I STAND WITH a 15% Gas Tax?

Some reports have said Walker will make an announcement soon on raising the gas tax and other ways to pay for transportation projects. His office did not respond to a request for a comment. Cap Times “A state gas tax increase..”

Why a tax hike for gas?

The Department of Transportation has $1 billion in road construction planned for 2013 and the money isn’t there. The question is not so much the “Why?” but is it all about the “How?”. The “How?” of Walker’s purported plan is a reflection of the national conversation about tax increases, and where the money should come from.

The answer? In a national CNN poll 63% of the people say it should come from the wealthiest, who have done “very well” during the period when the middle class has struggled through a long recession.

According to the poll, 63 percent say the super committee should call for increased taxes on higher-income Americans and businesses, with 36 percent disagreeing. CNN Poll

Walker has reduced taxes for the wealthy of Wisconsin, but considers taxing the poor and middle class equally with the wealthy for a gallon of gas. Walker’s gas tax hike goes to the very heart of all the divisiveness that Scott Walker has wrecked on Wisconsin. It is not so much “what” he did, but “how” he did it.

No example or illustration brings this Machiavellian attitude to the table as strongly as a video clip in which Walker makes an entrance into the foyer of ABC Inc. owned by billionaire Diane Hendricks. No scene made in Hollywood could capture the essence of the conservative/progressive divide better than this short little clip – the body language (the fumbling Judas kiss as he enters), the reverence (doe eyed worship of money meets power), the pleading vocal arrogance (speaking in tones of secret prayer). Apparently, I am not the only one who thinks so. The clip has was used in a Tom Barrett ad in the recall election, and by “Bill Moyers and Friends” in “The United States of ALEC on PBS, and just last night on “Independent Lens” in a documentary “As Goes Janesville”.

The female star of the video broke the record in Wisconsin for the largest campaign donation ever, a sum of over $500,000 to the campaign of Scott Walker, while her company paid $0 in state income tax.

The video is all cued up for “Divide and Conquer”.

Look at the capital gains measures (of the Walker Budget) alone, and see the $700 million going to the likes of Diane Hendricks and the most wealthy in the state. If that $700 million was put in the DOT budget there would be no problem – no need to consider a new gas tax.

$700 million in question goes to the wealthy, only a “clear majority.” But the claim gets support from both the legislative fiscal bureau and the taxpayers alliance, who said the capital gains measures benefit higher-income taxpayers.Politifact

Trickle In – Trickle Down

So, if Walker and the GOP raise the gas tax, and you are standing out at the pump in the cold Wisconsin Winter, you might want to save and tape the picture to the left to your gas tank lid. As you are paying an extra 5 cents for the liquid being pumped in your car, it is going back into the pocket of one the wealthiest women in Wisconsin, so her corporation can pay no taxes.


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