“Obamacare is now the law of the land”

– John Boehner Speaker of the House

The Governor just will not, can not, understand

He is taking the law into his own hands. He has made no plans to establish a state-based health insurance exchange. His choice was to keep his head in the sand and hope that the Romney/Ryan ticket would win. They did not win the national election. They did not even win Wisconsin. The Obamacare issue was front and center in the campaigns – it was debated, it was the subject of countless campaign ads, it was glorified and mortified in stump speeches, and the voters of Wisconsin made a choice – Obama and Obamacare. End of challenge. End of discussion. Even Speaker Boehner acknowledged as much! But not Walker.

The Clock is Ticking

Walker will make his own choice IN SECRET

So what if a majority of Wisconsin voters chose Obama and Obamacare. Just so much Democracy fiddle faddle. He has empowered himself to make the decision without negotiation or discussion.

However, the letter to governors from HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius also maintained the Friday, November 16 deadline for states to submit a declaration letter indicating their intent to establish a state-based health insurance exchange. The federal government will operate exchanges for those states which do not meet the Affordable Care Act’s statutory deadline.

So far Governor Walker, Health Services Secretary Dennis Smith, and Insurance Commissioner Ted Nickel have refused to indicate what course the administration will take. Citizen Action of Wisconsin

Three men plan to make a far reaching decision that will effect the health choices of every child, woman, and man in Wisconsin. This is a democracy? You know, that system where the majority rules and the minority bends? So, how is it that such a small cadre of self anointed men have seen fit to make this decision in secret? Here it is, just a few short days until a decision to set up exchanges for the federal law, and this secret band will not even reveal wether or not they will do so or not. They say nothing. Not a word.

Uncertainty is the cause of a deficit economy?

How many times have you heard Walker and his national counterparts echo the words that businessmen are stymied and will not invest because of the uncertainty caused by the Obama Administration. It seems it is a frightening slight on wealthy “job creators” to be stung with uncertainty – what about the elderly, single mother, the shrinking middle class? How is it rationalized in the minds of these three men that the threat of not knowing when, where, or how heath care will be administrated for the next years, is not the cause of deep concern or fear? The Governor, and State Secretary of Health Dennis Smith are endowed to make the decision about the health of millions of Wisconsinites in a closed office, in secret conference, with only days left until the deadline?

How much will it cost the taxpayers this time?

The last time Walker made an uninformed move without debate or discussion it was the cancellation of the Talgo train maker contract to build train sets in Milwaukee. His self-made decision cost manufacturing jobs, construction, and support jobs, just because he didn’t think it was a good idea. It was an Obama plan. Not only did his partisan decision cost jobs, he is now being sued by Talgo for $42 million.

Now Talgo is Suing Walker for 42 Million Dollars

A manufacturer has sued Gov. Scott Walker and is claiming it does not have to turn over two new train sets that have cost the state more than $42 million.

The state agreed in 2009 to buy two new train sets from Talgo Inc. for Amtrak’s Hiawatha line, which runs from Milwaukee to Chicago, but Walker’s administration and Republicans in the Legislature have repeatedly clashed with the firm since last year.Talgo Sues WSJ Online

Is it possible for a leader to be so blinded by political principles he would completely miss the obvious path to his own stated goals and reject a job creation deal because it was the idea of a political adversary?

Now he is pulling Wisconsin over its own cliff, without discussion, making secret decisions about the heath and welfare of millions of the people he was elected to serve.


2 thoughts on “I Stand With SECRET DEALS ?

  1. what a criminal. this is such bullshit. anyhow, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. i laughed at the “democracy fiddle faddle” line. good turn of phrase. it will tickle me now til the end of the day!


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