Walker/Hendricks to "Dance with the Stars"!

Walker was invited to the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California where he gave a speech last Friday. The Wisconsin media did not cover the event, and Walker’s choice of a companion was not Lt. Governor Kleefisch or any other ranking administration member. His choice was billionaire, Diane Hendricks.

The speech was not covered live by Wisconsin media but was available on the Internet. Among those in attendance was one of Walker’s biggest campaign donors, Diane Hendricks of ABC Supply in Janesville. State Journal

The Audition

The Reagan Library is just a short 40 mile hop from the Hollywood studio for “Dancing with the Stars”, and it is reported that Hendricks and Walker took time out of politics to audition as a couple for the next season.

From all accounts the costuming and choreography were a stunning example of the ability of dance to crystallize the union of two people. One observer stated, “The performance graced the bond of the two dancers in a ethereal way that paled the traditional unions of marriage, romance, or political association. We were stunned!”

Walker appeared in a costume suggesting the authority and manliness of a German SS Officer with official braiding and high black boots of a dark authority of one who would rule the world by posture. His halting movement suggested how he would crush opposition beneath his heel like a cigarette butt lying in the gutter and more than a few of the audience could be heard shouting the words, “Heil! Heil!”.

The music was an original composition “Divide and Conquer” was performed by non-union musicians with intentional echoing of “Flight of the Valkyries”, and this is where Diane Hendricks shown herself as a true self seeking goddess of the power of wealth. She held at her side a purse with long cheese strings like tentacles with which she would repeatedly whip her partner into submission. She was the female counterpart the “Fifty Shades” of a womanized Christian Grey.

The couple was immediately offered a place in the next season’s competition but were hesitant to commit as the male dancer stated, “My political work is not finished. I have made promises to Diane and so many others to turn Wisconsin into a red state”.

The video is lost to the world

When the press asked for the video of the stunning performance the audition manager stated that the producers accepted a gift of $500,000 and agreed to destroy it.

Oh, such a loss.


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