What next? The Fall of the Unbending Sycophant

Walker Will Fall in the Next Billowing Wind

The fall of the unbending oak or leader is not a prediction, it is a given that dates back to the early Greeks and has reverberated through to the present time.

‘A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall’

I am an Oak, tho’ fall’n indeed!

Thou still a vile and skulking weed,

Rais’d by no merit of thine own,

But by the blast that laid me prone.

Say, if thou canst, what plant or tree,

Except a sycophant like thee,

Devoted to intrigue and strife,

Who’d e’er prefer a dastard’s life,

Preserv’d by guile and crafty saws,

To falling in a GLORIOUS CAUSE?

– Robert Dodsley 1761


Walker’s Glorious Cause

To his own peril, the Governor has revealed himself to be a cookie cutter copy of the man who lost the election – the candidate who lost Wisconsin. He has put the frosting on his cookie copy and sprinkled it with the not-so-sweet attitude of a defeated Romney. That 47 per cent of the people are “takers” and they will vote for anyone offering the most “gifts” and “handouts”.

Walker has made it clear that he considers Obamacare to be one of these “gifts” that leave the “takers” drooling. It came as little surprise that he would continue to lead from a narrow fringe right, highly partisan hole, with all the stubborn lack of sportsmanship of a wounded badger guarding a pot of rancid honey.

With his latest decision to refuse to serve the needs of the people by setting up insurance exchanges as directed by the Affordable Health Care Act,
Walker’s letter to Seblius he has sealed his real priority in governance – it is not the people but his own self serving ideology. It is even clear to the newspaper that endorsed him as undeserving of being recalled last summer:

Walker needs to deal with that reality in a way that’s best for his constituents. To be sure, he thinks he is. The governor argues in his letter to U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius that Wisconsin has been able to provide health insurance to more than 90% of state residents without a health care exchange; wouldn’t have enough freedom for an exchange under federal rules; and could face undisclosed costs to Wisconsin taxpayers under a state-run exchange.WJS Online

Making a political point at the peril of the people

What do you do with a self-seeking flatterer – a sycophant who happens to be the head administrator in the state government? The same thing you do with a weak rooted oak tree that refuses to bend; just wait for the next blustery wind and watch it fall.

Walker is not alone in his desperate final grasp at the tea cup that lost the GOP the presidential election. Other governors have risen from the ashes like so many walking dead (yes they are know as “Walkers”) to offer one last sip of the Plutocratic Tea that poisoned the Congress into incompetence for the past two years. This last gasp of governors before the final death of the tea party plays well in the unbending oak tree analogy.

It’s suggested by many progressives that the governors’ non-participation in the federal set up of exchanges, may unleash the very wind needed for the establishment of a single payer system. The stubborn move against the federal wind may serve to leave states out of the mix, thus giving power to the very force they are attempting hold firm root against.

A dreaded single payer system conservatives so despise becomes the blustery wind.
The unbending resistance topples the tree of the conservative tea party and it falls.

‘A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall’


2 thoughts on “What next? The Fall of the Unbending Sycophant

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  2. WI liberals continue to fantasize Walker will be indicted; WI conservatives fantasize Obama will be impeached.

    Anyone care for a pinch of reality? Maybe just enough to get on with it. There’s plenty to do without wasting so much energy on goofy stuff.


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