power. Progressives have the grass roots message that harmonizes with the national conversation, but seem to be afraid to sing. So, how is it that Walker has been taken to the ropes? Why have the major legislative jewels in his crown turned out to be paste? Look very closely. The emperor has no clothes and is about to lose his fig leaf. Yet, the focus and fear on losing the senate seems to have legislators staring at their hands – they dare not speak while Walker is still wearing the crown.

Fired Up – Ready to go

If I were a Dem legislator I would be developing strategies to launch the final blow to the head of a weakened and wobbling opponent. This is not time for hand sitting and waiting for the stumbling contender to cross the ring, before the attack. The mistake would be to wait to react. Now is the time to get, “Fired up – Ready to go!”. Time to take action, make a move. Trust and use the progressive base on the offensive. The base is ready to be lead. Get creative. Take action. We have your back.


2 thoughts on “Walker's Weakest Moment – Time for a KNOCKOUT!

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  2. The knockout may not come from a Democratic member of either house of the Wisconsin State Legislature but rather from a wedding photographer by the name of Lori Compas. She’s founded the Wisconsin Business Alliance, and her group of progressive-minded businesspeople is ready to send someone to testify at public hearings. They’re willing to work with Democrats and Republicans in support of progressive ideals, and are willing to compromise. If Walker’s cohorts in the Legislature completely disregard the WBA, that would expose Wisconsin Republicans for who they really are: a group of ultra-conservatives who refuse to work with anyone who they do not consider to be “one of them”.

    Lori Compas has set a trap for Scott Walker and his allies.


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